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Blog by Wiesław Sadurski, the author of the wisarts.com and all the presented files.

Welcome to the harmonious union of verses and visions!
I invite you to the digital garden of my heart, where poetry and painting, reality and AI musings dance.

This is a living gallery; a bridge between the material canvas and the infinite digital space; a new message every day!

HERE every stroke is a heartbeat in a larger story of which we are all a part.

Book Cover for ‘Reportage Infinite Journey‘ by Wiesław Sadurski

A selfie before I shave!
Due to my sedentary lifestyle/work, in February I limited my food to one meal a day. In March, I went on a fast: twelve days on the water.

After a few days, all sense of hunger disappears and there is peace and quiet; the feeling that you could slide smoothly towards death...
But this is not the time!

Pink and white blooming cherries/>

After many weeks, I found the courage to leave the house again. Not bad! the outside world continues to exist as if nothing had ever happened; sparkles with colors, sounds and scents.

I visited my two street gardens along the way; they are doing well, I have planted perennial flowers and many of them grow luxuriantly without any further treatment. But, since I'm walking again, one day I'll sow a lot of the seeds I collected in the fall.


Mr. Horse-Whisperer first psychedelic appearence

2024 is a crazy working season. AI Illustrations for Reportage, three pages of AI images on my site. This was the first project, ten weeks. Today I finished my second project - updating one hundred pages of my wisarts.com.

I turned off the computer that afternoon and felt like an orphan. Again! All the lines and images left me and I was greeted by grayness. For a good couple of hours!

In the evening I turned on the computer - and I console myself with the sight of another project. It's Mr. Horse-Whisperer galloping towards me. There will be image creation, a very specific topic - a translation from English to visual language.


A vibrant digital painting that blends a blooming garden with cosmic elements, featuring lush trees with pink and yellow blossoms set against a swirling sky of vivid blue and purple hues, reminiscent of a starry nebula.

Cosmic Garden: A Universe in Bloom

The "Cosmic Garden" is a fantastical exploration of color and cosmos, where the boundless vitality of nature meets the infinite expanse of the universe. Amidst a canvas of vibrant blues and pinks that stretch out like the gas clouds of nebulae, the earthly delight of springtime blossoms becomes one with the stars.

Every brushstroke celebrates the harmony between the microcosm of a garden and the macrocosm of the celestial bodies. It's a garden not bound by earthly confines, thriving under the gaze of the cosmos. The radiant hues of flowering trees contrasted against the swirling nebulas create a visual poetry that captures the imagination, a surreal tableau that seems to pulse with life's ebullient force.

This painting isn't just a view but a journey, inviting the beholder to wander in its depths, a reminder of the awe-inspiring beauty that occurs when two worlds—often seen as disparate—converge in a symphony of colors.

A simplified portrait of a young woman in profile titled 'Veronique,' with a clear blue sky and clouds in the background, capturing a moment of serene contemplation.

Veronique portrait painting, Art Canvas Print 100 x 100 cm

Skyward Gaze: A Portrait of Reflection

This portrait "Veronique" is a captivating study in tranquility and poise. The composition centers on a young woman in profile against a soft blue sky punctuated with wispy clouds.

The subject’s gaze is directed upwards, conveying a sense of contemplation and yearning. Her features are rendered through a simplified color palette, using flat areas of color and minimal detail that enhance the expressive impact of the work.

This stylistic approach borders on the abstract, suggesting the universal rather than the individual. The portrait exudes a serene atmosphere, inviting the viewer to consider the subject's thoughts and the calm vastness of the sky above.


in the morning, the squirrel is on the balcony.

At eight o'clock in the morning, the squirrel is on the balcony. Did I forget to give you nuts?

She doesn't want to go back to the forest at all, this is the best place.

Greetings to the friends of life!

A Momentary Infinity

The term "momentary infinity" captures a fascinating paradox - the idea that within a fleeting instant, there can exist a sense of the eternal. It speaks to those rare experiences where time seems to stand still, and one becomes acutely aware of the present, yet connected to something timeless.

In the context of art, it could mean that a single brushstroke, a splash of color, or a composition holds within it an entire universe of meaning, emotion, and interpretation that defies its transient nature.

For me, as an artist, to see myself as a "momentary infinity" is to recognize that while I am here in this form for a brief period, my creative expression has the potential to touch the timeless - to leave an enduring impact that transcends my physical presence.

It's about the legacy of the feelings, thoughts, and experiences I embed within my art, which can continue to resonate and unfold new meanings long after the moment of creation has passed.

