The Horse-Whisperer, Who Was a Human

Horse-Whisperer, a capricious yet wise character, hustles in a world filled with special places abundant in beauty and struggle, where possibilities are born ceaselessly. In this realm, imagination reigns, boundaries disappear; miracles in every escapade.

The air carries a sweet-bitter scent of nostalgia as we travel through moments that dance and bloom, learning to master chaos and unravel the secrets of life. In a kaleidoscopic kingdom where stars dance in harmony to the music of silence, Horse-Whisperer gallops into the infinity of imagination.

Horse-Whisperer exists in a surreal world full of abstract concepts, oneiric images, and poetic expressions. His presence transcends the conventional sphere of understanding, making him a fascinating subject for those who dare to 'plumb the depths' of my imagination.

Minds dance in a kaleidoscope of vivid scenes, where the surreal resonates with the tangible in a symphony of dreams. In a land of enchantment, where dreams nest, where delicate whispers and memories linger, Horse-Whisperer roams, filling the space between reality and illusion. Characters woven into the fabric of hallucinations mix the mundane with magic that transcends limitations.

Carefree verses, in which everything can transform into Anything. Horse-Whisperer has a galactic nature, but this poem is about the season when he was a Human. Or maybe it just seemed that way to him? After all, he can be anything that comes to mind; he builds a nest in Wariatkowo, sings thinly in Skowronkowo. What to do with such a character?

Instead of a farewell like "Take care!", Horse-Whisperer says: "Let go!"
So let yourself go, my guest, as much as you want. But I advise: go slow!

okładka tomu Horse-Whisperer który był Człowiekiem, Wiesław Sadurski

For Polish Edition; by the author, using the image 3-d "King of Mountainsr"

appears in the world Horse-Whisperer, Who Was a Man
on his back, the Strange Naked Sky straddles

foaming clouds flow down his rump
initiating a dialogue

The Naked Sky releases a warm red rain from its forests
Horse-Whisperer claims that we pass wingless bodies from mouth to mouth

He would like to talk to Someone about the Cosmos,
where Everything has a place

should perceive at least the sun and the earth
and the morning mists
thanks to which the Inner Sea becomes transparent

in Social Gutters, at the news of Horse-Whisperer,
layers of ancient emotions are unveiled

Initiative Correspondents report mass returns to the bosom
reportedly salty with sweat apparently,
reportedly the sun treats it as a roast on the heated surface of Wednesday

many erections were noted among the workers of the Great Knife
the skin on their patrochas began to radiate with a hum
simply put, the whole globe listens

Horse-Whisperer senses that the bed in which the Naked Sky sleeps
experiences shivers and even sweats in its sleep

and when the Strange Naked Sky appears during the day
it is visible that its slippers are small and dusty
but on the buckles, a double sun glistens

it is precisely the sun and droplets of sweat on Horse-Whisperer's skin
who, in the meantime, has grown intensely with mountain ranges,
that led him to think the dream could have been shared
that the sweat of both of them had mingled

Horse-Whisperer implies that if there are Dreamers nearby,
they should immediately turn Yellow and Good!

With contemplation, Horse-Whisperer observes the Flow of the Table

the wooden layers of the surface rub against each other,
and the gaze falls

moments of growth and maturation of the tree
Horse-Whisperer sees through the shimmering grid of the seasons

and then the axe, saw, lever, chisels
and again, long moments over years
moving plates, bread slices, and elbows across the table

with his chin resting on his hand, Horse-Whisperer carefully returns
to the cup of tea, steaming on the table

which has paused once more

Today, Horse-Whisperer settles for a piece of advice:

give the cat a cotangent
and let it pretend to be a geometry teacher

Horse-Whisperer encountered a seriously important personage:
The Chronicle of the Drool-Laden Crib

since the Naked Sky occupied his dreams at night
he left a significant part of his ears on divine shores
so he couldn't listen carefully!

Speaking seriously again: he listened only to the Supervisor
whom he placed within the reach of the drool flow
he himself was entirely elsewhere

From the maw of the gigantic jungle, which in the meantime crept from memory,
golden-carrying air bees emerge

They will pollinate Horse-Whisperer

Everything grows for this purpose from end to end with organic preludes
the wheat of the sun rustles at every pore of the skin
Horse-Whisperer dares not complain

Today he explains how it is with Good and Evil among the Wanderers

A Wanderer is, namely, prone to despair

As an egoist, entrenched in aggression in shades of gray,
he knows almost nothing about selfless relationships
and perceives life through his own socks

Evil is, namely, gray, while Good is Orange

These are fundamentally different colors, and if an Orange Wanderer
wears gray socks, it doesn't mean that he is a little bit evil
simply put: he wears socks

What to do to turn a meadow into organs

To achieve this, it's best to become the peak of the Tatra Mountains
let wild flames surround you until
Everything charges electrically and begins to crackle with sparks

Then you need to lay Everything between the grasses and herbs
and let it play

If you're not a selfless soul during this - claims Horse-Whisperer -
it's better not to start at all

Surreal Universe of Końkut

Końkut's world is a vibrant tapestry of poetic imagery, fantastical events, and extraordinary contemplations. It is a realm where logic and reason give way to wild sequences, metaphors, wordplay, and surprising associations. This otherworldly dimension is inhabited by a variety of characters, such as Snuj, Grzdyl, the mysterious Those Two, Wariatkowo, and Skowronkowo, as well as phenomena that seem to be alive and full of personality.

