Abstract Paintings of the Color Spectrum by Wiesław Sadurski

Rediscover the basics with my return to the primary colors. Limiting my palette to Red, Yellow, and Blue, these paintings are a conceptual exploration of the Holy Trinity in art. Each color, blending to create the spectrum, is a celebration of Light as the Absolute.



An oil painting displaying a sharp burst of radiant yellow, orange, and red streaks against a vast blue background, conjuring the image of a celestial object soaring through the sky with a trail of vivid, energetic colors in its wake

Indian Star, 1983, Oil/Canvas 200 x 140 cm

"Indian Star" painting portrays the serene elegance of the cosmos, its streaks of vibrant colors a metaphor for the rich tapestry of life. On a backdrop of tranquil blue, this painting captures the ephemeral journey of light and energy, a solitary yet spirited dance that echoes the essence of existence.

Dynamic oil painting featuring a bright starburst radiating elongated streaks of fiery orange and yellow against a deep blue background, symbolizing energy, motion, and the raw power of a star as it disperses its light into the cosmos.

Star in Wind, 1983, Oil/Canvas 140 x 130 cm

Captured on canvas, represents the moment of a star’s breath, an exhalation scattering its essence into the universe. Here, in the silent language of color, the painting speaks to the beautiful ferocity of creation, to the forces that carve the heavens across the fathomless night.

An oil painting where three sharp streaks of fiery colors cut across a deep blue background, each line tapering to a fine point, suggesting the presence and parallel journey of three celestial bodies or forces in the quietude of space.

Three of Us, 1983, Oil/Canvas 200 x 140 cm

An abstract exploration of connection and harmony within the vastness of the universe! The painting features three distinct streaks of red, orange, and yellow that slash through an expanse of deep blue, symbolizing individual entities moving together in a cosmic ballet, their paths intertwined yet separate, painting a portrait of unity against the canvas of infinity.

An oil painting dominated by a white space from which bursts forth an array of vivid, flame-like streaks in yellow and orange, suggesting a moment of profound spiritual emergence against a serene blue backdrop.

In the Name of the Spirit, 1983, Oil/Canvas 130 x 150 cm

"In the Name of the Spirit" is dominated by a central white void surrounded by radiant yellow and fiery orange streaks against a tranquil sky-blue background, the artwork might be perceived as a burst of divine energy or inspiration descending from above.

The colors seem to dance and flicker, as if moved by an unseen force, creating an impression of spiritual awakening or revelation.

A painting capturing a vivid eruption of streaks in warm tones that stretch upwards like a vibrant greeting or burst of joy against a calming blue background, evoking a sense of dynamic communication.

Hello to You, 1983, Oil/Canvas 130 x 150 cm

Set against a deep blue backdrop, the radiant streaks of yellow, orange, and red seem to converge from the bottom and spread outward, resembling a salute or a gesture of recognition.

The visual energy of the painting is a warm and spirited greeting, embodying enthusiasm, vitality, and the communicative exchange between me and the viewer.



A symbolic oil painting with a burnt canvas and cross, representing the shape of Poland and reflecting historical and personal narratives.

Polish Fullness, 1982-5, Oil and fire Painting 110 x 120 cm

Polish Fullness

"Polish Fullness" is a profound piece, an oil and fire painting that extends beyond the canvas. The creation process involved not just the stroke of the brush but the transformative power of fire. During the tumultuous period marked by the state of war in Poland, this artwork was born, symbolizing my deep connection with my homeland. The unintentional shaping of the canvas by fire into the country's outline is serendipitous, almost as if destiny itself etched Poland's spirit onto the medium.

At the base of the painting lies a serene childhood landscape, a nostalgic recall from my early memories, which contrasts with the vivid and almost violent rupture above. This juxtaposition between the idyllic and the dramatic captures the essence of a nation’s soul - serene and tumultuous moments entwined in history's fabric.

The wooden cross reinforcement on the back of the canvas not only provides structural support but also symbolizes a backbone of faith and endurance through the trials that the nation faced. The work stands as a testament to the passage of time, the endurance of culture, and the indomitable spirit. "Polish Fullness" therefore is not just a painting; it is a chronicle of a nation's narrative, the beauty of its land, the struggle for its sovereignty, and the perpetual hope for its future.


