Original Paintings of Creation, the relationship of Man to Cosmos

In 'Paintings of Creation', through brush and paint, I delve into the mysteries of the universe, nature, and consciousness, I explore the bond between humanity and the cosmos.

These artworks, ranging from the depiction of cosmic wonders to the nuances of human consciousness, embody my artistic journey. They reflect my exploration of unseen realms – from premonitions and fantasies to revelations – leading to artworks that often chart their own course, compelling me to follow.


Oil painting 'Come into the Light' center surrounded by rich, dark blues, suggesting a journey from darkness into a radiant light, symbolizing enlightenment and revelation.

Come into the Light, 1976, original oil painting 140 x 120 cm

"Come into the Light" captures the very essence of awakening. Like the dawn touching the night sky with rays of hope, the painting is an ode to the new beginnings that call from the horizon of life. The canvas is an invitation to the light at the end of the tunnel, encouraging to take a step forward into the warm glow of discovery and understanding.

A striking oil painting depicting a central blue void encircled by fiery textures, embodying the tranquility and depth of meditation.

Empty my Mind, 1983, original oil painting 240 x 200 cm

In the space of my creative universe, “Empty My Mind” represents introspection and the cosmic swirl of thoughts. In the deep blue core rests the mind's eye, calm and limitless. Among the flames of contemplation, a moment beyond time in the quiet abyss of self-discovery. Here, amidst the swirling colors, I indulge in meditative silence, letting my thoughts melt into the center of infinite peace.


Interplay of Light and Matter, subjected to the Gravity of the Experiencing Mind and Heart

In my artistic journey, I've delved into the origins of life and its ethereal spaces. My transition from monotypes to oil paintings marks a shift towards the cosmic dimension. My artworks, inspired by light's intersection with matter, portray landscapes dense with space-time intricacies. This exploration blurs the lines between my inner visions and the outer cosmos, inviting you on a journey of discovery beyond the canvas.


Artistic representation of an emerging artist symbolized by a silhouette cutting through raw canvas, titled 'Metaphor' by Wiesław Sadurski.

Metaphor, 1977
original Artwork 27 x 41 x 5 cm

Metaphor is about an artist
who's not yet there
who comes through raw canvas

just bleeding a bit
in coming to life

Oil painting 'Brother Brush and Sister Star' featuring a worn-out paintbrush mounted on canvas with a celestial background.

Brother Brush and Sister Star, 1977
original oil painting 100 x 130 cm

I created this composition
to honour my brush
who worked two years long on many canvases, loosing most of his hair.
Great hero of my everydation!

A vibrant oil painting that captures the dynamic birth of the universe, with fiery colors swirling around a luminous center, symbolizing the explosive energy of existence.

Creation, 1976-8, original oil painting on canvas 200 x 250 cm

Man is the Face of Creation

Looking at "Creation", a large oil painting, one may get the impression that we are witnessing the very beginning of existence. The canvas is a cosmic stage where vibrant reds, yellows and blues dance in swirling fire, revealing the energies present at the birth of the universe. The radiant white core is a visual echo of the Big Bang, which gave rise to time, matter and light - although its rhythms also resemble the outline of a human face.

"Creation" is an artistic expression, but also a meditation on the origins of all that exists. Textured strokes, made with passion and precision, evoke primal chaos that is being brought to order. The raised edges of the paints reflect light differently as the day progresses, symbolizing the ever-changing and dynamic universe in which we live. It encourages contemplation of the cycles of destruction and rebirth inherent in all things.

The lower, dark parts form the backbone of the composition, reminding us of the emptiness from which the work emerged, full of potential and mystery.This painting is a tribute to the forces shaping existence and man's place in the great mystery of the cosmos, as well as a testimony to an artistic vision of the ineffable beauty of the universe. "Creation" encourages reflection on the beginnings of all beginnings, igniting a spark of wonder and curiosity about the very essence of life and the universe.


An oil painting depicting a radiant light source illuminating a rich, textured landscape of warm and cool colors, symbolizing the guiding light in our lives.

One Light, 1975; Art Canvas Print 50 x 80 cm

"One Light" depicts a special light that illuminates and warms the depths of existence, casting its glow on the textured composition of life. It is a dance of fiery colors and soothing blues, an echo of the eternal flame that burns within everyone, guiding us through the ups and downs of our journey.


Oip painting featuring an ethereal figure against a backdrop of vibrant cosmic colors, symbolizing guardianship over the earth and the universe.

Lonely Angel, 1976, Art Canvas Print 50 x 80 cm

In cosmic space I am but a presence, a Lonely Angel, watching over the infinite blue where the heavenly fires burn and fly away into the void. It is here, in the silence between the stars, that I spread my wings, floating on the edge of existence, as a guardian of the delicate earth and the vast sky.


