Spectral Rainbow Paintings: Colors of Existence

where Color Spectrum = Spectrum of Consciousness

In this series of images I have captured the full intensity and beauty of the colors of the rainbow. Each image is a metaphorical representation of different state of consciousness, offering a visual journey through the basic definitions of life and existence.

By combining the spectrum of colors with the spectrum of consciousness, I create an evocative experience for you; perhaps it will inspire you to reflect on your own experiences and perspectives.

Acrylic canvas with concentric circles radiating out from a bright center, with each band of color transitioning smoothly to the next, encapsulating the painting's theme of origin and interconnectedness.

The Source of Being, 1994, acrylic/canvas 115 x 130 cm

I strive to render the invisible visible

"The Source of Being" is an abstract exploration of the origin and interconnectedness of existence. This painting is one of the pivotal works that mark my intense period of inquiry into the nature of consciousness and the cosmos.

The artwork presents a radiant central orb, pulsating with an intense light, from which concentric rings of vibrant colors emanate, symbolizing the ever-expanding waves of existence. Each hue vibrates with its frequency, harmoniously blending into the next, a metaphor for the continuum of life and the spectrum of experiences that form the human condition.

"The Source of Being" is representative of my artistic practice, which seeks to visualize the intangible and provide form to the formless. This painting embodies my dedication to probing the depths of existence through the medium of art, an endless journey into the heart of being.


Acrylic painting 'Flower of Here and Now 3' by Wiesław Sadurski, featuring a 16-petal floral design in vibrant rainbow colors, representing the metaphorical states of consciousness.

Flower of Here and Now 3, 2010, acrylic/canvas 125 x 140 cm

Acrylic painting by Wiesław Sadurski, illustrating a complex and colorful mandala pattern, evoking a journey through consciousness.

A Single Photon Mandala, 1993, acrylic/canvas 100 x 115 cm


Rainbow clings to the Light like a Man to the Truth

Well, this metaphor revealed itself to me and made me think about the subject. It suggests the eternal bond between light and color, truth and human being. It has a sense of reverence for the natural world, while also emphasizing the importance of seeking truth and enlightenment.

Truth is something to be pursued and held onto tightly, just as the rainbow seems to cling to the light that gives it life. I invite you to contemplate the beauty and wonder of the nature, while also encouraging to seek truth and enlightenment in your own life, and to hold onto these truths with the same tenacity and devotion that the rainbow clings to the light.


Colorful acrylic mandala centered around the heart of a dandelion, with a multitude of colors splattered around, embodying the energy and vibrancy of life.

Dandelion's Heart Mandala, 1993, acrylic/canvas 130 x 150 cm

The interconnectedness of the universe, the poignant beauty of life's transient moments

"Dandelion's Heart Mandala" is a visualization of life's fragility and the boundless nature of growth and rebirth. At the heart of this vibrant mandala is the radiant core, a luminous heart that pulses with the vital energy of life. It's a representation of the life force that resides within all living beings, a bright beacon of universal love and vitality.

From this central heart, dandelion seeds emanate in a symphonic spread, like ideas or dreams being set forth into the world, ready to take root wherever they land. The use of colors is both deliberate and intuitive; the painting ebbs and flows through shades of blue, green, yellow, and red, each adding depth and emotion to the narrative. The white glow at the center is a visual representation of purity and the intrinsic light within, around which the entire mandala organically unfolds.

This painting is emblematic of my broader practice, which often delves into the themes of existence, the spiritual interconnectedness of the universe, and the poignant beauty found in life's transient moments. It's not just a painting; it's a philosophical exploration rendered in color and form, inviting you to reflect on your place in the grand tapestry of life.


Oil painting 'Eye of Brightness' created between 2002-2005 by Wiesław Sadurski, showcasing a vibrant, colorful eye symbolizing enlightenment and vision.

Eye of Brightness, 2002-05, acrylic/canvas 140 x 140 cm

Wiesław Sadurski's oil painting 'Eye of Darkness' from 1997-2005, suggesting an eye in dark tones, reflecting the deeper aspects of consciousness and existence.

Eye of Darkness, 1997-05, acrylic/canvas 140 x 140 cm




- active energy -
inhalation of being,
light materializing as a flame,
blood of love,
reason flying to knowledge


- permitting energy -
let it all happen,
it is the light
that enlightens the sun,
not being illuminated by it


- passive energy -
exhalation of being,
energy of emptiness,
all-embracing universality,
state of creative not-knowing


An acrylic painting portraying a gradient transition from warm reds and oranges at the base, ascending into cool blues and purples, representing the spectrum of color and symbolizing the vast range of human emotion.

