Landscapes of Creation: Oil Paintings Reflecting Consciousness Phenomena

In my art journey with the paintbrush, I embrace its unbiased nature, free from sentimentality, yet perfectly suited for delving into the depths of human emotion. These oil paintings, devoid of preconceived notions or imaginative visions, are born from the spontaneity of the moment. With each fresh canvas, I confront the vast emptiness, an open gateway to uncharted creativity. This process of creation is a dance of chance, where vibrant oil colors are playfully smeared and transformed into chaotic yet harmonious landscapes, revealing the dimensions of life and love through their hues.


Oil painting titled 'Brahma Egg' by Wiesław Sadurski, depicting an egg-shaped landscape in vibrant red and green auras.

Brahma Egg, 1975
Art Canvas Print 70 x 90 cm


Oil painting 'Aura of the Sun' by Wiesław Sadurski, showcasing golden rings amidst green landscapes encircling a sun motif.

Aura of the Sun, 1983, Original Oil Painting 40 x 65 cm
Art Canvas Print 40 x 65 cm

The Enigma of 'Aura of the Sun‘

The painting 'Aura of the Sun' was conceived with a simple yet profound vision: a solar spiral unfolding into a verdant landscape, flowing with a green stream. Crafting this visualization required immense dedication. This was a labor of love, spanning thousands of hours in seven years; until each mistake transformed into unique beauty, unattainable by any other means.

In this piece, the sun's aura isn't just a celestial phenomenon but a metaphor for life itself. The landscape we inhabit is indeed in the sun's embrace. Capturing this essence in paint was as challenging as it was rewarding - the golden hues and the gentle light emerged as a balm for my soul.


Wiesław Sadurski's 'Last Judgment' oil painting with black silhouettes against a red-blue aura background, featuring a large sun.

Last Jugment, 1987
Original Oil Painting 90 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 60 cm

The Unconventional Creation of 'The Last Judgment

Crafted during a period when fatherhood intertwined with my artistic pursuits, this masterpiece was born from an unorthodox method. As a devoted father to my toddler daughter, I sought a way to blend parenting with painting. The solution? A dance of creation.

I applied oil paints directly onto the canvas, then covered it with another canvas, engaging in an exuberant dance atop it. This unique technique, powered by the joy and spontaneity of life, imprinted the vibrant energies of color into the fabric. Remarkably, the essence of the artwork was captured in just an hour, transforming a spirited dance into a visual narrative.

This piece wasn’t just a painting; it was an amalgamation of fatherhood, joy, and artistic expression. 'The Last Judgment' serves as a vivid reminder that art can emerge from the most unexpected confluences of life.


Artistic depiction of an evening in a village, with an evening sun and spiral auras, in Sadurski's oil painting.

Evening in the Village, 1983
Art Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm

Wiesław Sadurski's 'Cosmic Landscape' oil painting, blending starry skies with fiery arms and a galaxy center.

Cosmic Landscape, 1977
Original Oil Painting 130 x 100 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 100 cm

Sadurski's 'River of Light' oil painting captures a celestial river flowing down, surrounded by landscapes and auras.

River of Light, 1976
Original Oil 50 x 75 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 75 cm

Oil painting 'Sunrise Horizon' by Wiesław Sadurski, showing a vividly painted sunrise reflected in morning waters.

Sunrise Horizon, 1988
Art Canvas Print 50 x 75 cm

Oil painting 'Starry Day' by Wiesław Sadurski, featuring daylight stars over a landscape seen through rough oil streaks.

Starry Day, 1979-85
Original Oil 50 x 75 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 75 cm


in the realm of vibrant hues, my paintbrush soars
into uncharted lights, where creation adores,

no visions, no dreams, just the canvas and me,
a dance with the unknown, setting me free


Wiesław Sadurski's 'Three Landscapes' oil painting, presenting blue bowl amidst landscape stripes in acrylic.

Three Landscapes, 1977
Original Oil 115 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 115 x 90 cm

Sadurski's 'Looking Glass' oil painting shows a blue center with landscapes across, emitting green and orange hues.

Looking Glass, 1977
Original Oil 100 x 80 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm

Oil painting 'Movement to God' by Wiesław Sadurski, with ascending landscapes in blue space, on cotton canvas.

Movement to God, 1987
Original Oil Painting on cotton 120 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 120 x 90 cm

Sadurski's 'December Dream' oil painting features stellar blue spaces and a golden ball amidst sun and mountains.

December Dream, 1975
Art Canvas Print 70 x 90 cm

Oil painting 'Flight in Green' by Wiesław Sadurski, depicting purple-white-red mountains viewed from above.

Flight in Green, 1976
Original Oil Painting 50 x 65 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 65 cm

Sadurski's oil painting showing landscapes born from starlight, with color streaks forming structures.

Landscapes born from Starlight, 1976
Art Canvas Print 130 x 100 cm


I Lived Like a Paintbrush in a Larger Hand

In my journey with the brush, I've encountered moments where the artistic process transcended personal experience, becoming a conduit for universal creativity. The painting became an exploration, not just of form and color, but of the essence of existence itself. In this space of boundless creativity, I discovered the true power of art - to transcend the mundane, to explore the profound, and to touch the core of the universal human experience.


Oil painting of a mountain stripe forming a landscape on its way to the sun, by Wiesław Sadurski.

Landscape on its way to Light, 1977
Original Oil 55 x 45 cm
Art Canvas Print 55 x 45 cm

Sadurski's 'Sun Village' oil painting depicts a white sun emanating auras, crystallizing in landscape below.

Sun Village, 1977
Original Oil 50 x 45 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 45 cm

Wiesław Sadurski's 'Polish Summer' oil painting shows a golden sky with a white sun above hills and horizons.

Polish Summer, 1976
Original Oil 100 x 80 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm

Oil painting 'Dream River' by Sadurski, with violent color mix forming riverbanks amidst chaotic flows.

Dream River, 1985
Original oil Painting 46 x 28 cm


A Doorway into the Infinite, a Portal into the Divine

As I rode high on waves of inspiration, brushstrokes brought me closer to the heart of the universe, as if I was sculpting reality itself. In this period, I realized that my art was more than just a representation of the world or something like that, it was a doorway into the infinite, a portal into the divine. Riding those waves of inspiration, I felt truly alive, I was finally home, where I belonged.


Sadurski's 'Fairy Land' oil painting, depicting ascending landscapes interwoven with starry skies in rough oils.

Fairy Land, 1976
Original Oil 50 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 60 cm

Oil painting 'Starbird' by Wiesław Sadurski, showing landscapes and a bird flying among bright stars.

Starbird, 1989
Original Oil 45 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 45 x 60 cm

Sadurski's 'Childhood' oil painting captures forests, lakes, hills, and a full moon night in vibrant colors.

Childhood, 1976
Art Canvas Print 80 x 100 cm

Oil painting 'Matter Space Spirit' by Sadurski, featuring horizontal landscape streaks in blue space.

Matter Space Spirit, 1988
Original Oil 90 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 60 cm

Sadurski's 'Sacre de Printemps' oil painting, with a blue circle emanating colors and dancing silhouettes.

Sacre de Printemps, 1988
Original Oil 90 x 65 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 65 cm


Intensive years of creative work and everything fine, but came there december poverty; not a penny for canvas, frames, colors, brushes... Getting angry I bought me papers and wall paint colors, started to paint using my hand as a brush and state of mind as a vision.

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