LIFE, a multi-painting installation

LIFE is a multi-painting installation; consists of 32 acrylic paintings on cotton, each measuring 60 cm x 50 cm, that come together to form the word "LIFE." The total size of the installation is 800 cm x 300 cm.

LIFE, acrylics on cotton, original multi-painting installation 300 cm x 800 cm; available

LIFE, 2002

LIFE, my latest multi-painting installation, is a project that embodies my artistic philosophy and my deep fascination with the concept of existence. Consisting of 32 acrylic paintings on cotton, each measuring 60 cm x 50 cm, the installation creates the word "LIFE" when the paintings are arranged together, forming a powerful visual statement that explores the nature of being.

The paintings are painted in a wave-like pattern, with horizontal brushstrokes creating a sense of movement and dynamism. The colors of the paintings also contribute to this effect, with warm tones of red and orange at the bottom, transitioning to cooler shades of blue and violet at the top. Each row features a different color wave, adding an element of complexity and depth to the overall composition.

But more than just a visual spectacle, LIFE is an exploration of the human experience, capturing the joys, sorrows, and complexities of existence. Through the use of color and form, I sought to capture the essence of life itself, from the vibrancy of youth to the wisdom of age, from the exuberance of love to the melancholy of loss.

As an artist, I believe that my role is to provoke thought, to inspire emotion, and to challenge conventions. With LIFE, I hope to achieve all of these things and more, inviting viewers to immerse themselves in a world of color and texture, and to reflect on the meaning and purpose of their own lives.

Wiesław Sadurski during painting LIFE

Wiesław Sadurski

during painting LIFE