Each of these characters, places, and events adds complexity and intrigue to Końkut's universe, intertwining to form a dense network of relationships and meanings. They create a multidimensional labyrinth through which thoughts, emotions, and experiences - both our own and those of the inhabitants - move and mingle.

Thanks to his boundless imagination, Końkut can shift perspectives, penetrate different dimensions, and craft extraordinary, sometimes terrifying, and other times beautiful and touching scenes. His adventures and escapades are filled with unexpected twists, discoveries, as well as ups and downs that allow us to delve into not only the mysteries of this surreal world but also ourselves.

It is a fascinating journey for those who dare to venture into it, full of challenges, puzzles, and amazing discoveries. Each step deeper into Końkut's universe reveals more layers of this extraordinary world, leading us further into our own feelings, thoughts, and dreams. In this endless journey, where every nook and cranny is full of secrets, we will be continually surprised and delighted by what Końkut has to offer.

Today, Horse-Whisperer as a carpenter
helps Someone there in making shelves

Oh! - Someone there is surprised -
who has ever seen diamonds shavings coming out of ordinary pine wood?

Indeed: these are Small Beauties from the Family of a Star's Hearth

But what about that Someone there? - Horse-Whisperer doesn't understand -
why is he surprised by the Other?

His tongue operates with equal tenderness on all palates

He claims that the galaxy clumsily carries his body
that interstellar matter is stirred by love sighs
that the layers of the globe snarl mockingly with ancient deaths
that Wanderers are jealous of his restlessness

And all this at the time when Radio Katowice
greets the workers of the first shift

For an experiment, Horse-Whisperer tried being Lout

With surprise, he felt hoof-like insensitivities in his hooves
his head draped itself in hedgehog spines
existence straddled a dichotomy, with no chance of finding the right number of half-boots

Meanwhile, Mr. Eks already offers the most suitable ones
namely those you can always jump out of!

Isn't that wonderful for a Newspaper Soloist?

The Great Red Madman appears with a giant bulb in his balls
to illuminate the Action

When Horse-Whisperer feels nauseous - he takes advantage of language

For this purpose, he gently unfolds himself in halves:
The Horse, bouncing off suns with its hooves, gallops towards the Swan Galaxy
while the Whisper, on the contrary:
stands and bulges out its Single Eye

Now a crowd of joys dances amid the starry foam

Years ago, the Foreign Naked Sky was an idealist
day and night, questioned by crystalline air and fires

The sun struck hurrah-patriotic marches on the drum of her nature

But today, in the era of relaxation among rabbits and mint
the Foreign Naked Sky recognizes only "Screw it! Screw it!"
and it's hard to blame it

To all the Dreamers who embrace Goodness and Orange,
Horse-Whisperer promises
that he will never turn them into Quotes from Flesh.

Horse-Whisperer loves to ponder problems with myriads of limbs,

he always does so when it comes to defending Independent Values.

However, the Wandering Soul cannot stand it
for reasons related to the occipital!

and he doesn't even suspect that Horse-Whisperer creates problems
from love, color, and sound.

Then, at the foundation of Being, a pulsating light appears,
and anything can be transformed into Everything.

The Nature of Horse-Whisperer

Horse-Whisperer is an enigmatic figure that defies conventional description. He is a fluid and ever-changing being, taking on various forms and colors during His adventures. Horse-Whisperer's world is governed by its own laws and rules, creating a reality that is both captivating and perplexing at the same time.

His existence in a surreal and dreamlike or hallucinatory world offers the reader the opportunity to explore the limitless potential of the human imagination. The nature of Końkut and his Universe is an invitation for readers to embark on their own journey of self-discovery and reflect on the deeper questions of existence. After all, the world of Horse-Whisperer is a celebration of the extraordinary and limitless possibilities that lie within each of us.

Those Two, in the meantime, are building their mutual home;
It's meant to be a radiant gem, full of forests and carefree breaths
which no hurricane of history can resist

It's meant to be a gem that can be lowered to any depth!
Will they succeed? Oh, will they succeed?

when Lout wants to genuinely laugh, he usually misses his lips
while thinking that someone
wants to forcefully pump him into a giraffe

On the other hand, the only Lout who went through hell
and is called Red-no-more-lout
has a comfortable resting place in the cloud of laughter and light

You can always drop by and forget yourself for about three days
in the caves before the world.

Ah! Ah! In the midst of the night, the Bright-haired Crystal shone

Among all the nights concentrated in this one with slightly tense muscles,
Horse-Whisperer tries on the laughter of the glow for his future life

Focused, a little moved, there's no need to disturb him in this.

