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Auntie Culture, photo reportage

Auntie Culture does not like me.
I work in arts, paint pictures, write poems and have no idea why she's against me.
We've never had a sex together. I suspect she has no more hope!

by Wis - Wieslaw Sadurski

Auntie Culture, photo Christoph Freisler, photomontage Wieslaw Sadurski

Auntie Culture is young and sexy.
She can and will seduce you, that's the challenge of her occupation!

Wieslaw, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
cold flames of the city, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
urban landscape in May, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Fireworks, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
But I come from the origin, from underground
in cold flames of the city,
in the urban landscape in May seen by broken glass,
and I am persecuted by fireworks.

Lady blue, photo Christoph Freisler

Lady in Blue,
Auntie Culture operates in all events (not just by women!)

Era, photo Christoph Freisler
Cycle of life, photo Christoph Freisler
Ideas remnants, photo Christoph Freisler
This is the era of of brief encounters,
people are in the cycle of life fluid,
often superfluous
ideas remnants in urban landscape fight for our future!
Crematorium, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

This strange light leads to the room of death.
An oval white egg hanging over the water, the meaning of which I do not understand.
I've never been before in a crematorium.

Penis, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Stand up! Culture Auntie calls you!

steel and humans, photo Christoph Freisler
Mannequins, photo Christoph Freisler
tramp and police, photo Christoph Freisler
Posters remnants, photo Christoph Freisler
Both steel and humans are made of elementary particles - but most do not know it.
Mannequins have it here much better
than tramps and police in the cold
Posters remnants illustrate the almighty Auntie Culture program better than artworks in museums.

garbage, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

And if we're at the artworks - here under my window on the other side of the street
work the artists - scholarship holders from many countries.
Do you see the heaps? It looks, as if it were garbage. These are the art materials!
Artist Fellows, brilliant minds of the middle class, are working on the new World's Fair under the title:

Railway 2, photo Christoph Freisler
Railroad, photo Christoph Freisler
Steel, photo Christoph Freisler
Rail 2
or show me the way away
take me away away away
Steel is present every day - to help if you have doubts

Barefoot, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

through many Steel, Rail, and Construction Landscapes

I have to wander to come to happy meadow full of children and acrobats.

Punk, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Heart dancer, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Kids 5, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Two girls, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Fire Fly, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Kids 1, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Punk Lady
Heart dancer
Kids 5
Two girls
Fire Fly
Kids 1
Fairytale live, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Fire dance, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Kids 4, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Gypsy Dance, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Fairytale live
Fire dance
Kids 4
Gypsy Dance
Laugh Festival 1, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Laugh Festival 3, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Laugh Festival 2, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Kids enjoy their Laugh Festival in Mariannenplatz

At some point comes Jesus the Sheriff and cleans up with you!

Zwei Ladies, photo Christoph Freisler

But here again - two ladies and one idea - it must be worth it!
Kotti, photo Christoph Freisler
Train station, photo Christoph Freisler
Runner, photo Christoph Freisler
Kottbuser Tor -
Cross on the way!
The next train is determined -
to take you away away away
Run rabbit run!
The death is visible
U-bahn, photo Christoph Freisler
Im Spiegel, photo Christoph Freisler
Bibliothek, photo Christoph Freisler
in the underground
in the mirror of the car
in the library shelves

Graffiti wall, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Graffiti wall is very present along my loneliness

silence with statues, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Poster, photo Christoph Freisler
Skulptures, photo Christoph Freisler
I can be silent with the statues,
but here: - Who shouts at me? Why?
I'm not responsible for culture and her machinations!
Even the poor sculptures grow
out of the wood towards culture.
Wall shot, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Memory Notes, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Nature meets culture, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Culture meets Nature, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Wall shot
Memory Notes
Nature meets culture
Culture meets Nature
bars, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

On which side of the fence do you stand,
living behind bars?

On the one side - flowers, on the other the money.

Art is what you are, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Art is what you are

Barbed wire, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski 2002

With the passage of time - barbed wire
is eventually engulfed by the plants with the careful knowledge
that life is soft and merciless in the face of steel and weaponry.

With the passage of time,
every stair seems to hold its own secret, and climbs to nowhere.

I've been there, I know. Nowhere happens to exists, where aims are no more.
Nowhere is unknown to you, whilst you are in the grip of despair.

Stairs, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski 2002
Berlin Watchtower, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski

a dummy remnant of the Berlin Wall, seems funny with the passage of time.

For many years such a monster faced my windows, and I shivered in disgust, feeling the barrel of a gun was wandering across my back, while I was painting.
The boys up in the tower were busy playing their dirty games.

Street party, photo Christoph Freisler
Street view 2, photo Christoph Freisler
U-bahn 2, photo Christoph Freisler
Street view, photo Christoph Freisler
Street party
Street view 2
Metro 2
Street view

My shadow, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski

A shadow looks for the way out of culture

Black Candle, photo by Wieslaw Sadurski

The light is always present, whether the candle, or in the hallway.
No stars are visible to the billions of people in cities.

The Auntie Culture is jealous. She gives to people rich lights of the transient kind, taking away the starlight.

Therefore, in my oil paintings I have painted the stars.
If not visible in the sky, then please, but in my studio!

Corridors in the light of longing, photo Christoph Freisler
Black Candle
available for the night
in the light of longing
Berlin Bauplatz, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
fire at the building site, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
the boundaries run, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Building Site Berlin
and fire at the building site
in the New Year's Eve
the boundaries run not between nations
but between the top and bottom

This girl is standing on the street corner, because she's good-hearted.
Some breads, cheese, salad, caviar on her plate.
Perhaps there is a hungry one somewhere in the night, whom she could feed?
She's waiting in vane.
Boy shouts in her face: - Get gone with your caviar when you've no Champagne!

girl on the street corner, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Solidarnosc, photo Christoph Freisler
Street view 3, photo Christoph Freisler
Mosque in Kreuzberg, photo Christoph Freisler
Skyscrapers, photo Christoph Freisler
Street view 3
Mosque in Kreuzberg
Skyscrapers in Berlin
Berlin Chimney Miracle, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

A dramatic conjecture, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Messenger, photo Wieslaw Sadurski

Chimney Miracle

A dramatic conjecture -
Mr. Nobody himself crucified that tree in front of the church.

Neil Young in 02world, photo Wieslaw Sadurski
Sleep Baby sleep!
  chimney, Foto Wieslaw Sadurski
Trees grow towards the sun, I know. But where does the chimney grow to?

Two barrels full of rust flakes for the right answer!
Sleep Baby sleep!
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