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Biography, Exhibitions and Publications

by Wis - Wieslaw Sadurski

Wieslaw Sadurski, photo 2009
This is me - Wieslaw Sadurski
presenting 40 years of my creativity, and - on this page - my life.
Activities are manifold. Hunting for love and knowledge. Painting, writing, creating, designing,
living as a single parent with my daughter Veronique in Berlin.

Wieslaw Sadurski
Koepenicker Strasse 154 A
10997 Berlin
Tel: + / 49 / 30 / 612 49 44

one-man show exhibitions, selection:

2007 NeisseGalerie, Görlitz

2005-07 Satellite Office, Berlin

2004 Galerie Zeit Zone, Berlin

1997 Galerie Onder Proeysenburgh, Utrecht

1996 Interglotz Visionen, Berlin
Himalaya, Amsterdam

1993 Samariterkirche, Berlin

1991 Interglotz Visionen, Berlin

1990 Samariterkirche, Berlin
Kunstzentrum Glinde / Reinbek
Naturheilpraxis Dr. Hans-Joachim Trapp, Hamburg

1989 Kosmos, Amsterdam

1887 Markthalle, Hamburg
Kudamm Galerie, West-Berlin
Naunynritze, West-Berlin
Schwellenangst Galerie, Hamburg
Pan Paradise Now, West-Berlin
Golden Temple - Hamburg

1986 Weg der Mitte, West-Berlin
Exhibition in Atelier
painting-action in SO36 in Kreuzberg on Easter Sunday, TRIUMPHAL HAIL FOR THE RESURRECTED, acrylics on 35 papers 100x70 cm, total size 700 x 500 cm.

1985 Polenzentrum, West-Berlin
Aktion - Koncert in Kato 8 Dec., 10th anniversary of my painting. I paint Christmas Painting that night.

1980 Midgard, West-Berlin

1980-82 Polish Culture Institut Ost-Berlin, Frankfurt/Oder,
Rostock, Cottbus, Neubrandenburg, Schwerin

1979 Galerie Jutta, Düsseldorf

1978 Galerie Wewerka, West-Berlin

1977 Kunstamt Charlottenburg, West-Berlin
Press Club, Culture Palace, Warsaw

1976 Polish Culture Institute, Stockholm
Galerie Bleue, Stockholm

1975 Galerie De Stadhouder, Amsterdam
Galerie Wewerka, West-Berlin

1974 Polish Writers Union, Warsaw

1971 Galleri Svarta Katten, Gävle
Stadsbiblioteket, Gävle

1970 Galleri Glaucus, Stockholm

group exhibitions, selection:

2009 My, berlinczycy! Wir Berliner! Ephraim-Palais Berlin

2005 Einblicke, GSG Berlin

2002 Hand-Werke, GSG Berlin

1997 Ewige Natur, Leeuwenhorst Congresszentrum, Noordwijkerhout

1990-91 - Zuzug nicht gestattet, Franz-Mehring-Galerie, Berlin, Polish Culture in Kreuzberg

1988 Der Magische Aspekt, Kongresshalle, West-Berlin

1987 Healing Art, Eenhoorn Gallery, Den Helder
Deutsches Rotes Kreuz, West-Berlin

1985 Keimzeit, SO 36, West-Berlin

1984 Internationale Kunstausstellung im Kunstzentrum Glinde

1980 Atelier Süssmann, West-Berlin

1979 Atelier Maria, West-Berlin

1979-94 Freie Berliner Kunstausstellungen, West-Berlin

1977 Polish Graphic, Sofia

1976 Gallery S., Amsterdam

1975 Jollijst Galerie, Amsterdam

1971 Konsthjuset, Kiruna
Polsk Konst Festival, Galleri Art Inn, Uppsala


1987 'World and Cosmos in Wieslaw Sadurski's Paintings',
Eva Maria Slaska, West-Berlin

PUBLICATIONS, selection:

2014 'Jak kropla wody na dloni', poems by Romualda Romanowska, cover and 15 graphics by Wieslaw Sadurski

2013 'Ausgewälte Werke XVI', Anthology, Bibliothek Deutschsprachiger Gedichte'

