Labors of Light: a Journey into the Third Eye through Art

Embark on an artistic journey through the series of Light Works in which I masterfully capture the essence of the Third Eye in my paintings. This collection presents landscapes, cosmic elements and abstract forms, seamlessly intertwined in a dance of colors and lights.

Let yourself be drawn into the colors of my human soul, where the Unconscious and Invisible invite Consciousness to dance in new spheres of understanding and self-knowledge.

Landscape, two ranges mountains like bird‘s wings, his body waters reflecting golden sunrise; painting Wiesław Sadurski

Bird of the Morning, 1978
Acrylic Painting 110 x 90 cm

Green sea landscape, two ranges mountains, sunrise horizon, immersed in pink clouds; painting by Wiesław Sadurski

Morning of Creation, 1978
Art Canvas Print 120 x 100 cm

Dark blue bubble contains white light to which two wings of landscape-like clusters fly in perspective; painting by Wiesław Sadurski

Touch of Light, 1978
Art Canvas Print 125 x 80 cm

Painting in Premonition of the Third Eye

The Labors of Light images, although initially created without the conscious intention of representing the Third Eye, later discovered to have deep spiritual meaning. Delving into the practice of Light Yoga, I realized that my work is a visual manifestation of the Third Eye, a two-petalled lotus flower, leading to a higher state of consciousness and self-awareness. These paintings are a testament to the power of intuition and its ability to lead to deep insights, even when knowledge seems lacking.

Golden-yellow cloud contain sunrise hills horizon, reflected in waters, in stellar space; oil painting Wiesław Sadurski

Somewhere in Heaven, 1985
Oil Painting 90 x 115 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 115 cm

Green painting, two lakes, forests, hills; above, in pearl-like sky two-winged star; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

My Wandering Star Comes to Mother Earth, 1978
Acrylic Painting 80 x 100 cm
Art Canvas Print 80 x 100 cm

Light forming two hills landscapes, radiates blue-green-reddish-purple-violets auras; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Between Elements 1, 1978
Acrylic Painting 116 x 81 cm
Art Canvas Print 115 x 80 cm

Flying shape, green center, two landscapes strands target it in auras of green, purple, red, orange; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Between Elements 2, 1978
Acrylic Painting 160 x 100 cm
Art Canvas Print 160 x 100 cm

Time's Brushstrokes Painting the Story of My Life

This page showcases oil and acrylic paintings from 1977-79, each featuring a single, recurring motif. Employing a thin, almost transparent multi-layered brushwork, the paintings were enigmatic at the time they were created.

In a span of three days, three similar paintings emerged, each depicting two hills reflected in water. Soon after, multiple canvases were filled with elements of the familiar world, seemingly immersed in the unknown. My brushes eagerly painted the same motif again and again, each variation a delightful exploration of living inspiration.

In 1998, I began a new painting with acrylics as a background for oil layers. To my surprise, after three hours of intense, concentrated work, the painting was complete. Entitled "Touch of Light", the piece was entirely abstract, with two fiery petals emerging from the light, reminiscent of hills and horizons.

In 1982, my introduction to the Yoga of Light provided clarity: the Labors of Light paintings were created in premonition of the Third Eye, traditionally depicted as a lotus flower with two petals.

Sun inside sphere of light, horizon, two stripes landscapes converging into colorful world beyond sphere; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Here and Beyond, 1978
Acrylic Painting 110 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 110 x 90 cm

Spring colors fly freely; sun, shapes of golden-yellow mountains resolve into clouds; oil painting Wiesław Sadurski

Spring Paradise, 1979
Oil Painting 115 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 115 x 90 cm

Little sun, giant wings pink-yellow clouds carry huge ball with stellar night; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Sun bringing Night, 1988
Acrylic Painting 130 x 100 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 100 cm

Green painting; landscape-like forms meeting horizon of light, reflected in sea waters; acrylics by Wiesław Sadurski

Green Fantastic, 1977
Art Canvas Print 70 x 50 cm

Star shining in blue, her wings made of yellow-orange-red stretched for embrace; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Star Embrace, 1996
Acrylic Painting 110 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 110 x 90 cm

Two landscape-like forms worship light in middle, reflected in waters, green-blue sky; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Light Creating, 1978
Art Canvas Print 90 x 60 cm

Yoga of Light explains Paintings and Intuitions

It was the summer of 1982 in Berlin, and I found myself alone in a friend's home, surrounded by an impressive library and a piano that called forth my first musical dreams. In pursuit of purity, I stumbled upon literature on fasting and decided to give it a try.

For four weeks, I consumed only mineral water and an evening cup of tea with a teaspoon of honey. My body became flexible, and my senses heightened. I lost 10 kg and shed a few addictions, gaining deep insights into the nature of the world and myself. Eventually, I returned to a regular diet, starting with half an apple.

On a walk with that first apple, I saw a poster announcing the visit of a guru from India. Despite my skepticism towards rituals and ceremonies, I decided to attend the lecture. The master proved to be knowledgeable and strict in his teachings, promoting a life of meditation, extreme vegetarianism, and the rejection of drugs, alcohol, and coffee.

The following morning, I attended the initiation into the Yoga of Light, which involved opening the Third Eye. To my surprise, I discovered that my paintings, already completed, appeared in my Third Eye during meditation. I realized that my Labors of Light series unknowingly depicted the symbol of the Third Eye: a lotus flower with two petals.

As I participated in group meditations, I found the strict guidelines somewhat stifling—no sharing of visions, limiting exposure to the outside world, and painting considered unnecessary or even harmful. I decided to continue meditating on my own, embracing my individual experiences and trusting in the guidance of my intuition.

Two blue-black hills meet in light at horizon, reflected in green waters; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Green Landscape, 1978
Art Canvas Print 110 x 90 cm

Symmetry Painting, two perspective yellow-pink-orange forms meet middle star  dark blue space; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Unknown, 1979
Acrylic Painting 80 x 110 cm
Art Canvas Print 80 x 110 cm

Blue waters dissolve skies, from sides landscapes streaks enter painting, pink clouds; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Open Coasts, 1978
Oil Painting 100 x 130 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 130 cm

Blue-purple-violet space, white light to which two wings of landscape-like clusters fly; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Touch of Light 2, 1979
Acrylic Painting 100 x 70 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 70 cm

Desert landscape, sun, dune shaped like leg and hip; acrylic painting Wiesław Sadurski

Desert of Desire, 1986, Oil Painting 120 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 120 x 90 cm

In the Labors of Light series, the Unconscious and Invisible invite the Conscious to dance, weaving a tale of intuition and self-discovery. Explore further into my artistic journey through the realm of cosmic vision with my Lightworlds series, featuring paintings in translucent colors, painted parallel to what‘s above.