Reportage from Infinite Journey

lyrics, cosmic and comic poems by Wiesław Sadurski

Cover for the book of poems by Wiesław Sadurski

to live it all again
I turned in time

strenuously penetrating
for a further
choking on life
myriads of beings

the beginning of the species
enkindles of the earth and
spraying it
among the whirling suns

among converging in the beginning stars
existing more and more musical and simpler
I entered
the heart
the source of existence

I will stay for longer

freed from the grip of your metal
slow breathing
I am leaving the jail of brain towards spring days

microscopic new possibility for human
appears in the ligaments of heat in the hemisphere of the earth

transmitted through the body sensations of the living night
incomprehensible volatile
between splashes of vibrant storms

here where
here when
here and now

prisoner of the dwarf star

vomit from purgatory of culture and history
spawn ideas gained from the jungle
with bodies suspended by legs on poles

the gentlest melodies caress the heels of the sleeping house
tenderest colors ringing harmonically

from windows
the flame is steaming
outlines black
serving no one

face tilted toward the past
in quiet reflection overgrows with rocky forests
gouges in streams which are pure and deep

in skin wrinkles
settle comfortably clearings full of wild animals
paths lead to the watering places
green branches bend over the world

but the waters are salty with the tears of present
the sea is surrounded by reefs of unsaid

bodies machines truths targets

arrive at
nowhere you have to turn around

Stockholm landscape behind the window goes back in time

the high hill vibrates under the pressure of the glacier
goes into the deep
dense hairy mammoths drown fangs in it
and flee from reflection in the water
that reveals
the future fates

I kneel
I bend diligently over the surface of the day

world is silent
poses questions

interrogates a man

the scorching planet cools and burns out in changes

and in the blink of an eye bays are full of people and galleys
rumbling lamps
of civilizations

there is here invisible
snatches you into the unknown
on the transmission belt
of future

the same prisons on the entire planet

the same houses of love
and skyscrapers of misery

a giant buckle fastens day and night

fawn animal with many manes flashes with white churches
feeds on humans
with the voices of victims
screams for the terror

is everywhere
in the raid of cemeteries
a giant centrifuge mixes day and night
drains of them of them young
pure light

words stumble over a thoughtful pen

toucher which shimmers to the sound or sight
loaded with black
confused with red

like a nondescript and swells like an ulcer!
in the sky appear glittering

letters fall into panic and trample
to the basement
of speech

and yet a ship loaded with polar kisses
goes happily safely to shore
into the change

on the back of the Vistula plains
on the petals of poppies
along the path
among fields
in the intoxicating scent of August

banks of the river
graze on the meadow of the bloody brain

in the exciting swirl of lights and poems
they are slowly transformed
into the wings
for love
to lift you up

I am looking into my hand

into the place where intersect lines of heart and mind
at this point so susceptible to nail

between brightly glowing cells
I carefully penetrate the epidermis
moving into purple tunnels
and cool violets

I penetrate deeper
among microparticles
in the midst of energy fields
in quantum singing
in the lightnings of spirit

until I finally come back to the wide-flowing waters
where green stretches of forests
are placed on waves

sometimes I see a bonfire shimmering on the shore
on the other side

in the visual field terrible confusion!
left eye picks in the sense
the right suspects me of the nose picking

and the poem
is an act
of unbelief
which requires proof
is a perverse and surprising smile
having one lip
so pretends to be the horizon
or in the morning finds
a dead cat in the past street

visual confident
denies inspiration

steam locomotive disguised as a hedgehog
childless rider with a scrap of disbelief

time for a dreadful sticky menaces
which themselves are afraid
and hence such volatile

paw which rides upon the tops of trees
a cardboard deer hunting wrinkles
lamp which groans in her sleep

but slowly all lose their sense
like a life that entertains
then melts in tears

and snip!

