Man's discovery journey to himself

in computer Graphics and Paintings on Art Canvas Prints created by Wieslaw Sadurski.

Mandala is derived from the root 'manda', which means 'essence', and suffix 'la', which means 'container'.

Accordingly, mandala is a container of essence.

It is a spiritual vehicle of enlightenment, coming from the distant past into our life to make it better.

In meditation mandala is used as a visual means of concentration.
A simple principle: you FEEL YOUR CENTRE WITHIN, you SEE THE CENTRE WITHOUT, in mandala.

The color psychology under the influence of mandala:

White - the folly of ignorance turns into the wisdom of reality.

Red - the folly of attachment turns into the wisdom of discernment.

Yellow - the folly of pride turns into the wisdom of equality.

Green - the folly of jealousy turns into the wisdom of accomplishment.

Blue - the folly of anger turns into the mirror like wisdom.

50 Mandalas by Wieslaw Sadurski in a meditative slide-show,
set to the piano composition 'Glimpses Of Truth' by Gernot Reetz from his music CD 'In Search of the Miracolous'.