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Vision - a tool of cognition; Light - a source, means and purpose; Creation - the natural state of being.

by Wis - Wieslaw Sadurski

Welcome to Vision, Light and Creation 24 pages = 40 painting years

As it's been happening in time, here it is, unfolding for you, a love affair between my creativity and the unknown.

On all the pages you find art reproductions, some poems and short-stories
about conditions given to me for creating these artworks and series of paintings.
I present art and my life with art.

I appeal to my guest to understand why so many pictures on painting pages!

40 years of intensive work. I look back and see that I had little time for life.
But the work of art brings lust and passion. See.

Hungry one, black and white pen and ink drawing by Wieslaw Sadurski

01 - PEN AND INK DRAWINGS - 1968 - 1970,

Original black and white Drawings in pen and ink,
my first fascinations and realizations in visual art.


02 - MONOTYPES - 1973 - 1974

Art of Monotype, where fantastic rises up out of Chaos,
abstract, psychedelic, spectral.

Embryo, Monotype by Wieslaw Sadurski

Composition with a Lotus Flower 3, rainbow Print-Painting in my own graphic technique

03 - PRINT-PAINTINGS - 1974 - 1975

After creating many thousands of Monotypes, my own graphic technique emerged.

I called it Print-Painting.



Coming to abstraction in three colours Red, Yellow and Blue.
The final stage in my three years long Print-Painting journey.

Sun Site, rainbow Print-Painting in my own graphic technique

Monotypes and Print-Paintings - painting work was a wonderful adventure.

Painting in oil brought me recognition of cognitive energies.

Fullness all around - I wrote on the door of my atelier 1976 - and lived in the creative love.


Creation, oil painting on canvas 200 x 250 cm, Wieslaw Sadurski 1976-78

05 - PAINTINGS OF CREATION - 1975 - 1986

express the relationship of Man to Cosmos.

The first phase of my painting work, thick textured oils and many layered transparent brushwork.

Cosmic views, poetic research on cosmology.


06 - LANDSCAPES OF CREATION - 1976 - 1989

Landscapes on their way into light
in original Paintings and Art Prints.

Evening in the village, original galactic vision in oil painting by Wieslaw Sadurski
Servus, farewell hand-painting made in one-touch

07 - HAND PAINTINGS - 1979

My hand is used here as a tool,
painting made by throwing paint at paper.



Print and graphic colours, sprays, lacquers.
Mostly black and white paintings on paper,
palette knife as a basic tool.

Schizophrenie, original black and white knife-painting by Wieslaw Sadurski
Here and Beyond, original acrylic painting, landscape of light


Healing colours, serene peace.

I had no idea where the motif comes from.
Seemed to be the unknown itself.



painted in places, where I heard the music of the spheres,
saw patterns of energy
sustaining the visible in its passage.

Movement to God, large oil painting, lyrical daydream
Lotus Flower, original painting is like a third eye jewel

11 - FLOWER PAINTINGS - 1983 - 1985

Large single-blossom flowers - here my love for nature is pure
in original Paintings and Art Prints.



The knowing and feeling united.
Water-colours, hand or hands as tools, painting done in one-touch.

Dragon Red, original painting made with one-touch of my hand
Night Butterfly, original painting made by throwing paints onto black paper
13 - NO-TOUCH PAINTINGS - 1983 - 1985

One of those days I threw the mixed paints from my can onto the black paper lying on the floor.

Painting without touching the image.

14 - LANDSCAPE PAINTINGS - 1976 - 1997

Nature and fantasy oil and acrylic Landscapes
of the vastness one can seldom see.

Summer Landscape, vastness of the nature in oil painting
Bright night, oil landscape painting with a galactic light

15 - COSMIC LANDSCAPES - 1976 - 2006

Paintings inspired by my love for Mother Nature.

She needs sometimes new scripts for future evolution.


16 - SPECTRAL PAINTINGS - 1981 - 1995

Three basic colours are the Trinity you find in your religion,
if you have any.
Red Yellow Blue - creating all that is visible.

Indian Star, radiant oil painting in Red Yellow Blue

Mystic Light, the deepest possible blue in large oil painting

- 1980 - 1991

exhalation of being,
state of creative not-knowing.

The deepest blue, check out even if you believe me!


18 - DRAWING FACES - 1985

black and white drawings
where drawing lines is quicker than perceiving them.

Heart Lady, instantaneous ink portrait drawing on paper
Lord Jesus of many faces, original recycling oil painting

Recycling Art - 1985 - 1991


made with dried remains of oil paints scratched off my palette.


20 - FROTTAGE PAINTINGS 1987 - 1989

Eschatological approach, cosmic longing.

Less painting, more making images.
Flight in the hell of matter.

Stand up for the Last Judgement, original oil painting, violent frottage technique
Pyramid of the Sun, original oil painted as a mantra in one-wave brushstrokes

Ascetic, meditative

21 - ENERGY FIELDS - 1989 - 2003

Single rhythmical brushstroke,
one wave mantra in colours of the spectrum.

Healing Art of the Colour Spectrum

22 - PAINT-OBJECTS - 1992 - 2003

made up of many canvasses each

LIFE, paint-objekt, Wieslaw Sadurski 2002

Rainbow clings to the Light as a Man to the Truth,

my latest passionate search for truth of the visible -
and latest technological discoveries.
Dandelion, painted as a heart mandala by Wieslaw Sadurski

VIRTUAL GALLERY - Quick Time Virtual Reality Panorama

23 Spectral Rainbow Paintings
virtual at the Hamburger Bahnhof Kunsthalle in Berlin

QTVR Panorama, virtual painting gallery

Virtual Gallery 640 x 480 pixels, 2,5 Mb. You can move around, zoom in and out.
Click photo to load Virtual Gallery in a new window.

01 Pen and Ink 02 Monotypes 03 Print-Paintings 04 Spectral Print-Paintings 05 Paintings of Creation 06 Landscapes of Creation
07 Hand-Paintings 08 Knife-Story 09 Labours of Light 10 Light Worlds 11 Flower Paintings 12 One-Touch Paintings 13 No-Touch
14 Landscapes 15 Cosmic Landscapes 16 Spectral Paintings 17 Mystic Blue 18 Drawing Faces 19 Jesus & Consciousness
20 Frottage Paintings 21 Energy Fields 22 Paint Objects 23 Spectral Rainbow Paintings Virtual Painting Gallery
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