Exploring the Mysteries of the Cosmos: Visionary Landscape Paintings

Dive into a world where cosmic origins intertwine with artistic expression in my Landscape Paintings.

In these works, I strive to capture not just the physical beauty of the universe but also the profound connection between cosmic mysteries and individual creativity.

Each painting is a journey through oil and acrylic, depicting the awe-inspiring vastness of galaxies and the serene depths of space.

Give Art a Place in Your Heart, and You'll find the Whole Universe there


A deep blue cosmic setting with a golden arrow, composed of landscape elements, aiming through the stars, in this oil painting from 1991-2005.

Cosmic Arrow, 1991-2005, oil/canvas 130 x 100 cm

An 1985 oil painting where intersecting landscape streaks weave between stars, evoking a sense of cosmic movement.

Stardust across the Sky, 1985, oil/canvas 80 x 65 cm

A 1994 acrylic painting depicting rays spanning from spectral to black, with a blue sun amidst, reflecting a spiritual essence over waters.

Spirit over Waters, acrylic/canvas 90 x 70 cm

A vibrant depiction of the cosmos, with radiant sun casting yellow, orange, and red auras into the deep stellar space; an oil painting created in 1998 by Wiesław Sadurski.

Bright Cosmic Night, 1998, oil/canvas 90 x 60 cm

"Bright Cosmic Night" is a masterful portrayal of the celestial dance of the cosmos, where I have captured the vibrant pulse of the universe on canvas. Here, the rhythms of the natural world are translated into a symphony of colors, each swirl and spiral a note in the visual music that speaks to the soul's yearning for the infinite.

This painting evokes the enigmatic beauty of a universe that is both chaotic and harmonious. Rich blues meld into fiery oranges and reds, suggesting the fervent heat of a star’s core against the cold expanse of the cosmic ocean. It’s a visualization of energy in its most primal form – a dynamic, ever-changing force that fuels the life of the cosmos.

At the heart of "Bright Cosmic Night" lies the duality of light and darkness, a common thread that weaves through much of my work. It acknowledges the darkness as a canvas for the light, an essential counterpart that accentuates the brilliance of each star, each planet, each galaxy that we are fortunate enough to behold in the night sky.

This artwork is not just a representation of the celestial, but also a reminder of our place within this vast universe. As we stand beneath the night sky, looking up at the myriad of stars, we are viewing the same dance of light and dark, chaos and order, painted on the grand canvas of the heavens. It is a moment of connection between the human spirit and the cosmic spectacle, beautifully captured in the swirling depths of "Bright Cosmic Night."

Artistic representation of a Manitou Arrow, composed of yellow and orange landscape elements, soaring through a star-filled space; a 1993 painting by Wiesław Sadurski

Manitou Arrow, 1993, oil/canvas 60 x 45 cm

"Manitou Arrow" captures an ethereal vision where the tangible and mystical realms converge. I employ a striking contrast of warm and cool colors to depict a landscape that is suffused with spiritual significance. The dominant orb of yellow and orange hues, akin to a radiant sun, anchors the composition, its energy cascading across the mountainous terrain and infusing the canvas with a pulsating life force.

The cool blues, representing the vast expanse of the universe, are dotted with celestial bodies, perhaps distant stars or other worlds. They are silent observers to the central event, a bright path that could be interpreted as the "Manitou Arrow". This path, a conduit of cosmic energy, serves as a bridge between the heavens and the earth, a reminder of the unity of all things.

Through the painting, I suggest a duality - the physical grandeur of the mountains and the otherworldly glow of the sky - merged into a harmonious whole. The painting becomes a meditation on the duality of existence, where the spiritual and material are not opposing forces but are interconnected and reflected in each other.

This piece is not just a celebration of nature's beauty but a homage to the unseen forces that animate and give meaning to the world around us. "Manitou Arrow" invites the viewer to look beyond the surface and contemplate the spiritual threads that weave through the tapestry of our universe.

An acrylic painting that captures the dynamic dance of colorful rays streaming across a serene landscape, symbolizing the multiple pathways of grace and inspiration.

Several Rays of Grace, 1994, Acrylic/Canvas Painting 110 x 90 cm

Convergence of the Celestial: The Dynamic Symphony of Several Rays of Grace

In "Several Rays of Grace", a visual symphony of vibrant streaks cascades across the canvas, imbuing the tranquil scenery with a sense of divine choreography. This work, a profound meditation on the ethereal interplay of light and landscape, evokes the intangible touch of grace that illuminates and transforms. Each ray, with its distinct hue, traverses the expanse, infusing the earthly realm with celestial wonder.

This piece is emblematic of my artistic journey - seeking the harmony between the visible and the invisible, the material and the spiritual. It’s an exploration of the ways in which grace - often unseen, always unfathomable - touches and colors our existence, like rays of light that both reveal and mystify the world before us.

Through the layered application of acrylics, I have endeavored to manifest the multiple dimensions of grace that shower upon the landscapes of our lives. The landscape is more than just a physical space; it becomes a metaphysical canvas where the spiritual manifests palpably.

