Complete Anatomical Atlas of Man

Discover the intricacies of the human body through the "Anatomical Atlas of Man." This comprehensive collection, featuring meticulous pen and ink drawings, reveals the detailed structures of various body systems. From the muscular framework to the complexities of the nervous system, each piece is a testament to the artist's precision and dedication. The atlas also encompasses unique portrayals of facial zones, reflexology maps, and acupressure points, enriching its scope beyond conventional anatomy.


Intricate pen and ink drawing of the human muscular system from the front, showcasing the detailed muscular structure of the human body.

Muscle system front

Detailed representation of the human muscular system from the back, highlighting the complexity and interconnectivity of muscles.

Muscle System, Back View

Elaborate illustration of the human arterial system, depicting the major arteries and their pathways throughout the body.


Detailed drawing of the thorax and lungs, showcasing the respiratory system's anatomy and structure.

Thorax and Lungs

Pen and ink drawing of the human venous system, illustrating the extensive network of veins in the body.


Artistic rendition of the human skeleton from the front, detailing the bone structure and its anatomical positioning.

Skeleton front view

Detailed depiction of the human spine, illustrating its complex structure and alignment.


Rear view of the human skeletal system, highlighting the intricate structure of bones and joints.

Skeleton back view

Detailed Insights into Human Anatomy and Beyond

The "Anatomical Atlas of Man" transcends traditional medical illustrations by integrating artistic finesse with scientific accuracy. Its pages are adorned with detailed drawings, capturing the essence of each anatomical feature. The atlas serves not only as an educational resource but also as a visual celebration of the human form in all its complexity.

Additionally, the atlas delves into fascinating realms like the "Atlas of Similarities," revealing uncanny resemblances within the body. This unique perspective offers a deeper understanding of the interconnected nature of human anatomy, inviting viewers to explore beyond the surface into the symmetries that bind our physical existence.

Side view of the human skull, showcasing its detailed bone structure and contours.

Skull side

Detailed illustration of the human brain, highlighting its complex structure and different regions.


Frontal view of the human skull, depicting its intricate bone structure and facial features.

Skull front view

Detailed drawing of the human pelvis, illustrating its bone structure and anatomical position.


Artistic illustration of the human heart, detailing its structure and the major cardiac chambers.


Detailed representation of the human stomach, showcasing its structure and position in the digestive system.


Intricately drawn small intestine, highlighting its complex structure and role in digestion.

Small intestine

Detailed illustration of the human kidneys and bladder, showcasing their anatomical structure and positioning.

Kidneys and Bladder

Detailed depiction of the human colon, illustrating its structure within the digestive system.


Detailed illustration of the front view of human acupressure points, highlighting key areas for therapeutic techniques.

Acupressure Points, Front View

Back view illustration of human acupressure points, detailing the specific areas for pressure application.

Acupressure Points Back View

Artistic representation of the front view of the human body, highlighting similarities in different anatomical structures.

Similarities Atlas Front View

Illustration of the human body's gravity line, emphasizing the balance and alignment of the human form.

Body Gravity Line

Back view illustration of the human body, showcasing similarities in various anatomical parts.

Similarities Atlas Back View

Detailed map of the human foot, illustrating the reflexology points and their connections to bodily organs.

Foot Reflexology Map

Illustrative map of the human face, highlighting various zones and their connections to internal organs.

Facial Zones

Comprehensive illustration of the human inner organs, showcasing their anatomical positions and relationships.

Inner organs

Detailed depiction of the human nervous system, highlighting the sympathetic and parasympathetic divisions and their pathways.

Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Nervous System

In 1984, I embarked on a journey into medical illustration, culminating in the creation of the "Anatomical Atlas of Man." This project was a testament to my precision and accuracy in drawing, capturing the complexities of human anatomy with intricate detail.

This intense and immersive experience in medical illustration opened a new pathway for me. It ignited a desire to embrace playful and spontaneous drawing techniques. Discover more about this transition in my work on playful and spontaneous drawing techniques.

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