Horse-Whisperer recalls that he was threatened with infection by sodomy

Apparently, the Mare had skin that was almost entirely opaque

But his eyelids embraced him in the cradle's parentheses
Before he woke up
The opportunity had passed

He breathes deeply with his six-fingered Crest

A radiant and vigilant time has come to him
Attuned to the slightest morning movements

He agrees
He even desires for It to happen

And here, between the clouds, emerges into the here and now
A milk bottle nipple with widely spread wings

It looks as if the atmosphere has been outgrown by violins
Feels golden insights starting to glow in his groin

Is he supposed to suck prophecies?

He also encounters the Incomprehensible, to whom one must empathize

Sparks circulate in their blood
Their dreams wear ulcerated nightgowns
In their neural networks lurks the Spider of Injury
Ready to spit on a wandering star,
surround it with a slippery cocoon
and transform it into a Confidante of the Dead, whose veil multiplies, frightening

The light-years of Horse-Whisperer's homeland
Are not afraid to understand the Incomprehensible
They can even help - at the first opportunity!
But, unfortunately, they cannot help but empathize!

And empathy gouges out Horse-Whisperer's entire third eye,
seeing the true essence of being

Horse-Whisperer today whispered his magic in the stable:

Sleep, foal, dream: a huge horse has a rose instead of a head
Dream of that airy horse, who comes from afar
To touch your nostrils with delicate snorts of scent
And transform them into human ones

Then he left and didn't walk on the globe at all until Friday.

Horse-Whisperer often encounters the Grays on this globe

They are characterized by long ears,
existing for themselves,
and often cursing the rules of the game.

He, on the other hand, existing mainly for others, is from a different world
and only the rules of Horse-Whisperer apply to him.

In the pleasures of the Naked Sky, numerous fires roam,

Moving like forget-me-nots in flight from warm lands,

Resting on the warm, smoldering moss of the future.

The Everything is stuffed with the flesh of the meadow,
Walking in red boots through landscapes and cities.

The Alien Naked Sky likes to collapse onto Everything,
Mixing its unrest with its eternal blue.

In the land of enchantment where dreams dwell
There is a figure who walks elegantly,
A mysterious presence, with unspeakable wisdom,
They call him Horse-Whisperer, with old tales.

Among sun-drenched meadows and silver moonbeams,
He spins tales of miracles and intricate plans,
His voice like a symphony, soft and deep,
When the creatures of nature gather around.

Mr. Horse Whisperer walks where the wildflowers bloom,
In a world where the frontiers of logic unfold,
It transcends dimensions, both real and imagined,
Guardian of dreams in the universe.

In the middle of his journey he finds his true purpose,
Leading lost souls through life's twisted circus,
With a touch of hooves and a wave of mane,
He heals broken spirits with kindness and grace.

So if you should wander on a mystical night
And meet Mr. Horse Whisper bathed in moonlight,
Take a moment to listen, for his wisdom is rare,
And the magic he possesses, he gladly shares.

I rise at your sight, as if I were raising a hymn,
This is how Those Two greet each other.

From the windows of their home, there is a view of the cosmos,
Through the full spectrum of colors,
Peace shines through in every direction.

Everyone can take advantage of their niche of light,
They give it away completely for free.

What does a Horse-Whisperer do when a Tea Widow is placed in front of him?

The Horse-Whisperer is drinking

The average Ruddy Wanderer breakfast
consists of freshly chopped rainbow flakes
followed by jam from an entire field of heather.

He then drinks a jungle of light full of white rhinos
and allows himself to be caressed
by the Bedbugs of Capitalism until the first crackle.

Miss Chick has fitted the Hole of Existence between her smooth backs

the udder is to be powered from the municipal transformer
a day there are several tons of caresses and a lot of desire

The mixture requires vigorous blowing, because its flame is wet
there is talk of blowers licensed from India

Horse-Whisperer is moved and gives Miss Chick a shock with a cuckoo clock.

He bought it for half free, because the cuckoo
would lay eggs in the lady's bed.

From one of the eggs hatched a Negroidal Trunk.
He was thrown out, but – alas, Horse-Whisperer! –
he appeared in Miss Chick's dream today.

Magic at your fingertips

In a land where magic is at your fingertips, mysterious gardens and corners of dreams, there Horse-Whisperer gallops, smoothing out the errors of time, with a smile on his face making the world bloom, and happiness makes the crotch wet.

In an extraordinary, vibrant world, hope and faith in beauty grow. Horse-Whisperer whispers his secrets to the winds, follows the light, even in the darkest night, with his heart in his hand, he gallops towards the stars.

In the kaleidoscope of infinite colors, stars flicker, the world hurries, Horse-Whisperer dances to the rhythm of night and day, full of love, with many limbs for work. In the whirl of colors, where everything changes, he circles in the bustle and in the peace of spirit.

