Paintings of the Color Spectrum

Red Yellow Blue leading to higher reality

in original Oil & Acrylic Paintings and Art Canvas Prints

created by Wieslaw Sadurski

in a search for the meaning of life
art is in direct touch with everything else

it grows in the dark,
loves the unknown,
flies into light

New dynamics and simplicity! The internal turmoil led me to the desire to concentrate on the simplest things: 3 basic colors and their mutual relations. 15 years long paintings were painted intuitively. Now the thought began to dominate - I wanted to know! - and then se the painting of my knowledge.

Paintings became conceptual, but at the same time the fact that I spend long time with the basic three colors: Red, Yellow and Blue, made me see in them a kind of Holy Trinity in the everyday edition. The Trinity that creates the visible world from Light, which in the painterly way of perceiving the world is the Absolute, God.

The matter therefore concerns the Color Spectrum, because in painting three basic colors quickly have an intercource, in a way, and have children, created by combining the colors in pairs: yellow+red=orange, yellow+blue=green, red+blue=violet. Children bring contrasts! The series is called Spektrals - the joyful explosiveness of summer paintings was an intuitive announcement of what becomes for many years the basic painting motive.