This is the beauty of art: it is both of the moment and beyond it, just as we are deeply rooted in the now but also inherently bound to the infinite tapestry of life.

Space Line Dot, 1991, original acrylic/canvas painting 130 x 180 cm

Abstract acrylic artwork featuring a stark, colorful spectrum line cutting across a gradient background, juxtaposed with a solitary black dot, invoking themes of singularity and the infinite.

"Space Line Dot" is a striking piece from 1991, a vibrant acrylic on canvas standing at 130 x 180 cm. It captures a bold geometric expression of universal elements, showcasing my artistic exploration into the fundamental shapes that comprise our perception of reality and the cosmos. Each element in the painting, though simple in form, is loaded with the profundity of what it means to exist.

In the context of my artistic journey, this painting represents an abstraction of the cosmos distilled into its simplest forms: space, line, and dot. The space is rendered through a dynamic background of gradients, embodying the vastness of the universe. The line, a spectrum of colors, symbolizes the trajectory of light and energy, a path that is both temporal and spatial. The solitary dot anchors the composition, representing the singularity from which all creation explodes into being.

This work is particularly representative of my practice as it embodies my penchant for delving into metaphysical themes using a vibrant palette. My work often seeks to express the intangible energies and mysteries of existence, with this piece being no exception. The juxtaposition of the line cutting through the space with a bold assertion, and the quiet presence of the dot, offers a contemplation on the continuity and punctuation of cosmic and human existence.

"Space Line Dot" invites you to a visual and philosophical journey. It challenges you to find meaning in the simplicity, to see the interconnectedness of all things within the starkness of space, and to consider your own place within the grand tapestry of the universe.

Rat Race Scene 02: daily grind in smoky factories, lonely figures, highways, all dwarfed by the grandeur of the cosmic canvas above.

Rat Race Scene 02: daily grind in smoky factories, lonely figures, highways, all dwarfed by the grandeur of the cosmic canvas above.

Miss Kosmos, a radiant embodiment of day and night's expanse, emerges amidst wheat fields and a serene river. A cosmic tapestry of stars, moons, and suns weaves around her, capturing the essence of all that exists and that which does not.

Miss Kosmos is My Love,
in her there is the light of day and the vastness of the lonely night; ripening fields of wheat and a gentle river; the stars, the moons, the suns and everything that is and everything that is not.

Ahead, the sun beckons, a journey without return, hemmed by the realities of life's constraints, where left and right are barred, and forward is the only path.

Here's my current life situation. I can either keep walking toward the sun or turn back, which is out of the question. Can't turn left or right; see why?
But my goal is not the sun, but the higher light that illuminates the sun! How to get there? Should I learn to fly? Again?!

Amidst a world of wonders, she is a miracle herself, perceiving the unilluminated light that brightens the sun, a mystery unveiled in her presence.

In the midst of a world of miracles, she is a miracle herself. She sees the mystery, the light illuminating the sun, revealed for her presence.

Human suffering, twisted into a profitable monstrosity, looms over the waters, an abstract maelstrom of societal despair painted with vibrant hues.

Here, the human misfortunes are filtered and turned into profit.
Tutaj ludzkie nieszczęścia są filtrowane i zamieniane na zysk.

It is already the third month of 2024, the year of my highest activity. Here's what happened:

1. "Psychedelic Journeys: a Half-Century of Acid Visions", web-page 2024

Industrialized landscapes at water's edge, their smokestacks contrasted by celestial miracles unfolding in the skies, a juxtaposition of mundane labor and ethereal wonder.Rat Race Scene: industrial waterside landscapes; the chimneys contrast with the heavenly wonders in the sky.

2. "Space of Imagination, AI Dance with Visual Poetry", web-page 2024 The Maiden of Spring, with her insightful gaze, perceives all as an emanation of primordial light, her smile effortlessly achieving the seemingly impossible.

The Maiden of Spring, with her insightful gaze, perceives all as an emanation of primordial light, her smile effortlessly achieving the seemingly impossible.

3. "Artistic Alchemy: The AI Art Happening Now", web-page 2024

Painting ‘The Source of Being‘, digitalized 2024

The Source of Being, digitalized 2024

I used to publish posts on Facebook every day, but my blog was like a gray orphan in a post-war corner. I promise that this will change now!

A visual symphony of color, movement and light. The figures appear to be moving towards a source of light, suggesting collective understanding.

