Kreuzberg, Berlin: My Creative Haven

Welcome to Kreuzberg, the vibrant district of Berlin that I have called home for more than four decades. As an artist, writer, and web designer, I immerse myself in the area's cultural richness, capturing its essence through my art. Occasionally, I also tend to the streets by sowing and planting flowers, adding life and color to our urban landscape. Join me in discovering the spirit of Kreuzberg through my unique perspective.

Reflections on Life and Beauty Contrasts and Harmony in Kreuzberg

Wiesław Sadurski photo 27.05.2020

Me at Mariannenplatz; every summer, I find solace on this stone, embracing the wind and sun's infinite dance. Kreuzberg's so-called normalcy.

Flowers Kreuzberg, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Yellow bush flowers, pinkish cherry blossoms. Daytime stars pierce the sky behind the wall – a Kreuzberg specialty, for the stars never leave!

Spring, Kreuzberg photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Delicate colors of blossoming plants today. In them, I see the infinite passing through!

Full Moon Kreuzberg, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Full moon over Kreuzberg, viewed through glass with a hole. Is that why the roundness of the moon tends to drop shape? Maybe it will turn into a bright tear to remind me that that life is not simple.

Nature's Whispers Amidst Urban Life

Poet Che, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Guevara's photo on the wall for weeks; one day, four letters appeared, birthing Poet Che.

Berlin Graffiti Wall, computer graphic by Wiesław Sadurski

A Kreuzberg Graffiti Wall; Berlin boasts thousands like it.

Lady Blue, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Lady in Blue – an accidental composition: a woman, blue interplay of light and shadow, a halo of light enveloping the scene. A fortunate capture by my camera.

Street Lady Kreuzberg, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Street Lady, a beautiful girl harmonizing with Kreuzberg's view.

Scene Kreuzberg Ladies, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Kreuzberg scene: Ladies, houses, trees, sky – melded in the reflection upon glass.

Paper Man, Oranienplatz Kreuzberg, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Paperman at Oranienplatz; amidst the hustle, he sits relaxed, contemplating worldly vanity.

>Broken glass window photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Broken glass window – on the other side, someone watches, captivated by the rhythms of cracks.

Head, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Bloodied head, prime location: a riverside table.

Steel construct, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Steel in action: maintaining our world's verticality!

Cycle of life, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Life cycle – if it can be deemed life.

Kottbuser Tor photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Kottbusser Tor, partially veiled by a cross.

Timeless Moments in Kreuzberg

Tramp brother, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Tramp brother asleep in the cold; observe the red lettering above!

Ring, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Ring embedded in bricks – seeking attachment? I offer scientific assistance.

Modern Shrine, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Graceful grasses with seed bunches. Above, a modern sanctuary of time-worn concrete.

Johny with grass, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Johny snaps his jaw, warning against marijuana, though he uses it to conceal his absent genitals.

Penis and Church, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Penis & Church. Three girls built this structure; metal rod scaffolding, transparent foil stretched over. Amidst vibrant flowers, it contrasts with St. Thomas Kirche's towers.

Papple Tree, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

A poplar trunk as old as me; still standing strong.

Kreuzberg's Celebrations of Life

Laugh Festival Kreuzberg, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Laugh Festival Kreuzberg – abundant laughter in the air.

Laugh Festival Kreuzberg, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Laugh Festival Kreuzberg – dancing, walking, singing together.

Birch likes cuddly - with me!, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

The birch tree wants to embraces me – a tender cuddle!

In my backyard, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

In my yard, spring reveals cherry blossoms and yellow forsythia clusters; a splendid world bathed in the rising sun!

Intimate Encounters with Nature

Door to the future, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Mariannenplatz – Heaven on Earth materializes here.

Papple Tree Seeds, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Poplars shed seeds generously; green grass coated in summer snow.

Door to the future, photo by Wiesław Sadurski

Shall I open this ancient wooden door, encrusted with time's rust? A fresh brick wall looms behind. Alas, not the path to the future!

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