A painting with ethereal qualities, blending soft colors to depict an angelic shape, embodying peace and spiritual grace.

Angel, 1990, Oil/Canvas 90 x 110 cm

"Angel" is featuring a serene composition dominated by a calming shade of sky blue. At the center of the canvas is a figure that resonates with simplicity and symmetry, its form gently tapering to a point at the bottom.

Above this focal point floats a softly glowing orb encircled by a halo of warm, subtle hues. The use of light and color in this painting suggests a sense of purity and spiritual elevation. The graceful lines curve upwards, akin to outspread wings, giving the impression of an angel in a tranquil ascent.

The soft gradient of colors gives the piece a delicate luminescence, invoking a feeling of peace and the presence of divine energy. The artwork is a visual hymn, an ode to the protective and guiding essence of angelic beings in human spirituality.

Artistic representation of freedom and aspiration, with uplifting colors and form suggesting flight and liberation.

Born to fly, 1985, Oil/Canvas 60 x 80 cm

"Born to Fly" prompts introspection about the very essence of being; presents an abstract form, reminiscent of a creature or spirit poised at the cusp of flight. The central luminous figure seems to emerge from the enveloping darkness, symbolizing the awakening of consciousness, or the birth of an idea.

The use of contrasting colors is striking - the deep blues and blacks form a vast expanse that represents the unknown, the universe, the subconscious mind. In contrast, the glowing, ethereal light at the heart of the work seems to pulsate with potential and vitality.

The title "Born to Fly" is a metaphor for the human condition: the soul's quest for freedom, the mind's search for knowledge, the heart's pursuit of the divine. This artwork speaks to the belief that every entity has within it the light of possibility, the wings of potential.



An abstract painting featuring a celestial dandelion-like mandala with a radiant yellow core and concentric circles set against a sky blue background, symbolizing universal connectivity and spiritual revelation.

Open Secret, 1993, Acrylic/Canvas 100 x 130 cm

The Secret is Open for the invisible patterns of life

“Open Secret” is a visionary work, bringing to mind a cosmic revelation. In the center of the image, a vibrating yellow ball radiates outward, creating circles that can be seen as rings of life or energy vibrations that create the matter of existence.

The circles are carefully drawn, and their precision suggests the mathematical harmony underlying nature. The central pattern is reminiscent of sacred geometry that has long been considered a symbol of the patterns that weave the tapestry of life.The soft white aura surrounding the mandala gives the impression of an ethereal and otherworldly bloom.

The juxtaposition of the radiant mandala and the cool background evokes a sense of infinity, reflecting my fascination with the mystical and eternal. A delicate drop of vivid colors at the base of the mandala adds dynamics, suggesting the flow of energy and the transfer of knowledge.

“Open Secret” conveys my belief in unity and the inherent beauty and wisdom of the universe. It invites you to look beyond what is visible and find peace and enlightenment in the understanding that everything is connected.

This painting is a visual mantra, calling you to a moment of contemplation and inner peace. It is a testimony to my artistic journey that discovers and presents the truths and secrets that unite the cosmos.


A bold and expansive painting that captures the long body of the solar system, energy and radiance of the sun in a galactic flight.

Flying Sun, 1983-85, Oil/Canvas 275 x 200 cm

"Flying Sun" is an expansive oil on canvas painting measuring 275 x 200 cm, created between 1983 and 1985. This piece captures the dynamic motion of a celestial body, rendered with a vibrant spectrum that streaks across a deep, midnight blue backdrop. It evokes the image of a sun, not stationary, but as an active, traveling force, cutting through the cosmos with intent and energy.

The colors flow with a fluidity that breathes life into the painting, each hue seamlessly transitioning into the next, suggesting both the intense heat of a star and the gentle progression of a sunrise. The vast size of the painting invites the observer to consider the enormity of the universe and the constant movement within it, drawing a parallel to the boundless potential of the human spirit when it decides to soar.

An acrylic painting that uses the rainbow as a motif and play, symbolizing hope, diversity, and the beauty of life's spectrum.

Rainbow Signs, 1998, Acrylic/Canvas 130 x 100 cm

"Rainbow Signs" painting presents a celestial orb that is intersected by geometric shapes and lines, suggesting a cosmic form of communication or navigation, as if the universe itself were sending signals through the medium of a rainbow. These vivid, spectral bands contrast with the earth-toned horizontal layers, which provide a grounding balance to the ethereal skyward elements.