Visions unfold from the Brush, that is both Personal and Universal

I use a variety of techniques to bring my paintings to life, including oil paints, acrylics, watercolors. I also love experimenting with different brush strokes and tools to create interesting effects. My artistic style is characterized by the bold use of textured oil paints and multi-layered glazes, each stroke contributing to landscapes of becoming.

These paintings, born from the brush, resonate with personal and universal themes, shaped by my explorations in cosmology. They are poetic research projects, journeys into the mysteries of the universe, from subatomic realms to cosmic expanses. In creating these images, I delve into the unknown, bringing forth visions that bridge the inner and outer worlds.


Oil painting 'Tunnel of Love' depicting a light sphere with concentric rings of landscapes and stars in a cosmic setting.

Tunnel of Love, 1976-8, original oil/canvas painting 200 x 160 cm

Tunnel of Love – The Dawning of Consciousness

In the vivid and electrifying oil painting "Tunnel of Love", we witness an allegorical presentation of the first awakening of consciousness. This painting, made at the same time as "Creation", parallels not only creation, but also enlightenment.

The piece is dominated by a fiery palette that moves towards a calm azure center, towards the warmth of awakening and the peace of newfound awareness. This colorful tunnel symbolizes the journey from the first manifestations of love to the clarity of conscious unity. It reflects a transformative journey of consciousness that expands from a single point of light to a spectrum of understanding.

The use of thick, textured layers of paint creates a dynamic sense of movement, indicating an active process of becoming conscious. The viewer is invited inside, towards the blue heart of the canvas, on an inner journey of self-discovery and realization that emerges with the light of consciousness.

The main motif, "sun within the sun", serves as a powerful symbol of this emerging awareness. It signifies the core of our being, the inner light that reflects the outer sun and symbolizes the birth of insight, the enlightenment of the mind and spirit.

"Tunnel of Love" is not just a visual spectacle - it is a story about evolution, from the beginnings of feelings to the emergence of conscious thought. It evokes the idea that love is a force of nature – mysterious, powerful and ultimately unifying; encourages us to see it as an elemental, cosmic energy that shapes life, worlds and destiny.


A vibrant oil painting capturing a spiraling array of colors that suggest the dynamic, chaotic beauty of a cosmic black hole.

Black Hole Once, 1976, original oil 100 x 80 cm

“Black Hole Once” is a whirlwind of colors and emotions, a testimony to the turbulence that moves within us and in the universe. Fervent brush strokes and vivid colors create a composition that reflects the chaotic beauty of intertwined creation and destruction. In this piece I captured the essence of transformation - an intense journey from the fiery, external noise to the calm depths of the unknown.

A painting of a bright, oval-shaped UFO against a dark, textured cosmic background, exuding a sense of motion and otherworldly energy.

UFO, 1977, original oil 80 x 50 cm

In this play of light and shadow, I imagined a celestial visitor, made of mystery, somewhere in the cosmic void. The vibrant heart of the painting pulsates with energy of unknown origin, inviting the viewer to reflect on the infinite possibilities of the universe. It is a silent journey through the night sky, a trail of wonder and untold stories.

A mixed media painting depicting a torn canvas revealing a cosmic scene of stars and nebulae, with real dry flowers embedded near the tear, blending art and reality.

Black Hole, 1977, original oil 100 x 70 cm

Beneath the torn shreds of reality, I captured an unexpected beauty - a chaotic yet harmonious void where creation and destruction unite. This painting shows the veil separating our world from the mysteries of the cosmos, made visible by a random tear. There are remnants of earth, dry flowers, symbolizing the resilience of life even as it hovers on the edge of the unfathomable.


Artwork 'Christmas Tree' showing a small star joining edges of a bursting blue space with its lights, creating streaks of landscapes.

Christmas Tree, 1976, Art Canvas Print 60 x 75 cm


'Bringing Light' painting illustrates a two-winged figure flying and spreading light across landscapes, painted in intense colors.

Bringing Light, 1975; Art Canvas Print 45 x 60 cm


The light makes visible what exists. The painting reveals what does not exist.

This statement encapsulates the essence of my art. Light reveals the world's existing beauty, while painting brings forth the unseen, conjuring new realms and emotions. Illumination and Imagination is the Essence of Artistic Creation.

In this act of creation, I find a meditative journey, exploring inner landscapes and bringing them to life on the canvas. My paintings are transforming raw materials into visions, bridging the seen and the unseen. They are invitations to explore the hidden depths of the psyche and the universe, revealing the unseen and the unimagined.


A mesmerizing path of flames weaves across the canvas, each step igniting the birth of stars and worlds, showcasing a trail of cosmic creation and fiery transformation.

Fire Path, 1980, original oil/canvas painting 200 x 160 cm

"The Fiery Path" - a heavenly journey

The Path of Fire charts the cosmic journey through creation. The canvas is a dynamic stage on which each step causes a vibrating explosion of fiery colors, giving birth to stars and celestial bodies.

At first glance, the image resembles a cosmic sea, where waves of molten gold and crimson collide with the calm depths of the universe. As if the fiery passion of creation flowed into the cool cosmos, creating a vivid contrast, at once harmonious and chaotic.

