LIFE, a multi-painting installation

LIFE is my latest artistic endeavor, a multi-painting installation that embodies my philosophy and fascination with the essence of existence. This installation is a composition of 32 acrylic paintings on cotton, each 60 cm x 50 cm in size. Arranged together, these paintings spell out the word "LIFE," creating a strong visual narrative about the nature of being.

LIFE, acrylics on cotton, 32 paintings in multi-painting installation 300 cm x 800 cm

The wave-like pattern of the paintings, with horizontal brushstrokes, infuses the installation with movement and dynamism. The colors transition from warm reds and oranges to cool blues and violets. Each row of the installation showcases a different color wave, adding depth and complexity to the overall piece.

LIFE is more than just a visual treat. It's a reflection on the human experience, capturing the multitude of emotions and stages we encounter in life. From the vibrancy of youth to the depth of age, from the joy of love to the pangs of loss, each color and stroke represents an aspect of our journey.

As an artist, my aim is to provoke thought, stir emotions, and challenge norms. With LIFE, I aspire to invite viewers into a world of color and texture, encouraging them to ponder the meaning and purpose of their existence.

Wiesław Sadurski during painting LIFE

Wiesław Sadurski

During the creation of LIFE, my journey as an artist intertwined with the theme of the installation. It was a process of exploration and reflection, not just of the medium and technique but also of the introspective journey that art often prompts.


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