When the last verse reaches its end, remember, that his spirit remains here to support you in every adventure. All is One, and Horse-Whisperer knows it; he takes his blue cloak and disappears into the darkness, juggling the worlds of events. Be like him, with your heart in your hand; the adventure of life never ends.

the consciousness of the Wanderers is ridden daily by cultural snails,
their sticky reins and TV marshmallows
dictate the Wanderers the grooves in the plane
of proper alignment.

They go through more than one incarnation in this pursuit.

Today, Horse-Whisperer is full of bushes, mushroom pickers, and kissing couples.

At the same time, he is in full contact with Something
That Has Not Been Done By Anyone.

There is not a speck of an observer in him,
he has embodied peace completely,
and if he pours water here,
it's only in case of a forest fire.

Goodness - explains, shimmering with its Crest -
manifests itself as the natural orangification of the soul
and the statement that Goodness exists

Then the soul establishes a direct connection with the sun
and has an inexhaustible source of energy

which is given
and not made foolishly

Lout has over sixteen hundred possibilities in life
and all of them are full of doorframes and vodka

that's why he has a Lodger of Sadness in the corner

his skin sweats from the inside when he thinks about death

not in fear of the unknown! - but in fear of losing
what he has greedily gathered in life

thoughts don't look where they fly - so he was made
from whatever was at hand, from the leftovers of culture

that's why Lout's Sky has artificial dentures
and it can't even begin to bite into the problem of existence

Horse-Whisperer lazily slides his hooves across the glass harmonica of the vertebrae
deeply touched, they glow and bloom sonorously

Dudi weaves nests of feathery emotions
here in each one slumbers an enchanted sphere crystalline
with a snow-capped hotel and a heart,
that falters on the edge of mountains
when a bird Dudi tickles the horizon with a feather
and summons from it a galloping existence
with pale blood originating in a mystery under these conditions,

In these conditions, any thing transforms into a Self-existent Being
and The End is in the midst of grace

The Naked Sky persuades Horse-Whisperer to the Poles of Condensed Heat
The Alps straighten up and tremble with excitement in the music

in half a step
Horse-Whisperer notices the normal world and picks up
the newspaper from under the doormat

he barely managed to open it when into his eyes
thousands of tons of barbed wire, mines, bombs, and napalm pour down

this daily portion of the globe infuriates Horse-Whisperer
screw this kind of game!
it's really better to Just Screw! Screw!

Yes! Today, Horse-Whisperer is yellow, has blue hair
and bee-filled hives in curls made of agricultural surroundings.

He's still waiting for Someone
waiting for Something
for someone the color of honey
for something related to Everything

or - he wants to flirt with the Foreign Naked Sky

he persuades her that blowing at a windmill is a cool, well-paying activity

she concentrates into one big shiver
a pig ignites at her front and heats up as it runs
transforming into the mouth of an Ordinary Day
which aggressively claims that quirks stink

Horse-Whisperer would have his two cents to add here
but he doesn't engage in discourse, because he just is

Horse-Whisperer only works to keep memories alive

they feed mainly on the aforementioned Asshole,
which will be discussed again
and mature friendships, mistakes and Everything

it makes memories grow fat fast

when I melt them - Horse-Whisperer drowns in tears
monstrous screws start flying in his head
he screams that he will never forgive me

From the rule of logical implication, it follows strictly
that Everything can also be Horse-Whisperer.

What Horse-Whispererwa? When the rosy-fingered dawn faded,
An Apple rose in the east.

Against the backdrop of the Cosmos through the sooty glass,
Its juiciness and Oh! could be clearly seen.

Is this a temptation?
Could it be
that he wants to lure someone else from its Own to the globe?

Ah! drags the wolf into the forest of flesh!
Horse-Whisperer recounts
his participation in the May 1st parade

when he felt naked on the left

his knees moved to the vicinity of the knees of the Republic
right in front of the grandstands!
they began to expand, to become transparent and to desire

as Something with a distinct color and scent, they made her knees tremble
and brought forth the Poles of Condensed Glow

her knees gathered in moisture and warmth
and in the shadow of saluting hands
a sudden cry arose: To Thrust! To Thrust!

Symbolism of the Horse-Whisperer

The Horse Whisperer is a symbol of the boundless potential of imagination, a departure from everyday life and rationality. Its presence in the surrealist world challenges conventional norms and encourages the reader to explore the unknown and the depths of their own creativity. Horse-Whisperer reminds us that within the limits of the human mind, there are infinite possibilities waiting to be discovered.

In the world where the Horse-Whisperer exists, reality is questioned, and the boundaries between the possible and impossible become blurred. Its character shows that the world can be interpreted in many different ways, and each interpretation can be equally important and valuable. The Horse Whisperer is also a symbol of the spiritual journey and the search for truth that cannot be found in everyday experiences. It refers to the deeper, hidden layers of reality that exist beyond what is visible at first glance. Its character reminds us of the quest to understand the world and one another, and to discover the mysteries of our existence.