chink struck with a knife in swine
in poem

two bloody thin lips try to say something
muffled gurgles
collapsing frequently in dreams

purple blisters sigh words
open into the dark meanings
searching the corners of memory
thin swollen lips of wound
want me to reason with

they want! they want a primer
to learn languages
to travel
dance in the jungle
shout with joy

meanwhile body
is already cut into pieces
pieces of meat
in fat

here are filtered the human matters

colossal pressure towers
sewage drains

roaring machines filter out waste
hair balls rotten pets used condoms
leftovers of work food and inspired shocks
are compressed into blocks burned under pressure

water flows in the next transformations
are annihilated by time and earth

written sheets of paper
are set aside
in the slower passing

my hand behind my back
gives hand to someone whom I don't know

that has been missing!
not quite that yesterday, the same hand
pushed away another one friendly given by fate?

not only that she did not come home for the night?
that it gives me no food?
that caresses my girlfriend?

that finally when I don't look at her
she writes her own poems?

the dawn enamelled by the sleepy threat

pores of the body resound flutes

in the inspired guitar spasm
this voice
arrives by orchards of cherry:
I can not lead by the hand thy days

drawn on a thin glass of the passenger room our pictures love affectionate banter with the morning

I would like to recall a poem just conceived

how was it? I enjoyed blond head on my shoulder
kissed the taste of spring
I was thinking about travelers notebook
open to that page

and appeared in the field of view pipe
from which the gas started to escape
playing the warring cities of happiness
flowery blizzards
ice architectures among the burning jungles

and then a sentence or two
like the side of ship moored to the quay

yet I can remember

I know I need to talk to you and tell you tales
show every daisy flower in the meadow
lead crows for a walk in cloud skies
play with you bunnies let the ladybugs frolic

I need to be your wind rain snow
yell from afar like a beast
sing from close like a skylark
all gently

I know
I have to love you

I experience astonishment of lamp reflected in her eyes
at the sight of dawn

storm of green winds is raging on trees
and peace
dream premonition
for the sun of today
and tomorrow droplets of sweat

for head spin wrapped in indian wild clouds
for rest in the glow of the skin
when love is near the window
at dawn

and then comes the silence
and the memory of something
crawling from sea to land
a promise to light of my epoch

horrible beach
was shaped with the whine of myriads of lives
into a white breast
full of strong milk

in the haze of time tilting toward the sun
arduous marchof mammals reptiles amphibians
ceased to follow blindly and passionately
the lush deaths space

bordered with living cosmos backwater
shot up a streak beyond the dimensions
carrying in itself our children playing

misleading opening when naked
she sits in the lotus position
sways slowly
among pensive lakes

her lips in a gentle smile create
movement of time in the blossoming dimension of space

the charm of the moment
enchanted world of eternal
showers on me tubercles of ice
in a new shiver

first calls of the beasts
fires in caves
and right
so fast! luminous barns loaded with grain
women overexposed by church
and children
populated world
ports open to new dimensions
work transformative for good and bad

and after a quiet day
dreams full of electric lava
drums snarling hunting for deers

deaf to the answers
festering ahead
questions of the species

an animal of fingers ravages on the riverbank

peeks into the pits after yesterday sighs

rests its mouth
against the windowpane of sleep

and put a rainbow on the existence
when it finds
my hand

and in it clouds
and day
bend by caress
from the darkness

work hard today early in the predawn lab
I have to be on time!
I work in the radiative matter
my hands skillfully
knead the glowing yolk
and the proteins of darkness

white blood cells
oozes from the hand
starting erratic series of explosions
of the sun
in amniotic fluids of the human morning

oh the night amber with embedded streak of hair

from my trunk drip drops life-giving resin

sunny seasons breath in sheets

lazy diamond sings in both our bodies

the pines rustle to us through millions of years

we grow together

it is a time of the flashing lights
and exploding news

in the clouds human face with a double sun
fast moving away from common areas

on the allocation of unknown

searching terms
searching language in which one can speak
about the feeling of existence

for the reason unknown
as the speed

my hand touches the table

I look at something that thinks in me
reaches me window with the smell of the street

and tomorrow will be dice
and yesterday was paradise

now lasts

fills touches says
joins me constantly with all that is alive

therefore I am here
no time
for lie fear pain that absorbs

therefore I am
here and now

the colors are arranged in bouquets
accidents of volcanic origin

life is dripping glaze years
with hidden mechanism for an emergency

lamb bleating amid nocturnal caress
the smell of skin
flits over time as
in the forest
chased by hunting dogs

