Landscapes of Creation: Oil Paintings Reflecting Consciousness Phenomena

In my art journey with the paintbrush, I embrace its unbiased nature, free from sentimentality, yet perfectly suited for delving into the depths of human emotion.

These oil paintings, devoid of preconceived notions or imaginative visions, are born from the spontaneity of the moment. With each fresh canvas, I confront the vast emptiness, an open gateway to uncharted creativity. This process of creation is a dance of chance, where vibrant oil colors are playfully smeared and transformed into chaotic yet harmonious landscapes, revealing the dimensions of life and love through their hues.


Oil painting 'Aura of the Sun' by Wiesław Sadurski, showcasing golden rings amidst green landscapes encircling a sun motif.

Aura of the Sun, 1983, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 40 x 65 cm

The Enigma of ‘Aura of the Sun‘

The painting ‘Aura of the Sun‘ was conceived with a simple yet profound vision: a solar spiral unfolding into a verdant landscape, flowing with a green stream. Crafting this visualization required immense dedication. This was a labor of love, spanning thousands of hours in seven years; until each mistake transformed into unique beauty, unattainable by any other means.

In this piece, the sun's aura isn't just a celestial phenomenon but a metaphor for life itself. The landscape we inhabit is indeed in the sun's embrace. Capturing this essence in paint was as challenging as it was rewarding - the golden hues and the gentle light emerged as a balm for my soul.


A painting characterized by its warm, swirling vortex of colors that simulate the pastoral calm and organic rhythm of village life at sunset, stirring a sense of peace and homeliness in the viewer.

Evening in the Village, 1983, Oil / Canvas 100 x 80 cm

“Evening in the Village” is the quiet but vibrant pulse of village life as day gives way to endless night. This work is a symphony of colors, a depiction of the simple, inconspicuous beauty that emerges at dusk, when the sky and earth sing in harmony with the setting sun.

An oil painting where fiery rings of nebulous matter swirl around a luminescent celestial core, creating a dynamic interplay of color and light that echoes the infinite beauty of the cosmos.

Cosmic Landscape, 1977, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 130 x 100 cm

In "Cosmic Landscape" I explore the vastness of the universe, with swirling nebulae and celestial bodies in a dance of astral wonders. This image depicts an ever-moving, ever-changing cosmos, reminding us of the limitless beauty that exists beyond our earthly borders.

An original oil painting depicting a swirling vortex of colors resembling a dynamic river, symbolizing the flowing energy of life and the universe.

River of Light, 1976, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 50 x 75 cm

“River of Light” is an odyssey of color and movement, a painterly symphony in which each brushstroke sings of the vibrant life force that flows through everything. It represents the undulating rhythms of existence, the ebb and flow that make up the melody of the cosmos. In its current I found a quiet language that speaks not in words but in colors, a visual music that resonates with the vibrations of the soul.

An original oil painting, evokes a fierce sunrise unfurling across the sky, its warm spectrum of reds and yellows clashing with the cool blues to herald the start of a new day, full of potential and light.

Sunrise Horizon, 1988, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 50 x 75 cm

“Sunrise Horizon” is a fiery tribute to the endless cycle of dawns, a composition of colors that sings of beginnings and constant trust. Each brushstroke is a word in this visual poem, each shade is a note of melody that resonates with the birth of light.

Original oil painting blending streaks of vivid reds, blues, and yellows, creating an abstract depiction of a sky where day and night converge, illuminated by both sun and distant stars.

Starry Day, 1979-85, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 50 x 75 cm

“Starry Day” is a cosmic dance of days and nights as celestial lights pass through the veil of the sunny sky. This painting is a tribute to the omnipresent stars, hidden in the light of day but always present, reminding us of the vastness that surrounds us. It is an exploration of the duality that defines our existence, where the radiance of the stars exists in harmony with the warmth of the sun, and the known shares the canvas with infinity.


in the realm of vibrant hues, my paintbrush soars
into uncharted lights, where creation adores

no visions, no dreams, just the canvas and me,
a dance with the unknown, setting me free


Wiesław Sadurski's 'Last Judgment' oil painting with black silhouettes against a red-blue aura background, featuring a large sun.