The introduction of the Horse Whisperer into the story aims to inspire the reader to seek greater meaning and deeper understanding of reality. Through this character, the reader is encouraged to reflect on their own life, values, and beliefs, and to contemplate the nature of human existence. Finally, the Horse Whisperer not only represents the boundless possibilities of imagination but also the constant need to seek the truth and strive for self-realization. Its character is a reminder that no matter how far our dreams and imaginations reach, there are still undiscovered territories to explore.

By presenting the Horse Whisperer as a symbol of both imagination and the pursuit of truth, the story invites the reader to engage in a deeper examination of their own perceptions and understanding of the world. This character serves as a catalyst for personal growth and self-discovery, encouraging the reader to question their own assumptions and beliefs and to embark on a journey toward greater self-awareness and understanding of the world around them.

It turned out that he was straddling
the very end of the burning time

so that's where the current flowed to the gramophone and a few galaxies!

From beneath the playback needle, the grayness slips away in a panic,
just to get further away from life!


It turned out he was straddling
at the very end of burning time

So that's where the current came from for the gramophone and a few galaxies!

Under the playback needle,
the grayness flees in panic from Horse-Whisperer,
as far away from life as possible!

Striving Wanderer is a pathetic phenomenon

You can plug a situation into the orange hole in his lapel
but when it comes down to it -
such a Wanderer betrays many colors to the grayness

Drool is the main belt here - Horse-Whisperer states,
and then retreats above a mountain stream,
where nothing strives
and everything is

Horse-Whisperer loves to experience things deeply

his Inner Sea often storms and crests
yesterday a fishing boat did not return to base

when the gunwales were covered with foam and caught fish
flowed back into the waters and fishermen into death -
even the village of skylarks has become cloudy!

The Little Tribes constantly find fault with this and that
but it will amount to nothing, as Horse-Whisperer
is not connected to the universal law of gravity!

What about the Moment of Respite in Now?

It just took a few beautiful Suns
and entertains them with Cherry Blossom Gardens

You can watch, but please don't scare them away!

Time seemed to stop?
Horse-Whisperer complains that the minute hand got caught on the Edge of Patience
It seems to be somewhere around the Love Rift

One cannot proceed to order or reach the clock
as nearby, herds of Fiery Stallions of Orgasm are raging
We'll move on when they fall asleep at the spring

Horse-Whisperer swears that the rainbow
this arc in the sky
leaning its left end on a ship on the river
and extending the right through two church towers into the sky -
is the nose of a Rabbit, who's sniffing our globe like this
and thus intrudes, including the tuft, into our Split

Dreamers, wanting to change the globe present through them
they start by revealing evil!

Naturally, the gray curtain shimmers with rainbow colors
entangling their veins and nerves in its matter

The product secreted then is a drool of tradition and culture
in which they slide until death without knowing love

For Her - says Horse-Whisperer -
it is necessary to reveal the light
from which colors and the rest come

One can catch Horse-Whisperer sketching our faces,

one day he'll vanish, leaving behind only a pile of notes.

Is this to be our only trace?
after all, we don't belong to Small Tribes!
after all, we enjoy respect, and - so how!?

Just like that! - says the madman - you will be lying on your back!

Fairy tale is of a delicate nature

When Horse-Whisperer wants to know what's up in politics
he applies two Louts to his ears

He loves, among other things, comfort and stereo!

He learns that one must be well-versed in quotes from flesh

Quotes have a nice cut, but their batons and barrels
are remotely controlled by machinery of commands

He doesn't like the subject anyway,
tells me offhandedly,
that past worlds are checkered bottoms
and it's better to abandon the fairy tale!

Boor's words peel off from thinking!
he can't break free from stereotypical flows of nonsense,
his existence scatters across bowls, devoured by tongues,
absorbed and excreted in moans and pain.

Horse-Whisperer suggests turning him into grit,
maybe it'll be useful for chicks, after all, spring is coming.

Boor's words peel away from his thoughts!
He can't break free from the stereotypical courses of falsehood
his existence spreads across bowls, licked away by the tongues!
absorbed and expelled in moans and pain

Horse-Whisperer recommends turning him into grit
maybe it will be useful for the chicks, after all, spring is coming

Can social jaws be lubricated with expectorant syrup?

Anyone interested should come for an answer in person -
Horse-Whisperer informs

And speaking of chicks, let me tell you about a dramatic event

Parsley chased the Rooster around the garden beds
and tried to convince him to participate in the Soup

But Horse-Whisperer is not a scavenger,
so he quickly carved a madman out of a carrot
and involved him in the incident

White parsley, red carrot

oh, there will be a patriotic song out of this

or a portion of salad for daddy

The already familiar yet still naked Sky is filled with the moon and May

Around her, swarms of pure thoughts float

In short, we are dealing with a moving orgy
of transparency

Sands of scent, nights with hot desires, domination of pink

The inner sea can indulge to its fullest in beings

From the rule of logical implication,
it follows strictly that Everything can also be Horse-Whisperer.