appears on the petal of plain
and tastes like cherry

you can pick it up and discard in time
you can

kiss of the day is passing through the musical curtains

transparent huge heart swings
houses and worlds without doing them harm

of nudity
of the view in the rainbow foam

in the color of the bed with the sea on the pillow
in color of girl who behind the window
holds on a leash rock
forest with a vibrating sun

here it touches her bare breasts

when the right half of my brain
timidly moves like a brown baby
in her dream
of our love

from behind the the concrete corner of naive fate
leaned out the cruel hand

when I came to my senses
it was too late
I was lying in the gas chamber
shrinking among others
dragged by the columns of newspapers
to the graves that
will act in the name of

and so I dreamed! and so I wanted to
become an inner tube truck
from which the air flows rapidly
when driving fast
in curves

when the body rapidly begins to fade away
and becomes
just the idea that craves for the body -
this is pretty good!

but when the pudding made of sunlight
crawls into the room
and starts normally tuck in me
with a cruel spoon -
it also is pretty cool!

and just over the hill of death
there is a fiery life
where salamanders of our souls
will crawl into depths of flame -

it is also wonderful!

listening for the flight of the day

for the beats of seconds on the heart
in the steep climb

three! seven! nine! air explodes
in the fireworks of new places of existence

flying saucers of words
flying women who fulfill the desires
rainbow notes among herbs and grasses

skin reacting to the darkness

mind of the body with an unknown center
looking for excuses

a tiny village
on a low note
at the foot of the darkness

sluggish shooter hunting duck

some fishermen at the metaphor as old as the world

pink as a shell of my beloved
tiny psyche of an unknown name
brings the tray
with fruit and caress

eructation with a sparkling maggi
in the shop of childhood

that hiccup memory!
and bang!
something banging on the rainbow over the forest

it means there is a forest and a rainbow
and beneath it a small shop
saleswoman in panties condom to tear
itches her left ankle
miller scratches pimple
he came to buy a rolling pin
because his daughter growth
need to be a bit of fun
but in the meantime - enough!

because another hiccup
It all tumbles
in memory

this man has white hair
and sun
on which he leans with a knife

so why the earth
sticks to the blood on my hands
when the knife drawn in black ink by pen
decomposes in rainbow ray of sunshine?

and one can not turn back
guilt is sniffing like a hyena
guillotine awaits by pillow

my radiant head
lies next to a drawing of the sun and all
all all all
until the end of the day

a plane with suspended loving embrace
in turn of heaven
determined by radar

precisely determined next
parting with the earth

search for an airport looming in the smoke
from where one takes off in the future

and the wings detach from the visible
and they depart in various sides of the world

wingless flight

whatever is

todays wonderful meeting
and the wearisome notes of ideological cemetery
skinny nags in cars of the morning
small towns reeling
on drunken southern slopes
meaty bubble that tickles thy darkness

what is follows
beyond a reasonable variation
body supporting dimensions begins to glow
and flies

Calcutta streets sprouts from my center

before the sunrise
appear in me ox-drawn carts
to pick up corpses of defeated by darkness and hunger
like debris
torn to shreds
scattered on the earth
human conscience

there is another morning on the other side of the eye
and the hills of rounded rocks and spruce trees

fortunately there is light goodness
and love
the way
of movement of billions
into the future

tectonic movements of history
pour into body the lava of dreams

guns hunt for papers of musical notations
they love to shed the notes

gag of natural darkness falls from the mouth
railroad rails
belt with long strokes
anxiety greets at every station

life goes on towards the light
death laughs on the side of light
sun is
just half way

then roll of time unwinds the areas I am aware of
shows discovering America

on the edge of the eye
its concrete guards are pecking clouds

my beloved friend shot dead in the bush
pointing with his hand the direction
and in front of bullet revolver in his belly
ball comes out of my pen

touches the notebook distrustfully
and then do not leave these pages anymore

and writes her own lyrics
in the color of anarchy

the suffering that appears
with the total simplicity charges my batteries

when it gets dark will be enough energy
to light up all lights
direct them toward one another and you
towards our common human affairs?

