Pen and Ink Drawings

Black and white is the first phase of my work.

1968, age of 28, I was living in Warsaw as a published poet, freelance writer, writing poetry, prose and reportage, enjoying one year long scholarship.

Second book of poems accepted by the publisher with a fantastic cover and drawings by Franciszek Starowieyski, to be seen here with Polish poems.

I met him often and felt fascinated, his hand always busy with drawing sketches and ornaments.

It was very inspiring. I wished to follow.
My book sold completely - thanks to his illustrations!


First series of drawings started funny: my lovely girlfriend left me alone going to visit her husband in Paris.

Left me with papers, pen, ink and blessings for a working therapy.

I drew her body against the night (first drawing on this page).


I went on studying drawing, copying Dürer and Rembrandt, trying to find a right movement of my hand.

And I had quite a collection of hundred drawings when I went 1970 to Stockholm.

In Sweden - first individual exhibitions, taking part in group shows.

Drawing phase started in Warsaw 1968, ended in Stockhom 1970 with first LSD trips,
when I recognized that pen and ink does not go well together with my character.

Discontinued drawing and next couple of years was writing poems only,
Reportage from Infinite Journey.

Doing Za-zen, traveling.
True painting adventure started 1973 with Monotypes what turned pretty soon into my own graphic technique Print-paintings.