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Welcome Today, Here and Now

where you'll find some photos and notes from time to time,
Berlin Kreuzberg 2010.

by Wis - Wieslaw Sadurski

I asked an almond tree: - Sister, tell me about God.
And the almond tree blossomed.

Francis of Assisi



2010 I'm studying furiously. After Effects, Cinema 4d, Final Cut, Motion and Soundtrack Pro. Every third day I'm tired, then I paint for relaxation. Flowers - for 70-year-old the only available models.

White rose
White rose, 2010
Orange rose

Yellow rose
Blossoming twig
Orange rose, 2010 Yellow rose, 2010 Blossoming twig, 2010
Nietoperz, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Landed in Berlin in the terrible heat, just in time to save life.
On the way from the airport two demonstrations, our street closed to traffic. A letter from my daughter, she is working until midnight, on the table red Bordeaux and cheese for me. Get in the shower, have a steaming tea, admire the demonstration under the window, shut it after a while, in the studio is a couple of degrees cooler than outside.
I sit in a chair, I hear a rustling. These are the children above, I think. Rustle repeats itself, is closer than the neighbors, I go to the bookcase, listen, take off from the top the box filled with Styrofoam, and find in it a tiny bat. Bring him to the balcony and olace on the tree. When I look an hour later - it is not there anymore... Appears again in the evening, I see it sitting on the painting, does he like to be here? Again: capturing, bringing to the balcony, closing the door.
Life saved!


I caught a terrible cold in the spring, did not go to Poland. I flew to greet the shortest night in the year to Sweden, which was once my second home - I was born there as a painter.
I was indeed ready to give up the flight to Stockholm, so weak, but Veronique, my wonderful daughter, took me to the airport and I had no way out - had to admire first view of Berlin from above,

Berlin, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
coast line, photo Wieslaw Sadurski later, the coast line and a single band of clouds between the sky and the sea, between the sky and the sea, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
jasmine flowers, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
finally, jasmine flowers in the garden of Beatka and Filip - in Berlin, long overblown.
On the way to the harbour - a rock and a tree
as a visual symbol of Sweden.
visual symbol of Sweden, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
We sail a boat, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
We sail a boat to the island!
Sunny Harbour, photo Wieslaw Sadurski   Wieslaw 2010, foto Filip Finger
Sunny Harbour! I'm catching fishes, lying in the sun,
Filip, foto Wieslaw Sadurski
while Filip, industrious as an ant, cut the grass in the garden.
After sunset, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
After sunset glow of light moves slowly on the horizon, hardly changing the colors, after three hours the sun rises again. Only in the north the atmosphere is so transparent. Heat, wind, waves - all of which I missed. After three days I recovered - forever! Beatka is a great doctor, you do not need medication - her presence is enough! Ah, to mention the delicious meals, a fish soup!
Life is terrible and tragic even if it is beautiful. News of the death of Jarek Markiewicz in Poland. Great man, an Artist and Friend. Honor His Memory!
The second week of holiday I'm in Koeping, working with Filip on his website. At nights I learn online how to use the program AfterEffects.
And the third week in Stockholm. Filip has on the studio horizon a magic bullet. And magical sunsets. We work day and night, completiing his website.
  magic bullet, photo Wieslaw Sadurski magical sunset Stockholm, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
On my last afternoon in Stockholm we publish Artworks by Filip Finger 1967-2010.
Everything works fine - check it out!
Goodbye sunny Sweden, photo Wieslaw Sadurski10. 07. Goodbye sunny Sweden!


I work like a mad butterfly, with full dedication and passion I fly through the spaces of the universe. I do not have time to sleep. Finally we have good summer weather, and I have a loop of cable around my neck, which holds tight and keeps me firmly at the computer, so I can not leave.
What's going on this spring?
The movies below were created 10 years ago, as well as the 3-D scenes. Nowadays I come back to learning the film and animation tools.
I learn a lot about few programs - Poser to shape people and scenes, Cinema 4D to create three-dimensional scenes and animations, After Effects for the production of effects, titles, editing movies, and Premiere for the final cut.


When light shines on the painter - he becomes a prism - and scatters rainbows.

Cosmic Garden, 3-d scene by Wieslaw Sadurski

I have a premonition the Little Prince is going to visit me one of these days.

Created a Space Garden, where he can stay for a while.


Cherry flower petals

I'm terribly busy, flourishing lilacs - yesterday light blue ones, purple today - overblowing cherries and freesias, and all in the May rain. I'm healthy.
I take care of myself, I need a quarter of a century for the implementation of several film projects. 

Wieslaw Sadurski 2010, photo Michael Krause

I photograph every day. I shake the cherry tree, flower petals are dropping on black cardboard, I isolate them in Photoshop. Later I will haxe in 3-D scene snow flakes made from cherries. Since I do not have near the apple trees.

I am accompanied by street noise, sounds of birds and the howl of police sirens - my usual inner world.