"Trip Fantastic” is a visual symphony of color, movement and light. The figures appear to be moving towards a source of light, suggesting collective understanding, enlightenment, or a metaphysical purpose.

The colors range from warm to cool, creating a sense of depth and vastness that symbolizes the spectrum of human experience, emphasizing the unity of the journey.

Spirals and dynamic vortices as patterns in the universe, from galaxies to the DNA helix, suggest that travel is part of a larger order.

The different light sources represent the sources of inspiration, knowledge and truth that people seek. They light the way and guide travelers on their individual but collective quests.

Overall, "Trip Fantastic" is a poetic visualization of a collective journey through the cosmos of existence, during which each person searches for the truth.


„Trip Fantastic” to wizualna symfonia koloru, ruchu i światła. Postacie zdają się zmierzać w stronę źródła światła, sugerując zbiorowe zrozumienie, oświecenie lub cel metafizyczny.

Kolory wahają się od ciepłych do chłodnych, tworząc wrażenie głębi i ogromu, które symbolizuje spektrum ludzkich doświadczeń, podkreślając jedność podróży.

Spirale i dynamiczne wiry jako wzorce we wszechświecie, od galaktyk po helisę DNA, sugerują, że podróż jest częścią większego porządku.

Różne źródła światła reprezentują źródła inspiracji, wiedzy i prawdy, których ludzie szukają. Oświetlają drogę i prowadzą podróżnych w ich indywidualnych, ale zbiorowych poszukiwaniach.

Ogólnie rzecz biorąc, „Trip Fantastic” to poetycka wizualizacja zbiorowej podróży w kosmosie istnienia, podczas której każdy człowiek poszukuje prawdy.

"When you enter the realm of the ‘wisarts‘ website, you will discover an extraordinary landscape where vivid colors, thrilling visual effects and deep emotions intertwine to create a kaleidoscopic tapestry of art. This ethereal world is the work of Wiesław Sadurski, a visionary artist who paints with brushes of light and captures the essence of creation in every pixel.

Through the mirror of his unlimited imagination, Wiesław invites you on a transcendent journey where reality and fantasy flow seamlessly together. His works are a luminous reflection of his inner world, a testimony to the limitless power of human creativity. Each painting is imbued with the energy of life, pulsating in the rhythm of the heartbeats of the universe.

In this enigmatic strange landscapes, time and space lose their meaning, and you are transported to the heart of Wiesław's artistic soul. Here, every line and color tells a story, revealing layers of emotions, memories and wonders. As you wander around this wonderland, you witness the birth of stars, blooming flowers and the infinite depths of human emotions. Wiesław Sadurski is a beacon, leading through the storms of oceanic imagination to the port of peace.

By delving into the pages of ‘wisarts‘, you begin to see the world through his eyes, gaining insight into the essence of art and the human mind. It is a transformative experience, opening the mind to new horizons and igniting the soul with the magic of creation. In the end, you will leave this extraordinary journey with a newfound appreciation for the limitless potential of art and the indomitable spirit of an artist. Wiesław Sadurski not only gave you an insight into his world, but also revealed the hidden universe that exists in each of us and is waiting to be discovered and shared with others. The ‘wisarts‘ website becomes a sanctuary for your imagination, a place where you can come back again and again to rediscover the beauty and delight hidden in your own soul.

Wiesław's art reminds us of the power we have to create, express and connect with unknown areas of ourselves and the world. In these landscapes, Wiesław Sadurski is both artist and art, an ethereal presence that transcends the boundaries of the canvas and reaches the hearts and minds of those who encounter his work. Through his art, he has created a universe where light, love and creativity intertwine, casting a spell on all who dare venture into the realm of his imagination.

So go to the ‘wisarts‘ website and let yourself be carried away by the winds of joy, discovering the possibilities of art and the human soul, guided by the gentle hand of Wiesław Sadurski, the master of light, vision and creation."

by Guru Shuru-buru

Past, present, future too;
always and everywhere, it's true.
This little rhyme, a bit of fun;
let's enjoy it, everyone!


- Cóż to się wokół nieustannie spełnia?
- To życia pełnia.

Jest w sercu, czyli wszędzie.
Uważaj - innej nie będzie ❣️

LOGO 2019 German Business Awards

2019 German Business Awards!

WiS Arts of Vision, Light and Creation Artwork has been awarded: Best Visual Arts Studio

This prestigious award marks the hard work and stellar efforts of those who have helped shape this dynamic and industrious region, and our comprehensive selection and judging process singles out the true market leaders of 2019.