Space of the Color Spectrum, 1991, acrylic/canvas 120 x 150 cm

The Spectrum of Color is symbolizing the vast range of Human Emotions

In the context of my artistic practice, "Space of the Color Spectrum" represents an ongoing quest to capture the invisible energy and rhythm of life. Just as a composer uses notes to create a symphony, I used gradients of colors to compose a visual melody that resonates with the vibrations of life. The painting embodies a kind of visual poetry, where each hue transitions into the next, much like the changing tones of a musical piece, inviting you to a contemplative experience of the spectrum.

The artwork is representative of my broader body of work, which often focuses on the cosmic and universal aspects of existence. The vibrant transition from warm to cool colors mimics the dynamic flow of energy throughout the universe, from the fiery core of stars to the serene depths of the cosmic ocean.

This piece encapsulates the very act of creation, inviting viewers to ponder their own place within the vast continuum of the cosmos. The painting is not just a static image but a living, breathing entity that offers a glimpse into the boundless possibilities of the universe, facilitated by the universal language of color that speaks directly to the soul.


Abstract acrylic artwork featuring a stark, colorful spectrum line cutting across a gradient background, juxtaposed with a solitary black dot, invoking themes of singularity and the infinite.

Space Line Dot, 1991, acrylic/canvas 130 x 180 cm

The singularity from which all creation explodes into being

"Space Line Dot" captures a bold geometric expression of universal elements, showcasing my artistic exploration into the fundamental shapes that comprise our perception of reality and the cosmos. Each element in the painting, though simple in form, is loaded with the profundity of what it means to exist.

In the context of my artistic journey, this painting represents an abstraction of the cosmos distilled into its simplest forms: space, line, and dot. The space is rendered through a dynamic background of gradients, embodying the vastness of the universe. The line, a spectrum of colors, symbolizes the trajectory of light and energy, a path that is both temporal and spatial. The solitary dot anchors the composition, representing the singularity from which all creation explodes into being.

This work embodies my penchant for delving into metaphysical themes using a vibrant palette. My work often seeks to express the intangible energies and mysteries of existence, with this piece being no exception. The juxtaposition of the line cutting through the space with a bold assertion, and the quiet presence of the dot, offers a contemplation on the continuity and punctuation of cosmic and human existence.


Oil painting 'Angel Blue' by Wiesław Sadurski from 2002, showcasing a serene blue angelic shape set in harmonious blue shades, reflecting tranquility and depth.

Angel Blue, 2002, acrylic/canvas 140 x 140 cm

"Angel Blue" composition features a captivating swirl of golden and white hues that arch into the shape of a crescent, set against a deep blue backdrop. This celestial form is reminiscent of an angelic presence, wings unfurled, encircling a moment of divine embrace.

The vivid contrast between the warmth of the golden tones and the coolness of the blue suggests a spiritual encounter between different realms or states of being.

The central white space might symbolize purity and peace, a sanctuary within the dynamic energy of the surrounding colors. The artwork evokes a sense of protection and serenity, inviting contemplation on the transcendent and the eternal.

2002 oil painting 'Flower of Here and Now' by Wiesław Sadurski, displaying an abstract floral motif in a radiant array of colors, capturing the essence of the present moment.

Flower of Here and Now, 2002, acrylic/canvas 140 x 140 cm

"Flower of Here and Now" bold design features a central radiant point from which symmetrical petals of rich orange and cool blue hues unfurl. The striking contrast of warm and cool colors suggests a harmony of opposites, evoking the balance between energy and tranquility, action and reflection.

The white light at the core can be seen as the essence of being, the present moment that is both a point of convergence and divergence. This vibrant artwork invites you to focus on the 'now,' the center of consciousness.

The flower metaphor speaks to the unfolding of life's rich tapestry, each petal a different journey, yet all connected to the same source.

Wiesław Sadurski's 2002 acrylic painting 'Way in Way Out,' featuring intricate pattern in a landscape-like design, blending various colors to represent the journey of life and its multiple pathways.

Way in Way out, 2002, acrylic/canvas 140 x 140 cm

"Way in Way out" captivates with its vibrant, concentric circles of color that ripple outward from a central point. Radiating with bands of red, orange, yellow, and blue, the piece symbolizes an infinite cycle, the eternal dance of entry and departure, of beginning and end.

The outermost rings transition into an expanse of blue, hinting at the depths of the subconscious. The golden hues at the base signify the warmth of a setting sun, grounding the viewer in the physical realm as the eye travels back toward the bright epicenter.

The painting is both a journey inward to the core of existence and an exploration outward to the edges of consciousness, inviting contemplation on the pathways of life and the universe.


Red, Yellow, and Blue - a Divine Manifestation of Being

In this series of images, I explore the mystical nature of color and its connection to human consciousness. The colors of the rainbow represent the different states of consciousness that we can experience as human beings. Through my paintings, I capture the essence of these states of consciousness, using color as a medium to convey their energy and complexity.