Last Jugment, 1987, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 90 x 60 cm

The Unconventional Creation of 'The Last Judgment

Crafted during a period when fatherhood intertwined with my artistic pursuits, this masterpiece was born from an unorthodox method. As a devoted father to my toddler daughter, I sought a way to blend parenting with painting. The solution? A dance of creation.

I applied oil paints directly onto the canvas, then covered it with another canvas, engaging in an exuberant dance atop it. This unique technique, powered by the joy and spontaneity of life, imprinted the vibrant energies of color into the fabric. Remarkably, the essence of the artwork was captured in just an hour, transforming a spirited dance into a visual narrative.

This piece wasn’t just a painting; it was an amalgamation of fatherhood, joy, and artistic expression. 'The Last Judgment' serves as a vivid reminder that art can emerge from the most unexpected confluences of life.


Wiesław Sadurski's 'Three Landscapes' oil painting, presenting blue bowl amidst landscape stripes in acrylic.

Three Landscapes, 1977
Original Oil 115 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 115 x 90 cm

Sadurski's 'Looking Glass' oil painting shows a blue center with landscapes across, emitting green and orange hues.

Looking Glass, 1977
Original Oil 100 x 80 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm

Oil painting 'Movement to God' by Wiesław Sadurski, with ascending landscapes in blue space, on cotton canvas.

Movement to God, 1987
Original Oil Painting on cotton 120 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 120 x 90 cm

Vibrant oil painting with a radiant, sun-like orb at the center, enveloped by swirling hues of green and blue, suggesting a profound cosmic event where winter's depth meets the fire of a distant star.

December Dream, 1975, Oil/Canvas 70 x 90 cm

“December Dream” is a tribute to the introspective peace of winter, a cosmic spectacle where the warmth of the sun meets the cold embrace of space. I captured the essence of December cold in this landscape. Not only the seasons, but the space in the heart where heat and cold, light and darkness mingle in a celestial ballet.

Original oil painting depicting the birth of the cosmos, with fiery reds surrounding a tranquil sphere of blues, symbolizing the continuous creation and transformation of the universe.

Brahma Egg, 1975, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 70 x 90 cm

In "Brahma's Egg" I contemplate the origins of existence, the cosmic seed from which the universe blossoms. The contrast of warm and cool tones illustrates the fiery dance of creation, eternal life rising from the depths of the unknown. It is a tribute to the mysteries that surround us, contained in the endless cycle of life.

An original oil painting where deep, mystical greens envelope a mountain's crest, suggesting an aerial voyage over a primordial landscape, untouched and whispering the ancient secrets of nature.

Flight in Green, 1976, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 50 x 65 cm

"Flight in Green" captures the enigmatic essence of a verdant dreamscape, a flight through the lush, untamed wilderness of my imagination. It represents a journey through nature's heart, untethered and serene.

Oil painting showing the mystical glow of creation's dawn, landscapes born from starlight, with color streaks forming landscape structures.

Landscapes born from Starlight, 1976, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 130 x 100 cm


"Landscapes Born from Starlight" emanates the mystical glow of creation's dawn. This piece exemplifies my unique talent to harness the celestial as a muse for terrestrial contemplation. Here, the cosmos is not distant; it is intimately interwoven with the earthly, where the undulating terrain seems to breathe under a firmament alight with stars.

This painting is a poetic confluence where sky and soil meet, suggesting a universe where each speck of starlight births a swath of land. It is as though the stars themselves, in their ancient luminescence, have danced across the void to imprint upon the canvas, leaving trails of cosmic dust that swirl and settle into landforms.

The colors are vibrant yet ethereal, capturing the transitional moments of dusk or dawn when the world exists in half-light, resonating with the potential of becoming. The strokes are loose yet intentional, with each application of paint a deliberate act of creation that mirrors the astronomical phenomena that inspired it.

For me, the painting represents a profound meditation on the interconnectedness of all things. The stars do not just hang in the sky; they descend, blend, and become the landscapes we tread. This vision of unity transcends the traditional separateness of heaven and earth, offering you a glimpse into the sublime harmony of the cosmos.