The artistic process as an equivalent of cosmic creation.
The use of luminous colors against a deep blue background creates the impression of movement, as if the painting itself was alive with the rhythmic dance of creation. The path of fire guides the eye across the canvas, evoking a sense of journey and transformation.

“Fire Path” is a metaphor for an artist's journey, an ode to the process of making a vision come true. It reminds us that creation is a constant process, a journey not only on the canvas, but through life and imagination itself, leaving traces shining with the essence of being.

Oil painting that evokes the dynamic and vibrant process of cosmic creation, with deep blues and bright yellows swirling around a central, dark void, suggestive of a celestial event.

Lightning of Creation, 1976, Art Canvas Print 100 x 130 cm

I witness the birth of the stars and landscapes, the dance of energy that weaves life into the fabric of space. This celestial vortex, a living canvas of gold and blue, captures the electric rush of existence - the primordial lightning that originates in the third eye, in the black hole of the barely visible face.

A stirring oil painting depicting the ethereal face-off between a spectral demon and an innocent girl, expressed through a vibrant, tempestuous interplay of colors.

Demon and Girl, 1977, original oil painting 130 x 160 cm

In “Demon and Girl” I explore the juxtaposition of fear and innocence, dark and light. This painting is an internal battle, a confrontation with one's own demon, an invisible force that shapes fears and desires. The intense explosion of color on the canvas brings the fight to life, revealing the fiery dance between temptation and purity that dances within each of us.

I painted that oil painting above, where Girl is stuck between the eyes of the Demon.
30 years later, feeling compassionate, I let her dance for a while.

Blue-black hole, eyes nose mouth in flying aura; roofs houses, night lamps, horizon - are Demon‘s teeth

Demon, 1978, original oil painting 150 x 120 cm, Art Canvas Print 150 x 120 cm


Art as Existence: my Journey with the Brush

Discovering painting was a revelation, the beginning of a lifelong journey, expression of deep emotions, a bridge to the divine. This pursuit gave me a profound sense of purpose and joy. Through painting, I entered into dialogue with creation, delving into the intricacies of human experience and the universe. It is a limitless exploration, a reflection of the infinite spirit and a celebration of the potential that lies within each of us.


An original oil painting named ‘Longing‘, featuring a radiant sphere amidst a dynamic field of warm and cool hues, symbolizing the ceaseless human quest for meaning and transcendence.

Longing, 1985, original oil painting 120 x 150 cm

"Longing" is a sincere testimony of the constant search for meanings and relationships of the human spirit. This gentle pull towards the light in the sky symbolizes my innate desire to reach beyond the known. It is a cosmic dance of longing, with fiery colors and heavenly blue, creating a narrative about the eternal search for what is unknown and heavenly in us.

Lady of the Night, blue stellar space shaped like women, streaks of white-yellow-red colors create aura.

Lady of the Night, 1980, original acrylic painting 100 x 130 cm

In the spiraling embrace of "Lady of the Night", I penetrate the depths of space, on a journey reflecting the introspection of the soul. Swirling patterns and vivid colors are like the emotions that govern us - powerful, beautiful and limitless. When darkness tempts with its mysterious charm, this painting speaks of the quiet strength and grace that space brings, reminding that the end is only a prelude to a new beginning.


Unity in Creation: Merging with the Artistic Universe

In the act of creation, I find myself at the edge of existence, merging with the natural energies. Painting transcends being a mere skill; it becomes a union with the cosmos. Brushstroke is not just a physical act but a conduit for universal energies. My approach, which I term 'Art Yoga,' reflects this spiritual connection in painting. It's a meditative process where I become one with the paint and the canvas, channeling the universe's creativity. This method transforms painting into an adventure, a joy of self-discovery, a bridge between the seen and unseen.


Shots on the Border, blue oil painting of starlit night with five holes burned through canvas

Shots on the Border, 1987
original oil and fire painting on canvas 100 x 80 cm

All those years I had a GDR watchtower facing my windows,
these were the first ones in the West(Berlin).

And, between realms, there were "Shots on the border", the painting above.

Five bullets hit the canvas
but painting and painter live forever!

Indian Summer, streaks chaotic visions of landscapes, one above the other, separated by sky or water

Indian Summer, 1988, original oil painting 150 x 120 cm
Art Canvas Print 150 x 120 cm cm

I like these streaks of chaotic colors referring to the vision of landscapes, one above the other, separated by sky or water. What you see here is chaos turning into harmony. Warm harmony given to brutal creation.

Streaks of chaotic colors, visionary landscapes, one above the other, separated by sky or water

Rough Spiral, 1988
original oil painting 70 x 50 cm; Art Canvas Print 70 x 50 cm

This is a short way of creation: it starts with the light creating matter, movement and space - by a spiral;
one arm of spiral turns into what can be a shape of a palacy.


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