One-Touch Paintings

Signs of being on the black of the unknown

Acrylics, hand or hands as tools, painting done in a second

Original Paintings on papers 1982 and Art Canvas Prints

by Wieslaw Sadurski

1982 , early spring, Kreuzberg.

This time I have a German visum for half a year and no chance for its extension due to martial law in Poland. I must accept Duldung and social assistance. Mein Gott! so here is something like that! Money for rent, coal and food, even for shoes! I gonna fly - what do I need shoes for? I immediately buy me a hundred black papers and paints!
This terrible paradox - the war state in Poland saves me in hunger.

My hand is aware of what is what: I want to express an internal state with one touch.
Meditation is now used as a tool to deepen the state in which I find myself:
joy, aggression, hope, tenderness, regret, rebellion, hunger, longing, grace.

I choose right colors density, put them half-thick next to each other in a bowl, I dip my hand, now the colors mix a bit - I hit my hand against the paper. One-touch.

Sometimes friends accompany me playing music, social life is very lively. And industrious. We often meet - for meditation, for fun, we regularly experience massages in the metamorphosis method, created in the actions of mask friends, theatrical performances, melodies and poems...

In my work, however, I'm walking alone away.., somewhere.., I do not have any practical purposes.., internal only. Thus, I am making internal states visible,

fleeting signs of being on the black of ignorance.

do you know that longing
to be what you really are?

one timeless spaceless point of being
embracing all
becoming nothing

and the desire
to express it
right now