The juxtaposition of the natural, flowing curves of the planet and the landscape against the sharp angles and lines hints at the intersection of organic life and the constructed order of society, science, and spirituality. The rainbow, with its connotations of hope and promise, serves as a bridge between these realms, an emblem of the continuity that runs through our diverse interpretations of life and the cosmos.


Light as the Source of Being

As an artist, I consider myself innocent and even irresponsible when it comes to painting. It's as if the act of creation flows through me, using me as a tool, much like a brush, canvas, or easel. While I pour my passion and efforts into each piece, I'm not entirely sure where the painting comes from. Perhaps it comes from a source like you and me. From the same source.

My painting process is a divine flow, channeling creativity from a universal source. An artwork reflects this journey of knowledge and vision, where the primary colors converse to reveal the spectrum of life.


An acrylic painting that masterfully blends white with spectral colors, creating an ethereal and luminous visual experience.

Spectral White, 1990, Oil/Canvas 90 x 75 cm

Featuring a mystical aura in shades of blue and white, this painting evokes a sense of serenity and transcendence.

Mystic White, 1985, Oil/Canvas 115 x 90 cm

A mixed technique painting, interweaving abstract forms and colors to depict the profound connections in the mystical realm.

Mystic Connection, 1983, mixed technique Painting 140 x 130 cm

An acrylic work expressing a bold stance through vibrant spectral colors and landscapes, capturing a strong, assertive energy.

Spectral Attitude, 1993, Acrylic/Canvas 90 x 115 cm

"Spectral Attitude" is a lively celebration of color and form, featuring a central orb that might be seen as a microcosm of the earth itself, cradled within the vivid embrace of concentric rings. These rings radiate outwards, each a spectrum of emotion and thought, suggesting the various layers of energy and aura that surround and permeate our planet and our very existence.

Bold vertical elements disrupt the harmonious flow, signifying the interruptions and interventions of human progress or thought in the natural order. The underlying landscape anchors the composition, a reminder of the physical reality upon which all our spectral musings are based.

The piece invites contemplation on the visible and invisible forces that shape our world, as well as the interplay between nature's organic beauty and the structured patterns we impose upon it.

A mesmerizing blend of blue and green hues in an abstract composition, evoking the depth and mystery of an open window.

Blue-green Abstract, 1995, Acrylic/Canvas 100 x 130 cm

This acrylic on canvas painting, titled "Blue-Green Abstract", stands out for its striking visual dichotomy. The artwork is defined by two sharply cut geometric shapes that open up to reveal a vibrant blue-green world within, contrasting boldly against the deep blue abyss that surrounds them.

The vivid shades of green evoke the lushness of life and nature, while the enveloping blue suggests the unfathomable depths of the ocean or the expansiveness of the sky. These two vibrant triangles serve as windows, gateways to another dimension of consciousness or reality.

The texture within the forms is rich and organic, hinting at landscapes or seascapes - scenes from the natural world that are teeming with life, yet abstracted into a form that defies literal interpretation. This piece would be at home in any space that invites contemplation and exploration beyond the visible spectrum.

This painting symbolizes the connection between heaven and earth, using rays of color to bridge the two realms.

One Ray for the Sky, One Ray for the Earth, 1992, Acrylic/Canvas 90 x 130 cm

The painting "One Ray for the Sky, One Ray for the Earth" encapsulates the essence of duality and unity, portraying a planet that is delicately balanced by two rays—one reaching towards the sky and the other grounding itself to the Earth.

The celestial body is depicted in warm and cool colors, suggesting a fusion of opposing energies, such as the fiery warmth of life and the tranquil depths of the cosmos. The intersecting rays symbolize the connection between heaven and earth, the spiritual and the material, a reminder of the interconnectedness of all things.

The backdrop, shifting from light to dark, hints at the cyclical nature of existence, the constant flow of day into night, life into death, and back again. It's a visual representation of the balance and harmony that permeates the universe, and a call to recognize and honor the interplay between the different facets of our own lives.



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This next chapter in my artistic exploration delves into the full spectrum of light, where each color weaves a tapestry of emotion and energy. Join me on this vibrant journey as we explore the rainbow's hues, each painting a dance of light and life.

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