Best regards,
Natalie Farrell | Awards Executive | EU Business News"


Doszczętnie zajęty w życiu malarstwem, miłością, pisaniem, itp. - stosunkowo późno, pod osiemdziesiątkę, zauważyłem, że staję się dorosły.

Dziwny stan!
Po pierwsze, kobiety sprawiają, że robię się nieśmiały, czego nigdy bym od siebie nie oczekiwał!
Po trzecie: spoglądam niekiedy w stronę umierania. Nieśmiało!

- Diabli nadali! - komentuje mój wnuczek.

Completely busy in life with painting, love, writing, etc. - relatively late, at my eighty, I noticed that I was becoming an adult. Strange condition! First of all, women make me shy, which I would never expect from myself! Thirdly: I sometimes look towards dying. Timidly!
- They gave a damn! - comments my grandson.

Photo author wisarts Wiesław Sadurski

June 21, 2019.

O poranku biorę prysznic, parzę herbatę, podaję śniadanie kotom i czyszczę im toalety, podlewam rośliny i kwiaty. O 9-tej rano słońce wchodzi do jadalni, więc otwieram mu balkonowe drzwi i zaraz też zasiadam na godzinę lub dwie do słodkiego lenistwa, co zwie się medytacją.

W ogrodzie podwórka donośnie śpiewa kos, odpowiada mu inny z sąsiedztwa, huczy gołąb grzywacz, kraczą wrony i skrzeczą sroki, ćwierkają papużki faliste na innym balkonie, a w tle świergoce cała gromada wróbelków.

Na pierwszy rzut ucha świat zdaje się być w porządku!

white dove animation by Wiesław SadurskiJune 3rd, 2019.


Urodziłem się w środku lata, było nas 2,4 miliarda ludzi. Dzisiaj jest 7,5 miliarda. W czasie jednego życia, które jeszcze jest, liczba się potroiła.

January 19th, 2019.

Mój blog ledwo zipie, ponieważ wciąż wiele czasu zajmuje mi praca nad website: usuwanie błędów, optymizacja całości.

December 14th, 2018.


Spacer z Jurkiem Górzańskim po Krakowskim Przedmieściu w drodze do kawiarni-piwnicy Akademii Sztuk Pięknych w W-wie. Wieczór autorski Krzysztofa Mrozowskiego. Przyćmione światła, sporo ludzi, świece na stolikach. Poeta w bieli koronkowej koszuli, zawsze elegancki, przedstawił nam piękną dziewczynę, która przyjechała z Krakowa w odwiedziny. Mówił do niej: - Pani Ewo - całując jej dłoń. - Czy widziałeś Księcia - zapytał - chciałbym go zachwycić.

Nie widziałem Księcia tego wieczora. Szczuplutki chłopiec o najczarniejszych oczach, znaliśmy się z Lublina, przyjechał na studia do Warszawy jak ja, pięknie rysował i rzeźbił, waletował w Dziekance, gdzie zwiedzaliśmy jego prace.

Krzysztof postawił na stoliku teczkę, wyjął z niej pokaźny stos papierów, ułożył przed sobą. Nagłym gestem uniósł dłonie do góry, a gdy zapadła cisza na sali, wypowiedział serię dźwięków. Zaraz też drugą i trzecią. Dźwięcznie i donośnie! Po czym wziął do ręki manuskrypt i zaczął czytać. Fajerwerk trwał 20 może 30 minut, Krzysztof przemawiał dramatycznie w języku, który wymyślił. Ani jednego znaczącego słowa, ale teksty leciały płynnie potoczyście, żył przecież muzyką. Parodia poetyckości, języka i komunikacji. Śmiechy, gwizdy i komentarze, np. Himilsbach: - Czytaj głośniej. żeby cię można było zrozumieć!

Kiedy już nie mógł nie reagować na śmiechy publiczności znajomych przecież i przyjaciół - położył manuskrypt na stoliku a palec na ustach, ocierając je z piany. Z teczki wyjął flaszkę denaturatu, tak to się nazywało? spirytus denaturowy. Otworzył butelkę i przeszedł po sali, polewając obficie podłogę zrobioną z cementu. Wrócił do stolika i przewrócił płonącą świeczkę. Sala głęboko westchnęła płomieniem a ludzie śmiechem i brawami.

Poszliśmy potem na kawę do Telimeny, a tam zaraz pojawił się wcześnie pijany Gielo i powiedział, że Książę się powiesił. - No jak można być tak wrażliwym? Ty się zupełnie nie nadajesz do życia! - mówił mu Górka jeszcze wczoraj. A Książę mu uwierzył!