It is beautiful and a bit sad this spring.
Beautiful: I studied furiously and after few weeks my Earth rotates majestically among the stars, has a blue aura of the atmosphere, in approximation are clouds over the continents. Jupiter is cool, nice Neptune and Venus. Trouble with the rings of Saturn... The Sun also okay, I try to animate its explosions. There is also the Red Nebula and attractive flight through. My UFO spins and flies, the spacecraft which is 10 years old is getting brisk. I furnish intergalactic space.
Sadly I'm tired, I sleep too little. I read five times a lesson and click 50 times before any feature works. What have I learned - it is child's play, and the uknown rises high... I am not in a hurry, but terribly impatient. I work in 3-D, I learn three film programs. Give me five years, and I'll be free in that matter.



Today, an envelope fell out of a big stack of cards, many pages written in minor scribbles. You know, I drove in the years 1970-82, with the help of meditation, yoga, LSD, sacred Mexican mushrooms and mescaline - a study on the nature of my humanity and psychology of the universe. I read a a lot . Just got a book in 1977 - Ram Dass 'Remember Be Here Now'. I was fascinated by his trip, the great passages translated into Polish, soon forgot. But today these are on a new page Ram Dass.



Veronique needs a birth certificate... I went through a stack of papers, folders, boxes. Metrics are not found, but other things: an envelope with Franciszek Starowieyski drawings, press cuttings from the 60-tees, when I was a student filizofii and published, as I see today, a lot of poems in literary magazines, anthologies and almanacs.

There is a poem there, which I debuted in 1960, half a century ago! and others which have not entered into the editions of books. There are articles and essays about my poetry - I'll publish them.

And also - I found the text about poetry. I wrote it 1966 at the request of the editorial board of the Radar magazine in German. They printed it with 15 poems, which the Polish originals are lost. The first time I read in German - and I understand. That page will also be early poems in German.

Datum: 2. April 2010 20:47:41 An: Wieslaw Sadurski
just to say thanks for your inspirational journey and best wishes

And here I raised my landscape Rays of Grace, to send you a smile - 32 seconds.


Once I painted Demon and Girl, where she is stuck between his eyes. 30 years later, feeling compassionate, I let her dance for 18 seconds!


I worked 10 years ago in 3-D, building fantastic scenes, trying to fly in my UFO. Alas the computer was too slow and I had another engagements... I created a series of very short films. I publish them now on YouTube.

I need only 38 seconds to respond to the vitally important question:

- What Galaxy is dreaming about?


Photo, Wieslaw is waiting for a spring-time23.2.2010

We have a hard winter like in a fairy tale.
Here I left the house because the daughter said that my health has to breathe.
I went to the park, sat pensively. You can see with what result?

And what I did when I didn't go for a walk!?
I created video MANDALA CONNECTION, 9 minutes.
50 mandala's and a piano concert by Gernot Reetz.


Ice painting landscape on the window, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski

I made a comb of icicles and now I comb my white beard. I do not see the world, the windows covered with ice leaves are more interesting than the world.
Namely, are much rarer.

Here's what comes when I photograph the window glass covered with ice. What do I see? My longing for the sun!

Ice painting landscape on the window

Am 13.02.2010 um 10:38 schrieb Wieslaw:

hi Gernot,
i'm a lucky boy to have your help! reduced the image number to 50!
found way (!) to maximize the transition time! first frame is the title,
second - title with our both names - which i repeat as the last frame (could'nt find my copyright for the holy mantra). movie has quite a new meditative character now! lucky boy. i give me a couple of days before i render it, new transition needs right sequence of images.
and then send it once more to you. delete the old one from mailbox please. i study YouTube handbook, will write all what i know about mandala in 100 words as a commentar, prepare keywords and tags.., whatsoever,
and publish in one week or so. thanks a lot!

Am 13.02.2010 um 10:38 schrieb Gernot:

dear wis,
now i had a quiet moment enjoying your work.
there are excellent images of mandalas, congratulation!

i have one little thing to point out, which i experienced watching and listening: for myself the change of images is a bit fast, you know, the effect of looking at a painting of a mandala is a "focusing" effect which takes a moment, whenever this happens allready a dissolve starts into the next one.

also the dissolve itself seems a bit fast to me, a morphing effect (slow dissolve) might get a nice change and the meditative effect will grow. i undestand, in order to present all mandalas in such a short time, you had to do this procedure. so i hope my ideas will help you.
anyway, from this point of view just go ahead and present it to the world. love
Von: Wieslaw Sadurski 12. Februar 2010 00:47:35
An: Gernot

Dear Gernot,
I hope you are in good health and mood.
I want to share with you my happiness at midnight, because
a simple and gentle movie 'Mandala Connection - Images Wieslaw Sadurski - Piano Gernot Reetz' is perfect after furious work.
77 Mandala's with your 'Glimpses Of Truth', my love. You already answered my question ten years ago with - Yes! - when I asked if it's okay to make an application with your music. .
Well getting older and a bit shy, therefore I renew my question. Technically: 640 x 480 Pixel, as long as your piece 9,10 minutes, 31 Mb, music comprimation with Apple Lossless Stereo sounds great.
Eventual description for YouTube:
'Original 77 mandala artworks by Wieslaw Sadurski, www.wisarts.com. Set to the piano improvisation "Glimpses Of Truth" from the music CD "In Search Of The Miraculous" by Gernot Reetz, www.one-world-music.de. Music used with permission of artist.' Is it okay with you? Shall I send you the file before publishing? Well it is 31 Mb. You can envy me, that I will be hearing and seeing it again right now!

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