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Art Gallery Vision, Light and Creation

by Wieslaw Sadurski


DRAWINGS & PRINT-PAINTINGS, hand artwork, created 1968 - 75

PEN and INK drawings, 1968 - 70

OIL and ACRYLIC PAINTINGS on canvas, created 1975 - 2010

PAINTINGS OF CREATION, 1975 - 1980 express the relationship of Man to Cosmos.
LANDSCAPES OF CREATION, painted as well 1975 - 1980.
PAINTING HAND in action, 1979, paintings on paper created faster than I could see.
Painting KNIFE STORY, 1979, microtimes ruling OK on Papers.
LABORS OF LIGHT, oil and acrylic paintings, mostly 1977 - 79.
LIGHTWORLDS, 1979 - 86, Landscapes of Enlightenment, oil and acrylic paintings.
ONE-TOUCH PAINTINGS, 1982, signs of being on the black of the unknown.
NO-TOUCH PAINTINGS, original Paintings 1983 - 86, throwing the paints onto the black.
COSMIC LANDSCAPES, 1978 - 98, landscapes of natural or outer space.
MYSTIC BLUE Paintings invite you into Infinity, 1979 - 1986.
FACES and PORTRAITS, 1984, where drawing lines is quicker than perceiving them
RECYCLING Lord Jesus of many faces and Paintings on Consciousness, 1984.
Painting ENERGY FIELDS, 1979 - 86. The meaning of life and love riding on a one wave?
Painting SPECTRALS, 1983 - 1990. Paintings of the Color Spectrum leading to higher reality.
SPECTRAL RAINBOW Paintings 1991 - 2010. TRINITY OF THE VISIBLE, abstract visions.
HEALING RAINBOW of the Color Spectrum, 1993 - 95, seeking the healing energies.
CROSS OF HERE AND NOW, 1992 - 94, Paint-Object of the non-existence, 500 x 500 cm.
LIFE, multi-painting installation, 1992, 300 cm x 800 cm.

COMPUTER ARTS, pages showcasing computer generated artwork, created 1996 - 2003.

My early DIGITAL GRAPHICS, 1995-99, combine magic, vision and experiment.
THIRD EYE, 1996, the space of higher consciousness, the gate leading to higher reality.
3-D LANDSCAPES, UFO's and Spaceships, 1997 - 99 created when my daughter was 10 years old.
FRACTALS, computer generated fractal graphics 1996 - 97, a divine geometry of fractional dimensions.
MANDALA Graphics and Paintings, 1996 - 98, Man's discovery journey to himself, container of essence.
HEART ART means Love, 2002 - 04, and I make the mathematical equation of love visible.
SUN PROJECT, 2010 - 14, made in love for a life giving sun, being created by light.
RGB BASICS, 1997 - 99, studies of joy on the Red Green Blue trinity.
LIGHT OPERATING SYSTEM, 1998 - 90, makes visible that what doesn't exist.
RAINBOW GRAPHICS OF LIGHT, 1999 - 2001, being dispersed into its constituent Rainbow Images.
LASER GRAPHICS, 1997 - 2000, the purest colors in the Universe!

ANIMALS, BIRDS & LADIES, computer artwork available on Art Canvas Prints.

BIRDS & BUTTERFLIES fly high, 2013-17, fantastic in summer colorful or night fantastic landscapes.
ANIMALS PORTRAITS & PAINTINGS, 2014-17, show their individual characters. My brushes follow their intelligent beauty.
MONKEYS in PORTRAITS & PAINTINGS 2013-15 show quite human emotions and intelligence, love for the kids and feeling of wonder.
PEOPLE PORTRAITS 2016-17, digital Oil Paintings tell stories of people I met in India and Japan. See my attitude to them - which is one of love.
SADHU PORTRAIT PAINTINGS, 2016, India holy men leave behind the dark ways of existence and follow the way of light.
BEGGAR PORTRAIT PAINTINGS, 2015, showcasing their hungry truth and inner beauty. How do you deal with the beggars, when you are in India? I paint them.
HUMAN SILHOUETTES, 2012-13, Paintings of Man and Women filled with landscapes and stars.
PAINTING NUDE LADIES, 2010-15, their shining bodies in fantastic landscapes from flower to planet horizon.
NUCLEAR LYRIC, 2010-17, metaphoric Paintings of Peace and War, from nuclear explosion to barbed wire landscape.
COSMIC EVENTS, 2014-2017, take billions of years, flowers blossom few days only, yet they feel well together in my digital Oil Paintings on Art Canvas Prints.

