photo-reportage by Wieslaw Sadurski.

NANDIN is the name of a white bull, which represents the liberated human soul, on whom rides Shiva. Which means that Lord Shiva is the protector and the embodiment of Dharma and justice. Note bells and garlands of flowers on the painted corners. He looked me in the eye, when photographed, he led me looked as if he wanted me to remember.

Two days later, I saw him harnessed to the car, shot the photo and I walked on, when suddenly he punched me in the face with a garland of rings. I wipe the blood from broken lips when villager walks, releases a bull with a harness that goes into the street. I'm showing peasant my face, finger pointing bull. - Nandin? Nandin? - calls peasant in disbelief, and falls at my feet.

There are already around a bunch of people, a boy translates into English, that hitting by the bull of Shiva is a great blessing. I change the paper handkerchiefs, l stop rickshaw, I'm going to the ashram. The driver argues that I should go to the hospital, but I know that my wounds heal quickly.

I wash the face, sit at the stone table in the courtyard of the ashram and write in a notebook. A bit broken nose and upper lip, swollen left cheek.

Under the holy mountain Arunachala events are mesured by heart. Bulls and cows in India are gentle, Nandin wanted to rid himselves of the flies, and woke me up just by the way. And woke up to what? To eternal life?