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they say, is always the same

Photo impressions, friends and lovers, adventures and memories.

by Wis - Wieslaw Sadurski

Galactic Candle, photocollage von Wieslaw Sadurski

Galactic Candle is on when I work

Black Hole in front of me, photo
Wieslaw Sadurski 1978, photo

Wieslaw and Muse, photo
Sometimes I see
the Black Hole in front of me,
Sometimes I laugh without reason
- perhaps
in anticipation,
that the Muse gives me a greater Palette
Wieslaw with Filip and Pyza, photo Andrzej Dudzinski

Beatka and Filip Finger 1973, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Marek Wieslaw Jaroslaw, photo
Wieslaw painting with Kids, photo
Wieslaw with Filip and Pyza
Beatka and Filip Finger
Marek, Wieslaw, Jaroslaw

Wieslaw painting with Kids

Friends in Stokholm early 70-tees
I sit with the dog, above Friends in Stokholm early 70-tees.
Meskalina and Zosia, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Girls, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw and Anna, photo
Meskalina and Zosia
Wieslaw and Anna

Wieslaw painting Galaxy, photo

Wieslaw painting a Galaxy, West-Berlin Schloßstrasse 1979

Wieslaw 1978, photo
Wieslaw and Guests in Atelier, photo
Krzysztof and Krzysztof, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw im Atelier 1978
Wieslaw and Guests in Atelier 1983
Krzysztof and Krzysztof 1974
Wieslaw 1977, photo
Mao and Wieslaw, photo
Bogdan Chorazuk 1974, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw 1977
Mao makes me a braid 1979
Bogdan 1974
Ania, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Joya and Wieslaw, photo
Wanda, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Ania 1977
Joya and Wieslaw 1984
Wanda 1973

Wieslaw at work, photo collage Armin Fausten

Wieslaw at work, 1981

Since 1980 I didn't want to do anything with an art market, business and galleries.
I got to work! Renovations, designs, drawing works, electric installations, reconstructions, etc.,
to earn some money to buy painting materials for my ever hungry atelier.

Wieslaw 1979, photo
Wieslaw am Arbeit, photo
Wieslaw worker 1979, photo
Wieslaw worker 1986, photo
Wieslaw worker
at a zero gravity
Wieslaw worker 1981
Wieslaw worker 1979
Wieslaw worker 1986

I like it when my paintings have a nice foreground!
It helps me in dreaming.

Nanine 4

Nanine 4
Young Couple wishes to have a photo in front of my Creation
Nanine photo
Gudrun photo
Nanine 2 photo
Young Couple wishes to have
a photo in front of my Creation
Nanine 1
Nanine 2

Wieslaw with painting Flying Sun, photo

Wieslaw with painting 'Flying Sun' 1983

Wieslaw 1975, photo
Wieslaw in the forest 1978, photo
Rotraut and Wieslaw, photo
Wieslaw 1979, photo
Wieslaw acid, photo
Wieslaw 1982, photo
Wieslaw in the forest
Rotraut Wieslaw
Wieslaw 1979, photo Wolgang Frankenstein

Sometimes something like that happens. I painted the Galaxy, here on the left as a background for my portrait.
I had only one canvas and painted too long. The result you see on the right! - The painting with two stab wounds crucified.

Wieslaw painting crucified, photo
Wieslaw picture crucified

Rotraut with Rozyna, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Concert, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
She is naked, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Heather, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Rotraut with Rozyna
Concert, Chile
She is naked
Wieslaw with flower paintings, photo

Wieslaw with his VW bus, photo

Dorothea with Jacqueline, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw with flower paintings
Wieslaw and his VW bus
Dorothea with Jacqueline
Veronique with a chestnut, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Veronique with my brush 1986, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Vero with her Mother, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Veronique in the second day of life
with a chestnut,
and then with my brush!
Vero with her Mother

Small and big foot, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Small and big foot
Wieslaw at work with Vero, photo
Wieslaw eating, Vero sleeping, photo

Wieslaw with Veronique and JanWillem, photo
Vero and Fuchsia painting, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
photo Wieslaw i Veronique Sadurski 1988
Veronique Sadurski 2001, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw at work with Vero
Wieslaw eating, Vero sleeping
Wieslaw with Veronique and Jan Willem
Vero and Fuchsia painting
Wieslaw and Veronique Sadurski 1988
Veronique Sadurski 2001

DDR tower, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
One decade long was a DDR tower outside my window
Vero with a Caroline nude painting, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Vero at the Berlin Wall, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Vero with a Caroline nude painting
Vero at the Berlin Wall 1989

Autumn 2000 is a harvest time. Johnie clicks his jaws and warns about the dangers of using marijuana.
What a hypocrite! - he's using it himself, right now - to cover his private parts or, rather, their absence.
I'm not going to show him the composition I did yesterday, which is for you below.

Johnie and grass, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski
Legalise it, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski

What a sweet load is lying on her heart? Click to enlarge and see the answer.

Per and Veronique 1990, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Veronique 1995, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Veronique, photo portrait Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw and Creation 1999

Wieslaw Sadurski and Johnie, photo by Heather Scott
Per and Veronique
Wieslaw and Creation
Wieslaw and Johnnie

Halloween... Is that why Johnie has climbed into bed?
I don't know why I took him for a man when he was hanging on the easel or wardrobe, but now, in my bed, I'm not sure any more.
He doesn't answer my questions, arrogantly stretching his limbs or touching my cheek.
I can't explain to him what life is all about, or make him leave.

Wieslaw 1997, photo Rainer Warzecha

Wieslaw 1997
LIFE 04 paint object, Wieslaw Sadurski 2003

LIFE, paint object, I painted in summer 2003.
32 small paintings placed together to make my inner truth visible.

Vero in our dining room, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw with Mac, photo
wieslaw07, photo Magda Bukowska
Vero in our dining room 2003
Wieslaw with Mac 2002
Wieslaw 2007
in my garden on the balcony, photo
Wanda visit 2007, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wieslaw Sadurski 2009
Summer 1999
in my garden on the balcony
Wanda visit 2007
Wieslaw Sadurski 2009

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