fantastic, psychedelic paintings 1973-5,

in my own hand graphic technique,

Wieslaw Sadurski

After many thousands monotypes 1972 - 74, which are not presented here, emerged my own graphic technique.

I was just playing, using cutout paper forms, alu foil, salt, and whatsoever to build and glue together a matrix.

Then the matrix was covered with a sheet of fine paper (a sort found in many experiments).

Print, graphic or fluorescent ink was prepared on the marble plate,
mixed with quite a bit of transparent varnish, then applied in many transparent layers by the roller.
One color a day.

I called it Print-Painting. Made several versions of every painting, using different color set.
That was my Color University. I admit that in my daily work (in Amsterdam) very helpful were mexican holy mushrooms.

I offered print-paintings in West-Berlin, Stockholm and Amsterdam galleries.
Good reactions, most often paintings were seen by a large looking glass, then questions and comments.
Nobody ever seen artworks like these before.