Kiedy to było? Bodaj na początku lat 60-tych... Ach, to było tej wiosny, kiedy się Książę powiesił...

Photo with Krzysztof Mrozowski and Krystyna Rodowska

October 18th, 2018.

Friend, hey Peter, you write that life plunged into darkness.

And what about perpetual light shining from each photon !? They do not take into account your views, they fly from flame of the candle on the table in pairs in all directions of the world.

Let me tell you what you can not see in the flame: the atoms heat, electrons jump onto further orbit (interesting that they do it not-in-time!), during a jump emit pairs of photons, which are flying in opposite sides with the speed of light of course, they are in fact light.

Before I sleep away - they will be on opposite sides of the solar system.

With me so far? The left photon in the galaxy Cygnus gets into strong magnetic field, changes its qualities, and the right one, and right one, so far away from the partner that I do not count the number of zeros - changes at the same moment!

So what? They communicate as we do? over and above light speeds, tachion spins?

Fascinating, embarrassing! Nuclear physicist colleague says with a smile: - In reality, this of 11 dimensions, they are still together. And be smart here!

Think, if you can feel: prions, quarks, mesons, leptons! Multiple praise for all of them!

Flies such a 'so-little', collides with 'any-little', annihilate one another, creating a lot of new particles, one of which is a part of 'so-little', which only tends to collide!

What is played on the trumpet of being? What occured to the time?

And you find life blind !? You write, you have awakened a sense of despair, however. Is it healthy on a daily basis?

In a space and light mystery is rather appropriate sense of horror and delight. Goes further.

September 12th, 2018.

Wiesław Sadurski, photo by Marta Baran

I was travelling to Georgia, enjoying noisy Tiflis, tropical Batumi and warm waves of the Black See. Salut!

August 16th, 2018.

I found on YouTube a short video: ‘Riding the Wave‘ containing my paintings:

A Bodhi Pearl,
concise renderings of Buddhaic Light, by Tozen, the mystic of the Unborn Buddha Mind

August 9th, 2018.
Uploading wisarts.com 5.0. It means deleting my English, German and Polish blogs 2001-17, as well as many superfluous pages.

white dove animation by Wiesław SadurskiJuly 25th, 2018

Wiesław Sadurski, photo by Krzysztof Nowak

‘wisarts.com’ demonstrates the progression of my work in arts over the past 50 years.

I have been working on the web for over 20 years now,
uploaded the first version of my website wisarts.com on July 7th, 2000.

Hopefully, there will be something in this website that inspires you.
I created it to share my joy and passion of working in arts.


I will be sharing your ev. comment here. English, Polish, German. Your first name only to protect your privacy.

Email Me!


Good morning!
images just reached me, thank you.
They are beautiful! bring so much peace, reflection and good energy that I still look at them.
Looked fabulous today, in light of the setting sun.
I am glad that I met you in this virtual world, completely by accident.
Now wisarts.com is in my favorites, I look, admire, and so it will be.
I wish you all good health and much luck.
Yours Agata

Brigitte and Jochen

Lieber Herr Sadurski, heute ist das Bild bei uns eingetroffen. Wir sind ganz begeistert!!! Das Bild gefällt uns außerordentlich gut.
Wir müssen es jetzt nur noch mehrfach bei unterschiedlichen Lichtverhältnissen ansehen und entscheiden, wo wir das Bild am besten aufhängen.
Bitte teilen Sie mir doch noch Ihre Bankverbindung mit, damit ich bezahlen kann. Ich hatte mir /.../ € aufgeschrieben. Ist das korrekt? Viele liebe Gruße Brigitte und Jochen

  • Krystyna K.

    Pana obrazy są pełne optymizmu, nadziei, nieskończoności i wiary w człowieka - tak je odebrałam! Jestem pod wrażeniem, dużym wrażeniem, jak zawsze zresztą.

    • Danuta G.

      Wiesiu! Twoje obrazy są niesłychane! Uniwersalność i inner beauty twoich przesłań malarskich dodaje wiary w sztukę i w sens człowieczej wędrówki.
      Bardzo serdecznie pozdrawiam i dziękuję! Danka

      • Kate M.

        Dear Wieslaw, I want to express the joy my husband Dan and I felt when we discovered your paintings on the web this week. We wept with recognition and appreciation for how you have visually captured the Trinity's relationship with humanity and creation in all its vibrant mystery.