I - personally - talk a lot, but I see my own!
For example, what does Horse-Whisperer do when he meets Lout in a cafe or on the street?
He immediately starts leaning out from participating with Lout
into the first better escape or direction

For example, he builds a dazzling structure from a matchbox:
the label is transparent, clouds flow through it
in the matchstick heads' rocks, eagles build nests,
they have a good view

And with them, you can somehow survive Lout !

The Nightmarish Tangle of Humanity is reared in a car

Its wheels play tricks on him, for he has a world view
Horse-Whisperer speaks softly, as he neighs at that moment

The Nightmarish Tangle of Humanity has no choice
but the three children who devour his actions

He has social permission for a tiring life
and will have fun when it turns out to be a patrio

Whatever He does for the globe
it also does for himself, recognized as Being
the source of constant becoming towards Known Goals

Known Goals are the reward for

Horse-Whisperer empathizes here, so he doesn't finish the sentence

My self went among the roses
not too big ones
among the flowers
its ego is hardly visible

unlike it, for example, roses smell

they emit feminine platoons with their loins stretched toward the Pleasant Side

in the area of the Pleasant Side, nights are extraordinarily sultry

and it often happens that Horse-Whisperer
multiplies in roses

What does the Poetic Butt do?
It builds factories with rubricks
as diverse as conception versions
like two different Okęcia airports

it wants to produce extrasensory farts and necessarily luminous ones

it surrounds furnaces for this purpose
with loving roars in the deposits of public concerns,
it bursts open-pit mines digs clay
goes on reconnaissance into systems

and what does Horse-Whisperer think about that?
Horse-Whisperer craps on it
and has a lark haven in his head

When Lout face moral dilemmas,
he asks, for example, what comes
from crossing an automatic pistol with a small pink Wanderer

although the echo of his soul answers immediately
he returns
to carrying the frames he practices in
in his world

impressions are cold-soldered
which prevents
Horse-Whisperer from making contact

he would like to immerse them in fire
but he cannot stand the desire to sniff

so he simply turns away, goodbye

Horse-Whisperer claims that the ancient Greeks
had organisms with ingenious radiation

they could fondle light
their dreams were protected from the attacks of darkness

in comparison to your beggarly Self - Horse-Whisperer screams in me -
I am always my own incarnation!

it looks like he's counting sheep before taking off for another dimension

but when the organism with ingenious radiation
appears above Horse-Whisperer's continent, it visits him without a visa
and without a break confirms -

only no one has anything to say

Horse Whisperer Interactions with Other Characters

In the surreal world of Horse Whisperer, the encounters and interactions with other characters are often characterized by depth and meaning. These unusual characters, such as Wanderer, Lümmel, or the mysterious The Two, bring their own stories, perspectives, and philosophies of life that further enrich the complex themes that Horse Whisperer's universe explores.

Horse Whisperer's dialogues with these characters are often filled with poetry, metaphor, and figurative language that encourage the reader to reflect on the meaning of their words and possibly question their own ideas and beliefs. In these conversations, the lines between reality and fiction will blur, and the characters can sometimes appear as projections of Horse Whisperer's inner thoughts and feelings.

A central theme in these encounters is the question of the meaning of life and existence. Horse Whisperers and their companions often seek answers to these fundamental questions, exploring different philosophies of life and worldviews to find their place in the universe. In doing so, they lead complex discussions about the duality of good and evil, the role of fate and coincidence in life, or the meaning of love and human connection.

Another important theme in Horse Whisperer's interactions is the search for truth and knowledge. The characters are often in search of a deeper understanding of the world and of their own existence, and this search takes them down adventurous paths that allow them to gain new experiences and broaden their perspectives.

Confronting different truths and realities leads them to question both their own beliefs and the limits of their understanding. Overall, Horse Whisperer's interactions with other characters are a central component of his surreal universe, inviting the reader to ponder profound philosophical questions and question their own assumptions about the nature of reality and human existence.

Wanderer goes down the street and sees what?
A Great Pane that approaches him, taking up the entire width of the sidewalk

he crosses to the other side, sometimes more than once -
and the Great Pane hurries towards him!

Wanderer hastily indulges in daydreams about changing his lifestyle
meanwhile, during this mumbling, the Great Pane
simply sweeps the poor soul to the first crossroads of history
from where he can be discarded into neutral death

How does Horse-Whisperer fall into contemplation?
it bounces off the basin of the Nile
it bites through the bends of other rivers

the body becomes sentimental, one can see through it the wandering of souls

when I stroke his mane - stars ignite in the sky
from which a sparkling wind blows

and how does he emerge from contemplation?
a path between trees covered with fallen leaves
blushes before the Maiden and asks her to go
toward Horse-Whisperer, who has just recovered
and transforms into a More Cock

He embarrasses me with the details of the studies
He undertook on the forest undergrowth sheath

He says that when his phallic-monstrosity sends out research beams
the Maiden trembles with every fiber,
reveals herself, falters her veins, nerves,

and moisture begin to undulate
with the help of seaweeds from vast warm seas
and extend into His veins, nerves, and moisture

Horse-Whisperer claims that these and similar scenes
are cut from Aches in lilac-pink color!

