Landscapes of Creation, phenomena of consciousness

in original Oil Paintings and Art Canvas Prints created by Wiesław Sadurski.

Brahma Egg-shaped landscape immersed in violent red green aura colors; Oil Painting 1976 by Wiesław Sadurski

Brahma Egg, 1975
Art Canvas Print 70 x 90 cm



‘Golden rings painted between green landscape-like forms around sun; blue stream beneath; by Wiesław Sadurski

Aura of the Sun, 1983
Original Oil Painting 40 x 65 cm
Art Canvas Print 40 x 65 cm


Aura of the Sun above:
From the very beginning it was supposed to be just as simple: a spiral unwinding from the sun, creating and carrying in itself a landscape with a green stream.

Over the years I tapped in canvas with brush, translucent paints, finding color and movement, destroying it again, not giving up, seeking simplicity.

Painting the truth, because the stream and we all really live in the aura of the sun; finding a visualization of this simple truth was extremely difficult.

The paints layered, the structure sparkling with a golden glow, the gentleness itself, the healing touch of the untouchable.
Thousands hours of work.

Mistakes - overcome - turn into very special beauty impossible to obtain by other methods.
Golden shades that heal the soul.


Black silhouettes of Last Jugment, huge sun, violent aura in red-blue; oil painting 1983 Wiesław Sadurski

Last Jugment, 1987
Original Oil Painting 90 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 60 cm


Last Jugment above
was painted in a different way.

Here is the culture shock! My daughter was left with me alone in second year of her life, I was completely busy with her. Just imagine: dad rises at dawn, feeds, scrolls, dresses, walks, shop, cooks, feeds, sings, heaps, rinses, cleans, feathers, phew! How possible? paints a lot!
The child sleeps twice as long - here is one explanation. And the other? with very limited time for painting my painting technology was completely different from the previous ones.

Ha ha! The painter does not laze, he squeezes oil paints from the tubes directly onto the canvas, covers it with a second canvas, life so joyful, dances moment on it pressing the colors into canvas. The image space is shaped by an imprint.
Now, minimally, only where it is necessary - brushwork is introduced - just a bit of green and blue

Last Jugment finished in one hour work!
Ha ha ha! I hang the painting on a wall, clean my brushes and hands, prepare a bottle for my little one waking up from a midday sleep.


White evening sun, spiral yellow-orange emanations; spiral arm turns into village-like landscape; oil/canvas 1984 Wiesław Sadurski

Evening in the Village, 1983
Art Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm

Stars shine through villages, fiery arms embrace stellar expanse and light of galaxy center of painting

Cosmic Landscape, 1977
Original Oil Painting 130 x 100 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 100 cm

Little star up, river light streaming down painting, realms of landscapes and auras; Oil/canvas 1976

River of Light, 1976
Original Oil 50 x 75 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 75 cm

Violently painted Sunrise Horizon reflected in waters of the morning; by Wiesław Sadurski

Sunrise Horizon, 1988
Art Canvas Print 50 x 75 cm

Starry daylights over landscape seen through rough streaks of oil paints; painting by Wiesław Sadurski

Starry Day, 1979-85
Original Oil 50 x 75 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 75 cm


the paintbrush is soaring through colors into the light of the beginning

to face an unknown unpainted as yet non-existent

which comes so close sometimes that I can touch it with brush

Blue bowl in the middle, three landscape-like stripes across the painting; acrylics 1977 by Wiesław Sadurski

Three Landscapes, 1977
Original Oil 115 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 115 x 90 cm

Blue bowl is the center, landscapes-like stripes across, emitting green, yellow, orange; acrylics 1977, Wiesław Sadurski

Looking Glass, 1977
Original Oil 100 x 80 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm

Concentric stripes landscapes ascending, separated by streaks blue skies; oil painting/ cotton 1987 by Wiesław Sadurski

Movement to God, 1987
Original Oil Painting on cotton 120 x 90 cm
Art Canvas Print 120 x 90 cm

Stellar blue spaces, golden ball filled with sun and mountains; oil painting/canvas 1975 by Wiesław Sadurski

December Dream, 1975
Art Canvas Print 70 x 90 cm

Mountains purple-white-red seen from above; oil painting/canvas 1976 by Wiesław Sadurski

Flight in Green, 1976
Original Oil Painting 50 x 65 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 65 cm

Colors streaks forming landscape-like structures, born from the starlight between them; oil painting/canvas 1976 Wiesław Sadurski

Landscapes born from Starlight, 1976
Art Canvas Print 130 x 100 cm


March 1976. I live in Stockholm in a villa with a garden, with a group of young musicians who play with a ferocity equal to my painting; they have a free billiard room, I can paint the first large painting.

