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Graphic Design, navigation page
Music CD Covers, Book Covers, Posters, Postcards

by Wis - Wieslaw Sadurski

My Design Projects, created for various Publishers.

Graphic Design, Music CD Cover

Music CD Covers, Designs and Layouts

with my 3-d Graphics or Painting chosen as a motif.

Berlin Wall Metamorphosis Mosaics

made of stones from the Berlin Wall
falling down 1989,
collected on everyday walk with my little daughter,
arranged together.

Berlin Wall Metamorphosis
Anatomical Atlas

Anatomical Atlas

in clear outline hand drawing -

Muscle System, Arteries, Veins, Nerve System, Inner Organs, Skeleton, Skull and Bones, Brain, Atlas of the Similarities, Reflexology Map, Face Zones, Acupressure Points

made for
D. Baloti Lawrence + Lewis Anderson "MASSAGEWORKS" German Edition

I place it here for you - can be useful!

Book Covers, Catalogs, Posters

Prawda, book cover by Wieslaw Sadurski
blue cube, kostenlose Tapete von Wieslaw Sadurski

Everything you need to build a Website - free for you on wisarts!

Free Web Graphics, Rollovers and META Tags collection.

Free Wallpapers, seamless Background Patterns for your Web Pages and Desktop Computer,
fast loading, light in bytes and colours - JPEG Graphics, 0,4 to 4 KBytes.

Music CD Covers Book Covers Berlin Wall Mosaics Anatomical Atlas Free Web Clips & Tips
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