Snugs verpassen oft den fünften Stab der Apokalypse

niestety, Horse-Whisperer nie miesza kolorów
nie dysponuje zatem czernią

pomoże im tłum inny?


Snugs verpassen oft den fünften Stab der Apokalypse

unfortunately, Horse-Whisperer does not mix colors
so he doesn't have black at his disposal

maybe another crowd will help them?

Koszmarny Kłębek Ludzkości głowi się po nocach dlaczego

dlaczego krzewów tarniny się nie wykorzystuje do produkcji obłoków
dlaczego jego ego to tabun zdziczałych mięśni społecznych
dlaczego wśród miasta porusza się bezkarnie ucho
gotowe przyssać się konchą do jego prywatnego okna

dlaczego ta oślizgła Piwnica Ciała, gdzie musi bytować
przykuty do dlaczego

Koszmarny Kłębek Ludzkości dławi się i nerwi
i tak - do czerwi!


The Nightmarish Tangle of Humanity ponders at night, wondering why

why hawthorn bushes are not used for cloud production
why its ego is a herd of wild social muscles
why an ear moves around the city with impunity
ready to attach its shell to its private window
why this slimy Cellar of the Body, where it must exist chained to why

The dreadful Tangle of Humanity chokes and frets itself
and yes - to the worm!

what Horse-Whisperer sees does not belong to the dead nor to the enlivened thought

so he does not intend to mention it

he prefers to tell Red Winds tales
about funny worlds where time twists into trumpets
and plays Everything
if you put your lips in the right place

thanks to this, Red Winds can freely fan events
and bask in the sun when they feel like it

Lout 's highest flights are thwarted by low cats
so his soul can stink

he also develops a second body, Defensive, called the Worldview
that's why he can't get through

when the second body, Defensive, envelops conscience
it happens that Lout dies of self-suffocation

and who knows what the point of knowing is!

Horse-Whisperer collapses from his limbs down

there is no one to give him a hand

he gave away all his own hands, there is nothing to grasp the edge of the fissure

he is devoured by the Inner Heat, digests haphazardly and excretes into Action

the edge of the fissure brightens from the glow
tightens into a loop

- and does it matter when I change my body? - he says to himself
giggling towards the fire

shall we not frighten anyone? - suddenly echoed
- no - replied Horse-Whisperer, although he doesn't like to contradict

- for we are screeching violins with slit throats
ecstasy drips straight from our bow

- we'd like to frighten no one, yet exist well,

- thank you very much, we'll be on our way now

barely recovered, Horse-Whisperer had to refresh
the distant sea so that it would reach this page entirely

he carelessly throws at me that the sea means something in time
space, scent, imagination, touch, in music -
and if I don't receive meanings radiating in the speech with a Six-fold Tip
then Horse-Whisperer, he himself, shits on me

lying in the recesses of his galactic barn
he now refreshes himself with the sea, steaming with clouds
seemingly nothing, yet working on tomorrow's rain

A Journey through the Poem's Subconscious Landscape

The poem weaves a tapestry of surreal images and unconventional characters, evoking a dreamlike quality that invites the reader to explore the depths of their imagination. The narrative follows the figure of Horse-Whisperer, a mythical creature who represents the embodiment of paradox and wisdom, navigating through a world where the ordinary meets the extraordinary.

The poem draws from a tradition of surrealism and avant-garde poetry, which seeks to break conventional molds and explore the untapped realms of the subconscious. This literary movement, which has its roots in the early 20th century, flourished in Europe and eventually spread worldwide. Surrealism aims to challenge traditional notions of reality, often incorporating fantastical elements and unexpected juxtapositions.

The poem can be situated within the context of modern poetry, with its experimental form, themes, and imagery that deviate from conventional poetic norms. The use of vivid and sometimes grotesque imagery, as well as the underlying humor and wit, bring to mind the works of poets such as Federico García Lorca, Guillaume Apollinaire, and Henri Michaux.

While the poem borrows from surrealist and avant-garde traditions, it also incorporates elements of contemporary poetry by addressing themes of existentialism, self-discovery, and the human condition. It engages with the notion of transcending one's circumstances and embracing the chaos and uncertainty of life, which resonates with the postmodern sensibility of fragmented identity and the search for meaning.

In conclusion, this poem stands as an intriguing and thought-provoking piece of modern poetry that draws from a rich tradition of surrealism and avant-garde experimentation. Its vivid imagery and enigmatic characters invite the reader to embark on a journey through the depths of the subconscious, exploring themes of self-discovery, existentialism, and the human condition. The poem effectively situates itself within the broader landscape of contemporary poetry, while still maintaining its unique voice and perspective.

meanwhile, from the sun-soaked coniferous forest
numerous White Spots crawled onto the road

Horse-Whisperer, in agreement with the author and the present time,
go to build the future - and then this happens

fortunately, there is daily dubi nearby

a sip of Hops sometimes restores strength
if one sighs strongly enough
because then something tucks its tail under itself
and wants to build too!

