Cross of Here and Now

This striking Painting Object is made of four raw canvases that, when combined, make a powerful statement about the meeting of time and space in the here and now. With an overall size of 500 x 500 cm, the Cross Here and Now is an expansive and thought-provoking work of art.

The cross is the void between the canvases; horizontally is the timeline that extends from the past to the future; the vertical line represents an inner state that extends from hell to heaven. The point of intersection of these two axes is the place where we exist - here and now. The place is both eternal and ephemeral, a paradox.

Using three primary colors and three primary brush strokes, I have created a visual mystery here that invites you to explore the deeper themes of existence. I recommend this poetic exploration of the here and now to any lover of art and philosophy.

Painting Object; aura of the Cross on four Raw Canvases



A quadriptych featuring four raw canvases, with each canvas showing a quarter of a yellow and red aura on a blue background, forming a cross that represents the convergence of time and existence in the present moment.

Cross of Here and Now, 1992 - 94, acrylics on four raw canvases 140 x 140 cm, total size 500 x 500 cm


the horizontal time line extends from the past to the future
the vertical line of the inner state extends from hell to heaven
the crossing point is where we are

the place is here and now
and it's eternal



"LIFE" is my latest artistic endeavor, a multi-painting installation that embodies my philosophy and fascination with the essence of existence. This installation is a composition of 32 acrylic paintings on cotton, each 60 cm x 50 cm in size. Arranged together, these paintings spell out the word "LIFE," creating a strong visual narrative about the nature of being.

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