landscapes of continents are suddenly and tenderly
mixed by the fingers

for the loaves radiant for the hills of europe
wrapped by gray and blue seas

the waves stitch unspeakable
with my notebook and pages of travel

oppositional pole of the poem
becomes love
and laughs

horizons flutter as the cardiogram record

poem sees everything
in the passionate purity
hangs in the air above the breathless ground
rolls on a path among the forest roots
where one goes down
to the sea

alone follows the my footsteps
by bonfires flying through ages
loses himself in the forest floor
and lies in wait
at the heart
for loved ones

deposits of memory are on move
tanks of apple orchards
invade the plains occupied by pain

in spite of you who do not trust
this which follows the first sound
are happening forests full of unbelieving deer
crooked cottages cling to the mountains
and accompany in the transformation of question
which essentially becomes
and watches

as fairy dragon
I appear to myself at the clear water
however unbelievable that I exist
really although in a strange time

still full of anxiety and doubts
I am learning to hunt among the ferns of paradise
within the human species
and in particular
on its boundaries

morning emerges high from a dream

in the the combustion flame of the candle
someone unknown
fights to the death
with his demon all encompassing

fights for me
for the show
but dies really

after all morning is not a dream
requires a different light

it comes suddenly
on the street
rat sky emerges from behind the roof of the hospital
long sharp and resilient whiskers
move sniffing around town
crawl into dwellings cafes galleries
sniff around color and new scent of love
throw in me abrupt and deep

and does not save me now brotherhood
nor that I understand

monstrous bristles
lubricate me with mud
spice me with shit
eats away slowly

long arduous responsible
journey through the trenches intumescent by blood
through the muscle cells and the time
when I disappears

a journey through time and conscience
gains confidence of fainting evening
fatigue of pine forests
subjected to monologues of heat

the thought does not interfere with any objects
fluctuates in winds over the continent

in the music of the cosmos
the sounds of nature and human civilization
sound the harmony of

it carries me over the meadow
dispels among grass and fog
some kind incomprehensible and bizarre gust
music of breath of truth of blood

fumes evening campfires pull low to the ground

field of rye comes up to the throat as latent anxiety

calls of parents bowing in twilight
ruts in the roads


in the fire
hot middle-earth in depths

field swells with feast of events

hills of volcanic origin burst
pink lava flows all the ravines
covers merges shapes again the melted
outlines of the face of beautiful dark-haired

the new birth
in the glow of the body

I meet strange beings
what hover over the world
volatile from laughing

or go astray in the valleys wander
selfless beauty
create paths for adventures

at that one leading to the sea I find
a wasps' nest in the roots of pine
and swinging on a branch
dried by the sun and wind
love hug
weather makes this view fish
bony rocks from which drips earth
minor innervation of the autumn forest
and a sharp harpoon
on the rock

I contemplate native affairs
through the lens of sea bay

violin form in the sky gentle current
strings support sheets of landscapes

to the touch occurrence of blood

glow in the lights of brain
and convert

movement of beauty
flash towards love

and the wind hits the rocks and trees creak and the sea
tears and cries
with voices of loved ones

daisy with her nipples raised high
engages with transparent surface of my rapture
hanging above the bed

is suspended from the balloon blush
pines sparkle
rusty among eyelashes
brown skin whip of the rainbow
and bedsheets between the clouds

and flight visions of crystal meats
in speed
in ascending
currents of love

flames crawl towards europe from the possibilities
and shatter in the vision like dresses
flying up from the shoulders

but are now more
now they turn earth to ashes
and toward family home
glides flame procession crowned by storm

truths loaded by the millennial stillness
muddy colors of deeds in soaring shoals
roar like wild animals
to his creator
who looks
with his skin

month may is singing at the foot
of the sahara sand dune

my rider's flame struggling with heat

the mirage exhibits:
beautiful angel dug by moles
cloud planted with fragrant navels
my silhouette vomited by air frog

love to adjectives recovers sense
mediterranean light makes me green
leaves the body
and wander as ownerless

creation of the world we have taken two days ago
in the smell of love
on flight
to the core of the earth
we denied death in front of the boulder of sun

and yet on the same day
in my room
appeared demon
devoured our raptures
finished eating when
bodies disappeared

and we need to start life again

between palm trees
bristles crawls out with delicate bang
and electrical lava appears in the wind
when pig of childhood spew me on the sand

and then
from the future
runs a pack of hungry wolvesv and I begin to struggle for which I pored at nights

fangs jaws uproars carries up the muscles
screams of winners
howling beasts
how to sleep here!

