MYSTIC BLUE: a Journey into Infinity by Wiesław Sadurski

Delve into the profound cosmic connections of my Mystic Blue collection. Each oil painting in this series is a unique narrative that beckons viewers into a contemplation of existence and the vast cosmos. These works, inspired by the enigmatic night sky, explore spirituality, self-discovery, and my bond with the universe. Embrace this invitation to embark on a transformative journey beyond time and space, into the heart of being.

An artistic portrayal of a village nestled within a cosmic arrow, blending earthly landscapes with a star-studded sky, symbolizing the intersection of the mundane and the celestial.

Galactic Village, 1978, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 160 x 130 cm

Majestic Cosmos Captured through the Intimate Lens of Human Experience

"Galactic Village" emerges from my deep-seated curiosity about the cosmos, exploring the concept of civilizations that span across the tapestry of space. I depicted what I perceive as a cosmic settlement, a cluster of starry habitations scattered along a luminescent astral plane. The dark expanse of the universe stretches infinitely, yet within it, the vibrant trail of the village suggests life, energy, and connectivity.

The swathes of blue in varying shades are reminiscent of the oceanic depths, a familiar terrestrial analogy for the unknown depths of space. The bursts of light and color along the horizon conjure images of homes and hearths, a universal symbol of community and warmth. This is my vision of the universe as a place not just of vast emptiness, but of intimate gatherings and cosmic kinship.

"Galactic Village" embodies the duality of my artistic practice: the grandiose scale of the cosmos captured through the intimate lens of human experience. Crafting this piece was an act of meditation, where each stroke brought me closer to understanding my place in the cosmos. It was an endeavor to reach out across the void, to touch the lives of unseen neighbors in our shared galactic home.


A mesmerizing image capturing the essence of stardust transitioning into landscape thickets, illuminating the dark blue cosmic canvas with twinkling stars.

Stardust, 1978, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 160 x 130 cm

A painting of a nude upper body immersed in darkness, highlighting the contrast between human vulnerability and the encompassing void.

Nude in the Dark, 1987, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 100 x 75 cm

A captivating depiction of a wandering star adorned with pink lights, set against the backdrop of a deep bluish-violet stellar space.

Wandering Star, 1978, Original Acrylic Painting on Canvas 90 x 120 cm

Where Time Bends and Twists into Eternity

"Wandering Star" stands as a testament to my enduring fascination with the vast cosmos, where I delve into the enigmatic beauty of the universe. In this piece, I sought to capture the essence of a solitary star on its timeless voyage across the cosmic seas.

The palette of blues, deep and infinite, reflects the endless mysteries of space, where time bends and twists into eternity. The star's luminescence is a symbol of constancy and hope, a guiding light in the profound darkness that swaths the universe.

My brushstrokes, varied in texture and hue, are an homage to the dynamic yet harmonious chaos that governs the heavens. They mirror the awe-inspiring creativity of the cosmos, inviting you into a meditative state, urging you to ponder the grandeur that lies beyond our earthly realm.

"Wandering Star" is a visual confession of my deepest curiosities, a piece where I have poured my wonderment for the cosmos and my belief in the light that persists amidst the darkness, guiding us all on our individual, wandering paths.


An ethereal artwork showcasing a star bursting with blue energy, encircled by lightning bolts, hinting at the profound depths of the soul.

Soul Blue, 1975, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 60 x 80 cm

A minimalist yet profound representation of a black-blue rectangle floating in blue space, embodying the concept of absence in art.

Absent Picture, 1984, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 75 x 100 cm

A poignant self-portrait set within the depths of a black hole, surrounded by five stars and waves of color, symbolizing a journey into the unknown.

Selfportrait in a Black Hole, 1984, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 45 x 60 cm


Mystic Blue

passive energy, exhalation of being,

energy of emptiness,
all-embracing universality,
state of creative not-knowing,

a canvas for dreams,
where cosmic landscapes form,
and the spirit soars


A vast black-blue cosmic space encircled by a lighter blue hue and dotted with numerous glowing stars, invoking the image of a nurturing cosmic mother.

Cosmic Mother, 1983, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 240 x 140 cm

A subtle depiction of the Third Eye, represented as a barely visible face within a star in a black-blue universe, reflecting spiritual awakening.

Third Eye, 1983, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 140 x 240 cm

Dynamic rays of light and color shooting across a dark blue background, evoking a sense of movement and energy in the cosmic void.

Rays, 1983, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 50 x 80 cm

A deep blue universe with a central shining star surrounded by purple hues, below which float landscape forms, signifying the mystique of the cosmos.

Mystic Light, 1983, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 240 x 200 cm

"Mystic Light" is an enigmatic oil painting that stretches across a canvas of impressive dimensions. Its swirling celestial patterns mimic the great spiral galaxies of the cosmos, drawing the viewer into a contemplation of the infinite. Deep hues of blue and violet lay the foundation of the void, out of which emerge fiery ribbons of red and crimson, signifying the dynamic, ever-changing universe.

The deeper one gazes into the concentric circles that form the painting's structure, the closer one seems to approach the light at its nucleus—a metaphor, perhaps, for the pursuit of enlightenment. This piece evokes the profound mystery of the cosmos, the sublime beauty of the night sky, and humanity's ceaseless quest to understand the unknowable depths of both outer space and our inner selves. The painting's large scale ensures that it commands the space it occupies, just as its subject commands our imagination.


1983: Life in Kreuzberg, a commune of six artists

In 1983, residing in Kreuzberg within a commune of six artists, life was a blend of creativity and survival. Amidst the scarcity of resources, I juggled odd jobs to sustain my passion for painting. My canvases became the canvases of life itself.

The process was meticulous and sacred. I made massive wooden frames, put the canvases on, layering them with glue and white primer. This preparation, a ritual of dedication, set the stage for my most ambitious project yet - a series of massive blue paintings, where the dream's blues merged with the hues of my palette, birthing these ethereal works.


An abstract representation of three circles playing with darkness and light in a green-blue space, symbolizing unity and oneness.

One + One = One, 1983, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 240 x 140 cm

Depicts black-purple landscape stripes meandering through blue starry spaces or waters, symbolizing the depth and mystery of the universe.

Dark Lands Deep Space, 1983, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 60 x 45 cm

A painting featuring a blue belt with light effects and horizontal color spaces, crowned by a semi-empty circle, representing continuity and flow.

Blue Stripe, 1988, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 130 x 90 cm


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