In the tradition of the colorists, I am drawn to the transformative power of color to convey emotion and essence. Here, color is not merely an attribute of form but a vehicle of energy, each band a frequency of spiritual light.

"Several Rays of Grace" is a testament to the boundless nature of inspiration and the continuous showering of the divine that permeates every aspect of our existence, urging the observer to perceive the world beyond the limits of the eye, into the realms of the soul.



Capturing a serene morning in the Alps, this 1979 acrylic painting presents black trees in a light-filled valley under a powerful horizon wave.

Morning in Alps, 1979, acrylic/canvas 90 x 65 cm

A 1997 oil painting showcasing a summer vista with white-blue clouds, distant mountains, and sunny fields, articulated with a vibrant palette.

Summer Landscape, 1997, oil/canvas 80 x 60 cm

This 1991 acrylic work, 'Finnland of Light,' blends blue skies and waters with green-black-ocher landscape streaks, creating a mesmerizing vista.

Finnland of Light, 1991, acrylic/canvas 110 x 90 cm

A 1991 acrylic painting portraying a quintessential Polish landscape with sunny fields, interspersed trees, and a blue horizon under a light summer sky.

Polish Landscape, 1991, acrylic/canvas 110 x 90 cm

Depicting a wide, sun-drenched landscape with trees, blue hills, and an orange sky, this 1991 acrylic painting captures the essence of rural Poland.

Polish Landscape 2, 1991, acrylic/canvas 110 x 90 cm


From the Cosmic to the Individual: Painting Research on Cosmic Origin

But my artistic journey isn't confined to the cosmos alone. It's also a deep dive into the individual's soul, exploring how personal experiences are woven into the universe's fabric.

These paintings are more than just cosmic landscapes; they're a dialogue between the universe and the self, a testament to the mysteries of both art and nature. From every wildflower to majestic mountain peaks, the natural world is a wellspring of inspiration.


A 1993 oil painting that layers multiple horizons, transitioning from orange-green to green-blue, creating a dynamic and deep visual field.

Landscape of Many Horizons, 1993, oil/canvas 65 x 80 cm

This 1987 oil painting captures a Kreuzberg scene with a house behind barbed wire, under a stormy sky and celestial backdrop.

Kreuzberg Landscape, 1987, oil/canvas 100 x 120 cm

This 1993 oil painting presents a night sky with streaks resembling blue spaces and landscapes under stars, creating a serene celestial scene.

Peaks and Clouds 2, 1993, oil/canvas 50 x 40 cm

An oil painting from 1985 portraying a landscape with a blue horizon, island-like trails on waters, and streaks of light, encapsulating a sense of mystery.

Dark Land, 1985, oil/canvas 80 x 60 cm

Capturing the essence of a scarlet mountain range under a starry sky, this 1993 oil painting contrasts peaks with cloud-like formations.

Peaks and Clouds, 1993, oil/canvas 50 x 40 cm


The Mystery of Art: the Individual reaches to Universality, Universality permeates the Individual

While I could have been a mere landscape painter, my passion lies in exploring art's deeper realms. Nature's every aspect sings a life song that I aim to capture on canvas. Sometimes, my hand, guided by its own will, starts painting another landscape, merging my love for nature with my cosmic quests. So, if you're drawn to art that delves into the universe's enigmas or seek to witness nature's beauty through an artistic lens, my paintings are a gateway to these experiences.


A 1997 oil painting depicting a sunset over black hills and green waters, under a vibrant orange sky, portraying a tranquil evening scene.

Sunset Glindow, 1997, oil/canvas 70 x 50 cm

This 1979-83 oil painting features red-orange swirls converging towards a blue center, with a mountain range under stars.

Red and Blue Landscape, 1979, oil/canvas 90 x 65 cm

A 1978 painting showcasing black islands in green waters under enlightened blue skies, capturing the serene beauty of northern landscape.

Land of North, 1978, oil/canvas 80 x 55 cm

In this 1979 acrylic painting, a green hill dreams of the scarlet Himalayas, set against a backdrop of black trees and a starry blue sky.

Hill dreams of Himalaya, 1979, acrylic/canvas 65 x 90 cm

A 2005 painting capturing a tunnel leading to the sun, with black-green landscapes elevated by golden bands, set in a celestial environment.

Tunnel Landscape, 2005, oil/canvas 70 x 80 cm


Bridging Artistic Journeys: From Cosmic Landscapes to Landscapes of Creation

As my artistic journey continues to evolve, I invite you to also explore my earlier series, "Landscapes of Creation: Oil Paintings Reflecting Consciousness Phenomena". This collection, painted years earlier, lays the foundation for my exploration into the cosmic and natural realms.

It's a journey through the landscapes of consciousness, where each painting is a reflection of the deeper phenomena of awareness and perception. Discover how it seamlessly connects to my current cosmic landscapes, illustrating the continuous evolution of my artistic vision.

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