As I delve deeper into the color spectrum, I realize that it is more than just a scientific phenomenon - it is my religion, and my daily experience of this creative force that lies at the basis of all existence.So join me on this journey through the mystical world of color, and let yourself be transported to new realms of experience and understanding.


Oil painting titled 'Spiral Spectral' from 2005 by Wiesław Sadurski, depicting a captivating spiral formation in a spectrum of colors, symbolizing the continuous flow and energy of existence.

Spiral Spectral, 2005, acrylic/canvas 100 x 130 cm

2005 oil painting 'Embrace the Darkness' by Wiesław Sadurski, presenting a bold interplay of dark and light colors, symbolizing the embrace of life's shadows and the depth they bring.

Embrace the Darkness, 2005, acrylic/canvas 70 x 90 cm

Acrylic painting 'Here and Now' created between 1998 and 2000 by Wiesław Sadurski, illustrating an abstract fusion of vibrant colors that capture the immediacy and vibrancy of the present moment.

Here and Now, 1998-2000, acrylic/canvas 100 x 130 cm

Vivid acrylic painting with three diagonal spectrum lines that introduce a dynamic element to the otherwise smooth gradient, suggesting a landscape in flux under the influence of light.

Spectral Landscape, 1991, acrylic/canvas 130 x 90 cm

A style that distills complex concepts into visual poetry

"Spectral Landscape" is a visualization of a cosmic phenomenon reimagined through an earthly metaphor. This work illustrates my lifelong fascination with the intersection of the natural world and the cosmos, a central theme in my artistic repertoire. At first glance, the piece dazzles with its spectrum of colors cascading across the canvas, reminiscent of a rainbow's arc, but with a unique twist.

The spectral bands cut through the landscape at an angle, suggesting an alternative, otherworldly topography where light itself becomes the terrain. The dark, brooding sky above and the fiery warmth below speak to the duality of existence - the known and the mysterious, the seen and the unseen.

The spectral lines represent the frequencies of light, normally invisible, but here made manifest as visual harmonics that echo the natural world's hidden rhythms. The painting is reflective of my artistic journey, emphasizing a style that distills complex concepts into visual poetry.


Oil painting 'The Other Side of the Sun' from 1997 by Wiesław Sadurski, a vivid portrayal of contrasting warm and cool tones, exploring the unseen aspects of the sun and its symbolic meanings.

The Other Side of the Sun, 1997, acrylic/canvas 110 x 90 cm

This piece radiates with fiery reds and oranges spiraling around a bright central point. Encapsulated within a void of deep blue, the vibrant swirls pulse with life and motion, suggesting the dynamic and ever-changing surface of the sun.

The motif of "sun within the sun" is a profound representation of awakening, a revelation that unfolds from within. This imagery serves as a metaphor for the first glimmer of consciousness after a state of slumber.

It's as though the first rays penetrate the darkness; an inner brilliance outshines the obscurities, hinting at the boundless potential that lies within us all. The awakening here is not just of the mind, but of the soul - a recognition of an inner world as vast and radiant as the sun itself.

1990 acrylic artwork 'Stripe' by Wiesław Sadurski, characterized by bold, linear space in a variety of colors, depicting a journey through different emotional and visual spectrums.

Stripe, 1990, acrylic/canvas 90 x 70 cm

The painting "The Stripe" presents a captivating spectacle - a vibration spreading across the canvas, a horizon where the tangible meets the mysterious.

Its horizontal band cuts across the sparkling background, as if dividing realms or introducing a break in the symphony of color. Speckled dots resemble stars scattered across the cosmic plane or playful musical notes in visual form, a dotted rhythm against a background of melody colors.

The underlying layers of this work are a nuanced dance of light and energy that invites you to consider the coexistence of simplicity and complexity. It is a visual feast, a reminder of the diverse textures of existence, containing the dynamics of the constant flow of life.

Wiesław Sadurski's 1993 acrylic painting 'Three Steps to Infinity', featuring abstract forms and a harmonious blend of colors, symbolizing a metaphorical ascent to infinite possibilities.

Three Steps to Infinity, 1993, acrylic/canvas 130 x 120 cm

This is a cosmic journey, inviting you to traverse the depths of existence. The spiraling colors draw the eye deep into the vortex, towards a center that suggests infinite light or perhaps a portal to other dimensions.

Each concentric band of color is a step on this meta-staircase, a passage through different states of consciousness or reality. The use of primary colors juxtaposed with each other releases the primal energy, the vitality at the heart of creation.

The stripes that intersect the image mark the stages of the journey. The work is a visual representation of the expanding universe, revealing secrets that lie just beyond the limits of human perception.


Intuition and Healing: The Transformative Journey of Art.

Many times I have heard the opinion of healers and shamans that some of my Paintings have healing properties. It was pure intuition at work, doing and not knowing! By the 1990s I knew enough about the powers and energies of colors to do just that! to paint something in service to others.

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