2011 'Ausgewälte Werke XIV', Anthology, Bibliothek Deutschsprachiger Gedichte'

2009 'Creation', 'KÖSEL', SinnVollSinn 4, DVD for a school book

2009 'Embrace the Darkness' for Gemeindebrief der Evangelischen Kirche Steffenshagen – Retschow

2009 'Time' on Cover for PERAGON Music CD 'Es ist Zeit'

2009 'Favourite Memories', Anthology, Noble House, New York, USA

2008 'Asphalt Prophet', Remigiusz Paul 'Prawda', Cover and Illustrations, Instytut Wydawniczy Swiadectwo, Bydgoszcz

2007 Time Graffiti, Illustrations for 'Grounded' Student Workbook, Salt Lake Theological Seminary, USA

2007 'The International Who's Who in Poetry',
Anthology, Poetry, Owing Mills, USA

2006 Demon Blue, Remi Paul 'Abflug' cover, MEDU Verlag

2005 'The Best Poems and Poets of 2004',
Anthology, Poetry, Owing Mills, USA

2005 'Two of us' Krzysztof Gasiorowski Cover 'Gemmy w kosci policzkowej', Wydawnictwo Adam Marszalek, Torun

2004 'Labours of Love', Anthology, Noble House London

2004 'The International Who's Who in Poetry', Anthology, Poetry, Owing Mills, MD, USA

2004 'Poetry Vibes' The Circle of Poets', Anthology, USA

2003 'King of Mountains' Illustration for 'bronnenboek havo/vwo', 'ANW Actief, algemene natuurwetensschappen', Nijgh Versluys, Baarn

2003 'Letters From The Soul', Anthology, Poetry, Owing Mills, MD, USA

2002 Design und Photomontages for Cornelia Moore Music CD 'Beyond'

2002 Digital Wings, Illustration for Beata Lazecka 'Technologia Informacyjna' dla Liceum, Kielce

2001 Jupiter rising and Midnight Sun for Duo Parikia Music CD Cover 'ELEGIE für Oboe und Klavier'

2001 'Way in Way out' for Arturo Panteleon Music CD Cover 'In Search of the Phoenix', Ensemble Cosmolitano Berlin

1999 'zjawa realna', Anthology poetry of the sixties,
Anagram, Warsaw

1999 Design and Drawings for Gottfried Heinzelmann 'Wasserzauber', Luchterhand, Berlin

1998 'Madonna', Michael/Ananto Dirksen 'Je Zielsverwant Wacht Op Je', Millenium, Heemstede

1989-2009 paintings on postcards, Aurora Publications, Holland

1998 'Where stars are coming from', Virginia Satir 'Grund zum Feiern' cover, Internal Verlag, Wessobrunn

1998 'Spektral Smile ' and 'Mystic Light' for Gernot Reetz Music CD 'In Search of the Miracolous'

1987 Faces, drawings for 'Polacy w Berlinie / Polen in Berlin', Hanna Wojciechowska and Krzysztof Nowak, West-Berlin

1985 'People in Strokes and Words', West-Berlin

1985 'Ich kann sprechen', Manuel David Coudris, Illustration, Goldmann Verlag

1984 'Energy Structure' Reshad Field 'Schritte in die Freiheit', Cover, Verlag Bruno Martin, Südergellersen

1984 'Pictures of Creation' on 32 postcards, Plejaden Verlag, West-Berlin

1984 'Here and Beyond', Rodney Collin 'Vom ewigen Leben' Cover, Edition Plejaden, West-Berlin

1983 'Anatomical Atlas of Man', drawings for D. Baloti Lawrence + Lewis Harrison 'Das Massage Buch', Verlag Bodymind, West-Berlin

1981 'Poems and Drawings', Polish-German, West-Berlin

1970 'Dowód na braterstwo' - book of poems, Warsaw, Czytelnik

1969 'Nagrobek czlekoksztaltny', book of poems, Wydawnictwo Lubelskie, Lublin

1966 'Pod okiem zegara', book of poems, Warsaw, Iskry

fotografia 1946, autor i siostra Helena
fotografia 1940, autor1.8.1940 - born in a small village near Lublin, east Poland, growing up in the countryside during the Second World War.