"Landscapes Born from Starlight" is a testament to my profound engagement with the existential questions that pervade human consciousness. It's an invitation to ponder our place in the universe, not as mere observers but as integral components of the cosmic masterpiece.


Oil painting of a mountain stripe forming a landscape on its way to the sun.

Landscape on its way to Light, 1977, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 55 x 45 cm

Sadurski's 'Sun Village' oil painting depicts a white sun emanating auras, crystallizing in landscape below.

Sun Village, 1977, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 50 x 45 cm

Wiesław Sadurski's 'Polish Summer' oil painting shows a golden sky with a white sun above hills and horizons.

Polish Summer, 1976, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 100 x 80 cm

I Lived Like a Paintbrush in a Larger Hand

In my journey with the brush, I've encountered moments where the artistic process transcended personal experience, becoming a conduit for universal creativity. The painting became an exploration, not just of form and color, but of the essence of existence itself. In this space of boundless creativity, I discovered the true power of art - to transcend the mundane, to explore the profound, and to touch the core of the universal human experience.


Oil painting 'Dream River' by Sadurski, with violent color mix forming riverbanks amidst chaotic flows.

Dream River, 1985, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 46 x 28 cm


A Doorway into the Infinite, a Portal into the Divine

As I rode high on waves of inspiration, brushstrokes brought me closer to the heart of the universe, as if I was sculpting reality itself. In this period, I realized that my art was more than just a representation of the world or something like that, it was a doorway into the infinite, a portal into the divine. Riding those waves of inspiration, I felt truly alive, I was finally home, where I belonged.


An original oil painting that invites the viewer into an impressionistic world awash with soft pastels, capturing the elusive magic and tender beauty of an otherworldly realm sprinkled with starry sparkles.

Fairy Land, 1976, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 50 x 60 cm

In "Fairy Land" I delve into an ethereal land of fantasy, a landscape touched by whimsy and magic. This painting is a delicate whisper of dreams and wonders, where each brushstroke is a trail leading deep into an enchanted territory. It represents a parallel world, full of flashes of magic, fairies and the delicate colors of eternal spring.

A vivid portrayal of the night sky's dynamic canvas, where undulating waves of blue cradle orbs of light, each a star in its own right, together weaving a tapestry of the ethereal dance of the universe.

Starbird, 1989, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 45 x 60 cm

"Starbird" is a visual ode to the night sky, alive with the dance of celestial bodies. This canvas is my heart's canon, reaching for the stars; each brushstroke a melody of the cosmic ballet that unfolds above us each night.

A richly textured oil painting where a luminous moonrise crowns a vibrant, nocturnal landscape, invoking the mystery and enchantment of a child's boundless imagination.

Childhood, 1976, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 80 x 100 cm

“Childhood” is a snapshot of my memories when the universe seemed huge and full of wonders. The stars were friends who whispered the secrets of the endless sky. This work is a canvas of nostalgia, where each brushstroke is a step in the soft, untouched land of innocence, and each color is a shadow of these limitless dreams.

A dynamic oil painting featuring bold, horizontal stripes of vibrant color that suggest the profound interplay between physical existence and the ethereal realms beyond our perception.

Matter Space Spirit, 1988, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 90 x 60 cm

“Matter Space Spirit” embodies the essence of existence, layers upon layers of the fabric of life, stretched across the canvas of reality. The universe pulsates with the rhythm of the invisible, and each brushstroke is a note of a cosmic symphony, harmonizing matter and spirit as the celestial body plunges into the horizon of possibilities.

An intense oil painting that vibrates with the chaotic, fertile pulse of spring, with swirling colors and dynamic forms converging around a central, peaceful blue, symbolizing the harmonious core within life's eternal renewal.

Sacre de Printemps, 1988, Original Oil Painting on Canvas 90 x 65 cm

In "Sacre de Printemps" I delve into the raw vigor of spring's awakening. This canvas is a vivid dance of color, a primal rite that captures the explosive energy of nature's rebirth. Each brushstroke is a testament to the vitality of life, eternally renewing itself amidst the cosmic swirl.


Intensive years of creative work and everything fine, but came there december poverty; not a penny for canvas, frames, colors, brushes... Getting angry I bought me papers and wall paint colors, started to paint using my hand as a brush and state of mind as a vision.

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