The FOUR SEASONS FLOWERS in DIGITAL OIL PAINTINGS, 2014, available on Art Canvas Prints.

PAINTING SPRING, 4 SEASONS FLOWERS. Spring Flower Paintings are delicate and tender like flowers. I painted them digital in a good company of rainbows and stars.
PAINTING SUMMER, 4 SEASONS FLOWERS in summer powerful colors blossom ecstatic in landscapes or outer space.
PAINTING AUTUMN, 4 SEASONS FLOWERS blossom in daylight landscapes or in starry cosmic nights.
PAINTING WINTER, 4 SEASONS FLOWERS shine against a rainbow sky, open their beauty in starlight or nothern lights.

The FOUR SEASONS LANDSCAPES in DIGITAL OIL PAINTINGS, 2015, available on Art Canvas Prints.

PAINTING SPRING, 4 SEASONS LANDSCAPES, inspired by the tranquil beauty of the spring, from flowers under snow to rainbows to starry skies.
PAINTING SUMMER, 4 SEASONS LANDSCAPES. Sun rules OK in summer fantastic and natural Landscapes.
PAINTING AUTUMN, 4 SEASONS LANDSCAPES, fantastic and natural landscapes, trees in fall and still lifes.
PAINTING WINTER, 4 SEASONS LANDSCAPES, sparkling beauty of Winter Landscapes from trees under snow to stars to birds on frozen fruits.

FLOWER PAINTINGS, created 2012 - 17, available on Art Canvas Prints.

BLOSSOMING GARDENS, Love Confessions in Paintings invite you into the magic on Art Canvas Prints.
APPLE TREES in love with spring blossom in white, pink or red flowers painted digital.
CHERRY FLOWERS, celebrations of beauty, transience, goodbye. Cherry trees bloom briefly but stay forever - in my digital paintings on Art Canvas Prints.
LILY FLOWERS, loving passion, purity, innocence - as you can see in my paintings, when they blossom on Art Canvas Prints.
LOTUS FLOWERS blossoming, elegance, beauty, purity and grace, represent the universe, symbolize rebirth, enlightenment and victory of the spirit.
ORCHID FLOWERS blossoming, colorful, fragrant, grow on all continents, blossom even in outer space, as you can see in my paintings.
POPPY FLOWERS blossom as flowers of love and death, and of people who died of love. They bloom in the fields and between the stars, in digital Oil Paintings on Art Canvas Prints.
ROSE FLOWERS in bloom as a residue dawn on earth, symbol of love and overcoming misery, in digital Oil Paintings on Art Canvas Prints.
SUNFLOWERS rotate to face me. Their connection with a galactic light is well known to my brushes.
TULIP FLOWERS in Paintings, aware they live in a cosmic environment, therefore they blossom abundant in my paintings.
BLOSSOMING JAPAN SPRING LANDSCAPES, digital Paintings on Art Canvas Prints.

PHOTO REPORTAGES by Wieslaw Sadurski

Zen Gardens in Kyoto
Zen Gardens 2 in Kyoto
Myōshin-ji Zen Gardens Kyoto
Tofukuji Zen Gardens Kyoto
Kyoto Zen Temples
Kyoto flower Gardens
Kyoto Temples
India photo-reportage
India Temples
Antoni Gaudi, Park Güell, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Casa Batlló, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Casa Milá, Barcelona
Antoni Gaudi, Sagrada Familia, Barcelona
Georgia Summer Country
Time Graffiti
In my Atelier
Portraits Photography from last 50 years
Berlin Kreuzberg


Reportage from Infinite Journey
People in Strokes and Words

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