Lotus Flowers Blossom

in digital oil paintings on Art Canvas Prints created by Wieslaw Sadurski.

Sacred plant in Buddhism and Hinduism. National plant in India, Egypt, Vietnam.

In Buddhist tradition, the Lotus Flower represents the universe.

The Lotus means purity of body, speech and mind, which hover over the mud of attachment and desire.

According to legend, the Buddha was born with the ability to walk and lotus flowers blossomed where he stepped.

In many Asian cultures the lotus represents the elegance, beauty, perfection, purity and grace.

Lotus is a symbol of rebirth and purity. It grows from thick rhizomes submerged in silt and mud, and the leaves float on the water surface or above it. Flowers grow a few centimeters above the leaves.

The plant reaches a height of 150 cm, and sometimes even 5 meters. The leaves are up to 60 cm in diameter, and the flowers of 20 cm. Lotus leaves are water repellent: drops of water roll after them collecting from the surface insects and dust.

Lotus has the remarkable ability to control the temperature, as it happens in humans and warm-blooded animals. Flowers heat to over 30 ° C, even when the air temperature falls to 10 ° C. The heat releases a scent attracting insects. They pollinate plants and feed on nectar and pollen that strengthen their ability to eat, flight and pairing up.