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Healing Rainbow of the Colour Spectrum,
paint objects and multi-paintings

Seeking the healing aspects of the colour spectrum I painted these
Rainbow Hexagons and Rainbow Tower.
Imagine them as six wall objects, hanging free in the air.
Then, looking at it, you face one monochromatic painting and its spectral neighbors on the left and right.

by Wis - Wieslaw Sadurski

Rainbow Hexagon 1, red
Rainbow Hexagon 1, orange
Rainbow Hexagon 1, yellow
Rainbow Hexagon 1, green
Rainbow Hexagon 1, blue
Rainbow Hexagon 1, violet

Rainbow Hexagon 1
1993, acrylics on 6 canvasses 110 x 90 cm

I thought of healing shades,
blessings of Light,
which is being dispersed into its constituent rainbow colours
and further
into all that is visible.

Rainbow Hexagon 2, red
Rainbow Hexagon 2, orange
Rainbow Hexagon 2, yellow
Rainbow Hexagon 2, green
Rainbow Hexagon 2, blue
Rainbow Hexagon 2, violet

Rainbow Hexagon 2
1992-94, oil on 6 canvasses 130 x 130 cm


Rainbow Tower
Healing Mystic of the Colour Spectrum

Rainbow Tower is shown here as a surface - oh! so drastically small.
Try to imagine it as a six wall art object, hexagon, each wall made of 3 canvasses, hanging free in the air.
Then, looking at it, you face one monochromatic stripe. And its spectral neighbors on the left and right.

Rainbow Tower, light yellow
Rainbow Tower, light green
Rainbow Tower, light blue
Rainbow Tower, light violet
Rainbow Tower, light red
Rainbow Tower, light orange
Rainbow Tower, middle yellow
Rainbow Tower, middle green
Rainbow Tower, middle blue
Rainbow Tower, middle violet
Rainbow Tower, middle red
Rainbow Tower, middle orange
Rainbow Tower, dark yellow
Rainbow Tower, dark green
Rainbow Tower, dark blue
Rainbow Tower, dark violet
Rainbow Tower, dark red
Rainbow Tower, dark orange

Rainbow Tower 1992-94
oil on 18 canvasses 130 x 130
total size - as above - 390 x 780 cm, total size - as hexagon - height 390, diameter 270 cm

ten stripes of colour on every canvas like ten fingers
from above
streaming between them
into the deepest colour

Cross of Here and Now

Conceptual approach comes from the heart; minimal art in full intensity of colours.

Four raw canvasses create an aura of the cross that is not there - or is a state of energy.

Three basic colours, three basic kinds of the brushstroke.

Paint-installation, Cross of Here and Now

Cross of Here and Now 1992-94
acrylics on four raw canvasses 140 x140 cm, total size 500 x 500 cm

the horizontal time line extends from the past to the future
the vertical line of the inner state extends from hell to heaven
the crossing point is where we are
the place is here and now
and it's eternal

there was a word in the beginning


multi-painting installation
LIFE, multi-painting made of 32 pictures

LIFE 2002
acrylics on cotton - 32 paintings 60 cm x 50 cm each, total size - 300 cm x 800 cm

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