every globe is circling in the middle of the heaven!

this is how Horse-Whisperer, pregnant with conclusions for others

inni zajmują Horse-Whispererowi coraz więcej miejsca

dla siebie rezerwuje miejsce na Czubku

są trudności, gdy np. Czubek staje się smutną Plamą
która rozcieka się w gorączce po globie i nie stwarza nic

nadzwyczaj przykre! zwłaszcza w kolejce za czasem
lub jako ego przy czymś mało twórczym

wśród normalności Horse-Whisperer zaczyna podmierać
przyzywa Wszystko na pomoc, zmienia się na gwałt!


others occupy more and more space for Horse-Whisperer

he reserves a place for himself at the Tip

there are difficulties, for example, when the Tip becomes a sad Spot
which spreads in fever across the globe and creates nothing

extremely unpleasant! especially in line for time
or as ego in something less creative

among normality, Horse-Whisperer begins to wither
summons Everything to help, changes violently!

szedł Wieś przez wieś porośniętą zielonymi mchami
na zesrebrniałych ze wzruszenia strzechach

miał worek Hopsa dla Horse-Whisperera i jego ludzi
uskrzydlony, niestety, nadzieją

musiał Wieś uczyć się fruwać szybciej niż nadzieja!
dlatego widział wieś i jej dachy z góry, a niezwykłą drogą
dostarczy Hopsa w samą porę


Wieś walked through a village covered in green moss,
on silvered thatched roofs, moved by emotion

he had a bag of Hops for Horse-Whisperer and his people,
winged, unfortunately, with hope

Wieś had to learn to fly faster than hope!
that's why he saw the village and its roofs from above,
and in an extraordinary way, he delivered Hops
just in time

when Wanderer dies, he really wants to go to the Others

he sees how it is: when dying,
with a stinking snout, it pushes him into the Inner Forest,
Others show evidence of Small Tribes
and do not want to see death

hurry up, Wanderer, while there's still time!

Horse-Whisperer tells me that if something is to come out of him,
I should employ a few kilometers of dwarfs to carry letters

and they carry, but so strangely, as if they were carrying eggs that drag behind them

between the words so many umbilical cords, their legs get tangled

In the dirty sheets of dawn, in the suburban line,
we talk about larvae that are born blind
for a tiny flight under a slanted sky
and will die without ever becoming butterflies

The slanting sky rises on the boats of society,
and those usually moor at shallows shallows,
in turn, are itchy like scabies

I will give them wings - Horse-Whisperer swears -

to all of them!
from within!
from yesterday to tomorrow!

Horse-Whisperer undertakes to prove that behind every eye
there is an invisible and free
who always has an optimal chance

prove that it is not so! - he concludes

Not Just One has a wet branch of light in her head today

her name is strange, but shines sympathetically
as does everything in her windblown hair

there are no hidden corners of the brain here
nor thoughts hidden for the time of drought

but there are numerous moments from which deer run
and graze in meadows greening with love

Horse-Whisperer, walking towards Not Just One in the dark,
must be extremely careful
not to trample on anything on the globe

When Horse-Whisperer ponders, his nostalgia digs a tunnel into eternity

luminous eons in the rustle of wings
sweep away nostalgia and carry it further
where one can dance
strike bare feet on the resonant metal of clouds
or spasm at will in pastures of heat

and when one of the sounds moves the Whole
Horse-Whisperer reveals himself as if to exist

I chopped a hole in the smog with a pickaxe in the morning
and what do I see?

Two tanks are copulating right under our window!

We call the police, but they say it's spring!

Horse-Whisperer also supports free love,
but why do they have to be so loud!?

When it comes to catching oneself in Horse-Whisperer,
it's better to grab one's head

between my hands, I have astonishment then
both of us are satisfied

Horse-Whisperer bids farewell to the front

He doesn't allow anything to be taken to the next moment
so as not to clutter the place where the New appears

The New appears on the globe without breaks or further continuations

One thing is important: to air out one's head
to hurry towards the light and not to look back
at anything or anyone, because otherwise
existence may be broken!

Finish yourself!

In the kaleidoscopic realm of swirling dreams,
Where time unspools like strands of silken seams,
A thousand hues coalesce, and dimensions intertwine,
At the edge of perception, where the stars realign.

Dancing lights pirouette on the tips of desire,
As synesthetic visions set the cosmos afire,
The whispers of Horse-Whisperer echo and twirl,
In a hypnotic ballet, as new realities unfurl.

Morphing shapes and sounds, a phantasmagoric display,
An odyssey through the unknown, where shadows hold sway,
Each flicker of thought births a universe anew,
With infinite pathways for the wanderer to pursue.

In this swirling vortex of hallucinatory splendor,
The boundaries of the mind crack and surrender,
And in this final page of our fantastical journey,
The essence of creation unfurls in its glory.

As we bid farewell to the world of Horse-Whisperer,
Remember the magic that lies deep within the ether,
For every thought conceived, and each dream we explore,
Unveils new realms, and endless possibilities galore.