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Art Gallery Vision, Light and Creation

by Wieslaw Sadurski

DRAWINGS, oil & acrylic PAINTINGS, 1968 - 2010
Pen and Ink Drawings
Spectral Print-Paintings
Paintings of Creation
Landscapes of Creation
Labours of Light
Painting Cosmic Landscapes
Paintings of the Color Spectrum
Mystic Blue invites you into Infinity
Recycling Jesus and Consciousness
Energy Fields
Spectral Rainbow Paintings
Painting Hand in Action
Painting Knife Story
One-Touch Paintings
No-Touch Paintings
Drawing People, Faces and Portraits
Healing Rainbow of the Color Spectrum - Paint Objects
Cross of Here and Now - Paint Object
Life - Paint Object
DIGITAL PAINTINGS on Art Canvas Prints, 2000 - 2018
Birds & Butterflies
Animals Portraits
Monkey Portraits
Painting Kyoto Ladies Blossoming in Gardens
People Portraits
India Sadhu Portraits
India Beggar Portraits
Starry Human Silhouettes
Nude Ladies Paintings
Nuclear Lyric
Cosmic Events
Gardens Blossom
Sunflowers galactic bloom
Apple Trees flowering
Sakura Cherry blossom
Lily Flowers blossom
Lotus Flowers blossom
Orchid Flowers blossom
Poppy Flowers blossom
Rose Flowers blooming
Tulip Flowers blossom
New Paintings
Painting Spring, 4 Seasons Flowers
Painting Summer, 4 Seasons Flowers
Painting Autumn, 4 Seasons Flowers
Painting Winter, 4 Seasons Flowers
Blossoming Japan Spring Landscapes
Painting Spring, 4 Seasons Landscapes
Painting Summer, 4 Seasons Landscapes
Painting Autumn, 4 Seasons Landscapes
Painting Winter, 4 Seasons Landscapes
COMPUTER GRAPHICS on Art Canvas Prints, 1996 - 2002
3-D Graphics
Fractal Graphics
Mandala, Man's discovery journey to himself
Heart Art means Love
RGB Basics, studies of joy
Abstract Graphics for Sun Project
Digital Graphics
Light Operating System
Rainbow Images of Light
Laser computer Graphics
Third Eye Symbol
Zen Gardens in Kyoto
Zen Gardens 2 in Kyoto
Myōshin-ji Zen Gardens Kyoto
Tofukuji Zen Gardens Kyoto
Kyoto Zen Temples
Kyoto flower Gardens
Kyoto Temples
India photo-reportage
India Temples
Antoni Gaudi, Park Güell, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Casa Batlló, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Casa Milá, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Georgia Summer Country
Time Graffiti
In my Atelier
Portraits Photography from last 50 years
Berlin Kreuzberg
Reportage from Infinite Journey
People in Strokes and Words
POEZJE - po Polsku
Ludzie w Kreskach i Słowach
Pod Okiem Zegara
Nagrobek Człekokształtny
Dowód na Braterstwo
Reportaż z Nieskończonej Podróży
Końkut, który był Człowiekiem
Człowiek Oko
Ludzie w Kreskach i Słowach
Avadhuta Gita
GEDICHTE - auf Deutsch
Leute in Strichen und Worten
About me
Site Map
Anatomical Atlas of Man
Mosaics made of stones from Berlin Wall