Georgia Summer Country,

photo reportage by Wieslaw Sadurski.

Homo erectus has been inhabiting Georgia since the Palaeolithic Era.
The proto-Georgian appear in written history in the 12th century BC.
The Caucasus is a political, military, religious and cultural arena of rivalry and expansion for thousands of years.

In 337, King Mirian III proclaimed Christianity as a state religion.
The Kingdom of Georgia reached the peak of power during the reign of King David IV and Queen Tamar in the 12th and 13th centuries. Golden Age has left the legacy of great cathedrals, romantic poetry and literature.

Since ancient times, Georgia has been trading with many countries and empires.
Gold, silver, copper and iron were mined in Caucasus, advanced metallurgy and goldsmiths existed in Georgia since the 6th millennium BC. Georgian wine is a very old tradition. 8,000-year-old pitchers were dug out.