Drawing People, Faces and Portraits,

where drawing lines is quicker than perceiving them,

on Art Prints by Wieslaw Sadurski.

1984, intensive medical studies take place. I got a publisher order to create an Anatomical Atlas of Man: all ankles, muscles, blood system, nervous system, internal organs, therapeutic tables, acupuncture points and shiatsu. I already have some ideas about it, also practical, for many years - now there is a good opportunity to get better! I do drawings in outline, with a soft line. Painstaking work lasts all the winter.

And then the consequences. The expected: springtime, a good fee, as well as a sense of freedom. Time for wandering around pubs. Oh yes! new love.

And unexpected consequences! I've been drawing an anatomy precise and accurate for long, and now I'm drawing people with a feeling of release and play. Quickly, in the blink of an eye, with a few lines, or one line. Not looking at the drawing, but at the man.

Funny job is quickly transformed into a challenge: using minimal means to express the character of the person, or, as it were, an internal portrait.

Soon dozens of portraits hang on my walls, then hundreds, and somehow they start talking to me, talking to each other, and I start to write it down.

What a good life! I walk around Berlin, look at people, take notes in a notebook and memory. Then at home I hunt for a line that expresses everything.

A book is born, People in Strokes and Words, an effect of fictive interviews with fellow men and with each other. The question always the same: - who are you? and various answers you can see yourself.