Paintings of Creation

in Oil Paintings and Art Canvas Prints by Wieslaw Sadurski.

Metaphor, painting on canvas by Wieslaw Sadurski
Metaphor, 1977, original Artwork 27 x 41 cm

Metaphor is about an artist
who's not yet there
who comes through raw canvas

just bleeding a bit
in coming to life

Brother Brush and Sister Star, Original oil Painting on canvas and Art Canvas Print by Wieslaw Sadurski
Brother Brush and Sister Star, 1977

Original oil Painting and Art Canvas Print 100 x 130 cm

I created this composition
to honour my brush
who worked two years long on many canvasses loosing most hair,

great hero of my everydation!

Paintings of Creation
express the relationship of Man to Cosmos.

Thick textured oils and many layered transparent brushwork,

cosmic views, poetic research on cosmology.

do you see my footsteps on the canvas above?

every step here explodes in fire,
from which the stars and worlds are born

I painted that oil painting above, where Girl is stuck between the eyes of the Demon.
30 years later, feeling compassionate, I let her dance for a while.

on the very edge of being

at one with the creative forces of nature

felt I was the living brush held by a greater hand

I called it Art Yoga