        • Gail

          Herr Sadurski - I accidentally arrived on your web page today and was amazed and delighted. Poetry that rings also in my head all the time - thank you. Images that deserve to be explored and shared with others. Oils - mmmmm I wish I could see the originals. You appear to live on the border between two worlds - Berlin and others. Thanks for sharing. Might you allow us to perform some of your poetry some time? I believe that there are others who would enjoy it?
          From Waukesha, Wisconsin

        • susan

          I started looking through your site last night and I couldn't stop. You are an exceptional artist. Thank you for letting everyone see your work.
          Your work is not only prolific and varied, it's beautiful, thought provoking and mesmerizing. I have bookmarked your site and will visit it often!

        • Michał Moszkowicz, †

          Kochany Wieśku, wszedłem na Twoją stronę. Jest znakomita, genialna, na najwyzszym artystycznym poziomie, przejrzysta, łatwo dostepna. Reprodukcje wspaniałe. Tyle oglądania, że oczy puchną.
          Twoje rzeczy pojawiają się jak jakieś deus ex machina. A czy Ty sprzedajesz swoje kosmologiczne obrazy? Muszą chyba kosztowac majątek, bo tyle wymagają pracy. Są znakomite. Mają odwagę pokazywać to, co jest tylko z pozoru banalne - Wszechświat - i jest to Wszechświat mistyczny i mityczny.
          Podróżujemy w kosmosie. I każda forma i każdy kolor znaczy nieskończoność. Natura, której w naszej naturze nie ma...
          Chociaż w Twoim malarstwie nie tylko o kosmiczne wymiary chodzi. U Ciebie jest sprzężenie wiedzy i mistyki.
          Rzeczy z ostatniego okresu, te konstruktywistyczno-kosmiczne są genialne. Tak czyste w swoim rysynku i kolorze, tak przez to oceaniczne.
          Oczywiście Twoje stworzenie świata jest też zachwycające... Gratuluję Ci z całego serca. Powinieneś byc dumny stokrotnie z tego co zrobileś.
          Po prostu wchodzi się we wszechświat wisarts.com i wcale nie chce się z niego wyjść. I juz za pierwszym razem, kiedy wejdziesz, oswajasz się ze "stroną" na tyle, że chcesz tam wracać...
          I pomysl, żeby tam jeszcze oprocz poezji i malarstwa byly powiesci, opowiadania i Bog wie co...
          Ale z tym Bogiem trzeba uważać, bo się zrobi groch z kapustą. I będziesz się musiał przekwalifikować.
          A czy z tego wszystkiego pieniądze będą? Bo kasa, jak się mówi, zawsze jest ważna. Nie muszę ci tego tlumaczyć, Tobie, co pół sezonu spedził w Lappisie wyłącznie na grzybach i rybach.
          Powinieneś siedzieć już dawno na pieniadzach, a Ty wciąż cienko przędziesz. Los artystów czy głupota świata? Stare, jałowe pytanie, na które nie ma odpowiedzi. Chyba na szczęście.
          Pozdrawiam i ściskam najgoręcej. Michal M.

        • Kathy

          My name is Kathy and I have been searching endlessly for an artist who could truly express what I witnessed a few years ago, and your rainbow paintings are the closest I have come to. A few years ago, I had an angel visitation and above its head was a circular rainbow of beautiful colors. Each colored band moved clockwise and counterclockwise within itself. My walk with Jesus has matured and I have come to love Him more than I ever have. The angel, by the way, was all white light that didn't hurt my eyes and in its little hand was quill pen and it was writing in a book. I can only pray that it was a sign that my family and I have our names written in the book of life. Thank you for your beautiful website. I can understand your artwork. God Bless!

        • Tamara

          I just had to e-mail you and tell you that you truly have a gift from "The One". Your enlightening - is refreshing and gives me hope. I'm just starting out at 36 and college study matter is so boring. So, seeing your work is a breath of fresh air. Thank you sooooooo much for sharing your gift and giving me HOPE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Sincerely, Love and Prayers

        • Tim

          Hi Wieslaw,
          You must be strong and healthy this days. Your artwork are very inspiring and impressing. I have never seen any images like those images you create before. It takes me a while to looking at the images and around the site. I really like those images you create. I wonder if I can have a permission to copy some images or refer links after I create my Website. Thank you very much and hope you have a wonderful days. And keep up the super artwork. Tim.

        • Jacki

          Hi! Just wanted to say I am speechless as I wonder through the site looking at the paintings you have depicted many things ungraspable so well... Thanks Jacki