time stops with me

dried up blood stain on the street
anoints the clutch in the machinery of night

imagination ran over and dips its snout
drinks long and then abuts against the shoulder
of the Great Bear

and there meets the only dream
which rises so high:
sad face like a nail
with spalling lacquer
moves away
agrees to nothing

language sweating in a foreign language
tie knot strands glistens
contradictions resolve themselves slipping down in the outside
on a grass gray with frost

something fluttering in the body does not want to do
endearing vision of our ways, which could be simple
and yet combine squirming in the terrible tangles
and tighten around the neck

and after a while even
poem is involved in all this
from which it wants to escape

I not willingly watch through the prison window
a patch of sky thick with bristles

last fact before fainting
during torture
was compassion for the executioner premature baldness

no! I will not give up!
even now when the mattress in my cell begin to fizz

long shiny hair parasitize on the soil bed

yesterday they ate my leg
today hum on inner surface of the stomach

so I decided to eat my bald torturer
I'll get him with the other leg! before it overgrowns with hair!

someday I will wander like a long time ago

when the bell again sing high in the clouds
to praise the morning
a man will approach me and tell me his name
the river will flow in me huming its name
grasshopper on rigid legs
will play the last chord of song
and the body
in air
will hiss like a fire that throws itself on traveler
like long ago

my love
in your face is not the face of memories

I am pulling away in amazed and live enough
that I laugh I cry
while wind of powerful future
kidnaps my hair blouse
slowly sucking in the glow of bodyv breaking off unsaid sentences
in the sounds of colors

the sky is dark
empty with no limits

only faith and hope on slender wings
fly up among the gleaming shouts of air

flame of the fire on the rock
recalls me from a negative where are no people

transparent cliche shudders around the eyes
fueling darkness

there turn up the fences strict and logical
barbed wires
clouds of ambiguity coaxingly cling to the face
create gag

passion for accuracy
visiting times and places of action
where a short circuit connects the opposing poles
when the nervous system hovers over the waters
of the first morning

while I between bursts of spikes
towards greater thicket

the sound of my voice
behind me is not keeping pace
lines of poem
traces of bleeding

it gets cold when I think about you
stemming at me from under my own skin

your shiny blades polished by instinct
your hooks
clinging up to every crevice of the earth
to not to fall off her

I can see how you're dodging the deadly barrier
which I leave behind

it gets dawn and
it makes me cold

when I look back
I see you with me so far

spiral galaxy evolves from fire
its breath feels our bodies meadow night
ready to burn

one day grass will rise above us in the sun
the wind will dissipate us and turn into space
there will be no longer mourning and longing
in a grass rustle
will be eternal day

the rain had stopped
I stand
on the sea shore
which flows widely
and impregnates me with its bitterness and light
over which is low circling seagull
of the morning

and when I go back direction house
which aim towards their own destinies
are tripping over my body
and hold their breath

and everything merges
into the dimension
over which appear bright
and lay onto this page

up to here you can hear munching of the evening
that tastes my poem

blues of faith sung by the open door of cafes
sudden sustained rise
up to the work of being

stars dispelled in human activities
put me in the warm twilight to sleep
to life
in which one forgets
walks closer
negates the differences

not much I can see
light lasts

the rock lasts motionless in the dawn
cracked from fires and chills

rain washes away the gray hills
flows slowly down the wind blowing from the past
and converts wind
in glass
after which slowly floating down drops
separating the world from me

allowing to turn
the face

it's amazing that you can always withdraw
leave behind the indistinct sentences
unresolved loves
defective deaths

it's amazing that in the air
can move
without a trace of implosion
a vacuum of human dimension

it's amazing that before that
you can put comma
row victims against a wall
the dot before dying

it's amazing
from the grassy hill
a sunny fog
and forest birds
are weaving dense music web
which is entangling the hands
not letting cause any harm
to the amazement

lair on the artificial field done by candlelight

camel ripple out on the edge of a star
through the glowing head crawl meanings without names

sparkling with colors procession glides into the winter
snows put elation on the ground

it gets pure
as if nothing else existed

as if focused in the experience of light

there is transparent lava
which indulges
in body dimensions

it hovers over a fjord of the rocky banks
in mild implosions
among the birches bewildered by sun

and when it swims to a fixed in eternity
portrait of a girl against the dark years
their soft light liberates me
and lasts

