Spectral Print-Paintings,

original artworks in three basic multi-layered colors.

The first phase of my painting was about to end.

There were 1975 some exhibitions in Amsterdam, West-Berlin, Stockholm,
then came new series on simple compositions from the sketches.

Here are the latest Print-Paintings.
Abstract thinking, three colours Red, Yellow and Blue.


All the Print-painting Adventure took three years in Stockholm, Warsaw, Amsterdam and West-Berlin.

A catastrophe came in November 1975.
Hung the painted papers up to dry, put some on the floor, which meant that I had to walk between them on all fours. Standing up, I hit my backbone against the sharp corner of the table, fell down on my face. Four weeks in bed. Goodbye Print-Paintings! 
One month later able to walk again but my back was still painful, I could not hold a cup of tea in my hand. Goodbye my rollers!

On the evening of 8 December the brush wasn't too heavy.
Catastrophe? Table crashed my spine? or was it God's finger, mercilessly sending me into future?

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