I visit the Polish Institute in Stockholm and open in April an exhibition of 100 oil paintingss, monotypes, print-paintings.

I am selling the first painting in my life, oils still wet. I have a shocking insight into the functioning of polish socialism in practical applications, with jinks and tracking, with a gray hierarchy from top to bottom. A drastic foreignness in this world, in this culture of vodka. Although I admit, among the great kindness of people.

I am subjected to terrible overloads, I wake up in the morning as a pile of gray ash and stare at images as if I wanted to die right away. A few hours later, the phoenix burns in a high flight, until it falls asleep, in a space of stunning freedom - when "I" disappear, when I exist as a brush in a larger hand.

The daily gulf - between the state of freedom - and the inevitable tiny self.

In May I have an exhibition in the Galerie Bleue.
The owner was extremely friendly to me when we met last autumn, but now he is far away; the secretary does not want to exhibit paintings, claiming that there was to be an exhibition of Print-Paintings only. The exhibition starts without announcements and vernissage, the invitation and catalog were hard to prepare and are useless in the face of female fags. In addition I have to be present during the exhibition. It has a nice side when I do it, I have a lively contact with people.

After all (I surely have high debts) - I do not sell anything three weeks long.
Finally, as in a fairy tale, an elderly gentleman with shaky hands comes in, looks at the paintings that hang in the gallery, asks if I have more. He wants to buy all my paintings. The royal family doctor inviting me home, I see his most wonderful collection of art.
He finally bought all the large paintings.


Mountain stripe, landscape across painting, way to sun space all around; oil/canvas 1977 by Wiesław Sadurski

Landscape on its way to Light, 1977
Original Oil 55 x 45 cm
Art Canvas Print 55 x 45 cm

White sun emanating auras, ascending into light above, crystallizing below in landscape; oil/canvas 1977 Wiesław Sadurski

Sun Village, 1977
Original Oil 50 x 45 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 45 cm

Golden sky, white sun, hills and horizons rising towards it; oil/canvas 1976 Wiesław Sadurski

Polish Summer, 1976
Original Oil 100 x 80 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 80 cm

Violent color mix forming riversides from chaos, river in the middle; oil/canvas 1985 by Wiesław Sadurski

Dream River, 1985
Original oil Painting 46 x 28 cm


riding high on waves of inspiration

I saw matter crystallize out of the intersecting rays of light,
I saw time and space as phenomena of consciousness

Ascending landscapes between starry skies, rough oils contrasting with multi-layered brushwork; oil/canvas 1976 by Wiesław Sadurski

Fairy Land, 1976
Original Oil 50 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 50 x 60 cm

Landscapes-like color waves fly between bright stars, bird in the sky; oil/canvas 1989 by Wiesław Sadurski

Starbird, 1989
Original Oil 45 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 45 x 60 cm

Forests, lake, hills, horse rider, houses, palaces, mountains, full moon night; oil/canvas 1976 by Wiesław Sadurski

Childhood, 1976
Art Canvas Print 80 x 100 cm

Horizontal streaks forming landscapes in blue space, empty circle of spirit; oil/canvas 1988 by Wiesław Sadurski

Matter Space Spirit, 1988
Original Oil 90 x 60 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 60 cm

Blue circle emanating colors, forming dancing silhouettes in the middle; oil/canvas 1988 by Wiesław Sadurski

Sacre de Printemps, 1988
Original Oil 90 x 65 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 65 cm


Intensive years of creative work and everything fine, but came there december poverty; not a penny for canvas, frames, colors, brushes...
Getting angry I bought me fifty thick papers and wall paint colors, started to paint using my hand as a brush and mind as a vision.