I greet you with my breath
with a row of birches on a hill
with spring and starling flight
with what brings fate

it is four o'clock in the morning
I greet you with every dusk
with red-hot campfire somewhere high up in fields
with a slice of bread and snow

look in the eyes
its like at the seaside
few rocks and winds
a stubborn splinter

I greet you with life
like it does flower
I greet you in the time

the wind blows through the apple trees fly flowery petals

your lips
my laughter
neither have met
neither will part

how musically is here
in the countryside!

how violet
wanders vibration of twigs in the wind
orchestration of dog cries
clamor of geese

neighing of a horse who with a flaming mane
thundering hooves rides into my childhood

how blue!

today is so cozy
is made of rabbit ears

the path I walk among the trees
is a line of your left hand

between the clouds can be seen the doors
between thoughts hope

between raindrops
straightens the petals
to the heart

your name was suspended between the sounds
body golden and in the clouds

and the clouds sad on that day
sad journey down
on opposite sides of the mountain ranges
when bodies gradually disappear

and our strange discoveries
meant a clarity and understanding
for the love that gives only and demands nothing
for the love that fades between
and becomes for

and becomes life

birch twig
lead me by storms and sunny days
leave your leaves
do not hold back my tears

our transformations are gushing from a common source
we are together
our comprehensible laughter
will shake the world

full moon shines through the clouds of snow

a pale sky
clean air

my elation
trembles under the weight of flakes

fullness of life
comes true

today in the snow
tomorrow without yesterday

foamy white woods and flat slope sky

through my blood
float towards the brain heavy ice floes
snow piling up on corpses loom survivors
hoarse siren icebreaker
shakes my anxiety
soot flakes stick to the fever

so just asking
what is this
unknown in my thoughts

so I wake up in the journey
through land body

so I become
cool frosty pearl
in which the unknown I
in the brightness
stretches out hands
loves hears understands


life has no beginning and no end

his real poles are light
to which is heading
and the world
that emerges
from darkness

bread groans under the skin of this earth

whence the moans of the glass long sounding tones?
from whence comes pathetic chirrup of hunger
and the rumble of war?
from where the wind?

drafts of time!
the air unbearably oppresse my skins
bakes me color
sound hurts

but the body can not decide
wind conjures up images from negatives of memory
below just flit by meadow
gray of dead men's bones

word is a window
someone opens it
gives you a hand
someone denied the compounds identified

this evening beautiful
so many wise words
friends love music caress
and such a peace!

and yet
in the night
my head becomes the rocky hill
the wind blows through the fire and stones crackle
the sea flows into flesh tastes so bitter

someone from me then cries hidden under water
someone else sits staring into the flames
and the bark of birch
reveals in fire the crux
that nothing
which is able to burn only
heat up

here is the tribe which eagerly work
over the lump of all living brain
glowing in bone cave
world mortal and rebellious
proclaiming the glory of infinity
to the sound of the sea and rocks and clouds

here is the children jungle
abandoned on the dead pavement

sun seamlessly flits between days
smells of leaves
time slows down
head wearily tilts toward understanding
on the side of truth echoes rumble caves


murmurs of bone supporting the fire radiance

it's love

hovers over you and soars freely
by day and night

fulfillments are not achieved but the fate is

do not forget you have all the names
yours is the life
the world and the morning in this flight
in the ascent to the light more and more you are

I'm you that gives you wings

I am at odds with the laws of this world:
gravity of faith
tilts me toward the ground of the future brotherhood

selects me forest driven by the sun

friends voices resound here in meanings
of the birdsong on lips of the morning
thoughts shimmering golden and ore
move in dark clouds
between the threads of lightnings

what I can not express
appears by itself
freedom rays falling on me
shivers illuminating the blood

dominates the scent of longing