We were a large family working on the land. There were dramatic contradictions - like, at the age of 7, I saw the concentration camp Majdanek and a wonderful romantic theatre piece, Balladyna - on the same day .

Best pupil in the school (but finished it too early at the age of 12). Early hobbies included gardening, electronics, building radios, learning Morse Code, breeding rabbits and pigeons.

1953 - 57 - attended technical school in Lublin, first living in a monastery, then in rented rooms or corners of rooms. Poverty. I read a huge number of books and watched many films. Meaningful friendships with Korean youths who were refugees from the war.


fotografia 1956, autor1957 - graduating at the age of sixteen, I got a badly paid electrician's job; I had good friends and too much vodka but couldn't stand it for long and quitted the job. I spent the whole winter as a homeless tramp. It was at this time that I started writing poems.

1958 - got extremely well paid job as a radio-technician, earning in one day more than I earned in one month in my first job. Fell in love for the first time and ran away 3 days before the wedding day! I had no permanent address, lived mostly in hotels. I loved books, the theatre and concerts, modern physics and philosophy. Yeah! I was 18 when I first visited an art gallery.


fotografia 1960, autor1960 - 66 - as a man of twenty, I wanted to escape military service - therefore needed to study something - and chose philosophy at the Warsaw University.
There were many artists in my immediate circle.
I had poems published in various art magazines, winning prizes for them and also for short-stories.

1964 - Warsaw Nike 1964 - Youth Prize for Poetry XX's Poland Anniversary.


1966 - 70 - I was writing drama and short-stories, happy in love, earning money on radio advertisements and jobbing as a reporter.
1968 - one year long Scholarship name of Tadeusz Borowski.
1969 - Produced my first series of drawings using pen and ink on paper. Started to learn by copying masters.


Wieslaw Sadurski, 19731970 - left Poland, started exhibiting,
living on the road. First acid experiences showed that drawing was not the way. Gave it up, wrote Reportaz and Konkut in next couple of years (in Polish only). Becoming vegetarian, no more alcohol, psychedelics only... Za-zen, traveling - and then in the spring of 1973 I created the first thousand Monotypes - which was a turning point in my life.
Soon I developed my own technique and called it Print-Painting. My atelier became a wonderful factory. An additional colour was added to the painting per day, enabling me to make many different copies. Nobody had seen anything like it before.


Wieslaw Sadurski, 1974Back again to Stockholm, new atelier, love and approach. New matrices for my graphics were born out of simple drawings. Abstract thinking. I started to use 3 basic colours only. Spectral Print-Painting.

The end and a new beginning...
Hung the papers up to dry, put some on the floor, which meant that I had to walk between them on all fours - standing up, I hit my backbone against the sharp corner of the table and fell down on my face. Spent four weeks in bed. Good-bye Print-Paintings! I was able to walk again but my back was still painful, I couldn't even hold a cup of tea in my hand. Fortunately for me - and you! - the brush was light!
This was to be my destiny - the date was 8th of December, 1975.


That is how I came to the Pictures of Creation. A work which has continued ever since then.
Some paintings were created in one go, others had hundreds or thousands of layers.
I called it - Art Yoga.
My first exhibition of paintings was very successful - all the big paintings were sold which made it possible to have an atelier with enough canvasses and oils for the next two years.


Wieslaw Sadurski 1978Wieslaw Sadurski, 19791978 - moved to West Berlin where I planned to stay for a couple of years - on the way to New York... I was one year long writing a story, prose. Painting on the street, having fantastic feedback from all kinds of people who were 'normally' not interested in art. Exhibitions, work in acrylic colours - Light Worlds.

1980 - a year-long break in painting activity - being homeless.


1981 - based in Kreuzberg (American Sector in Berlin), with a brush in my hand, jobbing in many places and occupations, decided to 'drop out' and have no more exhibitions ! Yes! I revolted against art-market, finding Berlin quite imperialistic.


Wieslaw Sadurski 19791982 - a year of basic cleansing and decision making... Cleansing - 30 days fasting, living on water, sunlight and yoga which was better than all the acid and mescaline trips... Then I met the guru Saint Thakar Singh and was initiated into the Yoga of Light.

Paintings flowed from my brush: series of Flowers, born out of despair of having nothing to paint after a break of one year. I was at the peak of my creativity: One-touch paintings, then progressing to huge canvasses Blue of the Mystic and the first series of Spectral paintings.

1984 - yes, everything seems to have its own story. One of my jobs was an atlas of man's anatomy. Half a year of studies and drawings ended; having suddenly nothing to do, I enjoyed a new freedom and started to sketch Faces. Drawing lines was quicker than perceiving them. I concentrated solely on the vibes of my subject. It was an obvious consequence of One-touch painting adopted a couple of years earlier.
Soon all the walls in my atelier were covered with faces and I heard them speaking. Started to write down poems, to go with the sketches and answer the question: 'who are you?'

- my daughter Veronique was born. Exhibiting paintings again: in my atelier, then in many places where I was invited.


A friend of mine, an astrologist, offered to make me an astrological chart as a gift for my coming birthday. I accepted on the condition that there was no mention of the future. She told me wondrous stories about previous incarnations and karmic relations. Usually I forget what I hear, but there was one very interesting detail - she asked me if I knew something about an accident, supposedly happening during the fifth or sixth month of my mother's pregnancy.
She told me that I died for a while in my mother's womb - that is to say, before I was born! Only now, could she understand and know the meaning of my paintings - these were remembrances of dying!

Well, you can be sure that during the visit to my parents I asked them about this and whether such an accident had occurred. They did not remember anything that evening but 24 hours later my mother started to talk! They went on to discover again what had been forgotten for almost half a century.
Yes! there had been an accident when no movement had been felt in her womb for three long days and nights There were no doctors around and no way to travel to town (it was during the first year of the German occupation). Their only recourse: herbal baths and praying. Well, I came back, eventually, for good or bad... Then, with my questions and their remembrances the greatest surprise in their life occurred.

Now, for myself, I remember it all well. I mean my last act of dying, before being born. The flight was high, the light was pure - my dying left me with no adverse karmic remnants to deal with...

- living as a single parent with daughter,
seen here in the photo with my mother.


Vero i Budda, 1987As a father, I debuted even later than as a painter, and at the very beginning everything seemed to be colourful and made of light (worlds)... My young girlfriend left me on my own, but not really alone, as I was living with my daughter, she was in the second year of life and needed care day and night. If you have children you know it's a full-time job! Most tragic - I had to get up so early!
But it was possible, I painted a lot that year. Frottage paintings.

New and violent approach: squeezing tubes of colours directly onto canvas, smashing them with second canvas, etc. Very little brushwork and then, soon, no brushwork at all. Actually I was not painting at all, just making images out of anything, selfless gene! Small canvasses were used at first, then on paper - until finally there were no more oils.
Let's say, this phase was about... flight in the hell of matter.


1996 - bought a computer on New Year's Eve in order to type my story. Two days later I discovered that there was a painting program on the hard disc. My story is still unfinished. For three years I didn't touch a brush. Learning graphic, layout, sound, 3-D, movie, animation and web programs + learning by doing. The results can be seen in digital works.

Yeah! Painting is still going on, these are mostly Fields and Spectral's.

1999 - 2001 - creating www.wisarts.com


2002 -
My daughter Veronique is in secondary school, she is a clever and sharp little lady.
Life is friendly to us. We travel - Italy, Spain, Sweden. We visit Poland, Veronique speaks Polish very well.
I paint.

2004 - large paint-project 'LIFE' made of 30 painted canvasses.

photo Wieslaw Sadurski with monkey2001 - 08 - Photography, 3-D modelling, graphic design for Music CD covers.
2007 - 09
- wisarts.com update 4.0 - most time-consuming project in my life.
2010 - 14 - hundreds and hundreds new paintings (flowers, landscapes, girls, animals, wars) which are not represented on wisarts - because I'm going to create a new website for them.
- Travelling to India.
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