Landscapes of Enlightenment and Cosmic Vision in Luminous Paintings

Embark on a journey through the Lightworlds, where paintings serve as windows into realms of enlightenment and cosmic vision. Starting with print-paintings and evolving through glazing techniques, I blend paints with oil and painting varnish to achieve striking brightness and captivating depth. The Lightworlds Paintings are voyages of discovery. They stand as vivid manifestations of creative imagination, inviting you to explore the enchanting landscapes of light and beauty.



The 'Bethlehem Star' painting captures a magnificent star's aura, with glimpses of the Bethlehem landscape peeking through its radiant rays.

Star of Bethlehem, 1979 - Art Canvas Print 75 x 55 cm

The 'Flower of May' painting depicts a celestial yellow flower in the sky, centered within a circular frame of sun and sky.

Flower of May, 1984
Oil Painting 90 x 65 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 65 cm

This painting, 'All is Transparent Mr. Buddha,' features Lord Buddha among yellow flowers with landscapes, skies, and stars forming inside his silhouette.

All is Transparent Mr. Buddha, 1982 - Oil Painting 134 x 134 cm, Art Canvas Print 130 x 130 cm

The 'Sun of May' presents a small star above a mountainous landscape spiraling into the distance, rendered in bright, perspective streaks.

The Sun of May 1984 - Oil painting 70 x 50 cm, Art Canvas Print 70 x 50 cm

This self-portrait shows a golden visage gazing at a tiny sun beneath, set in a golden cosmic space.

Selfportrait with the Sun, 1978
Oil Painting 120 x 100 cm , Art Canvas Print 120 x 100 cm

The 'Embryo' painting portrays a blue hole radiating lighter hues, creating a swirling spiral of cosmic energy.

Embryo, 1985 - Oil Painting 180 x 130 cm, Art Canvas Print 180 x 130 cm



The Essence of Light in the Lightworlds

In the Lightworlds, light serves as the artist's humble muse. It sculpts galaxies and serene hills alike, imbuing each landscape with an ethereal glow. These paintings are my modest attempt to capture the transformative power of light, to show how it intertwines with nature and creates breathtaking scenes. I've tried to encapsulate the interconnectedness of the universe, the beauty that emerges from light, and the endless possibilities it unveils.



Depicting half of a blue circle with arrow-shaped hills, 'First Half of the Nirvana' intertwines cosmic and terrestrial elements.

First Half of the Nirvana, 1986
Oil Painting 160 x 140 cm
Art Canvas Print 160 x 140 cm; 120 x 105 cm

The 'Movement to God' painting shows large stars and ascending landscapes, bathed in a deep blue hue.

Movement to God, 1984
Oil Painting 240 x 200 cm
Art Canvas Print 120 x 100 cm

In 'Madonna with Baby', a blue Madonna and child radiate green, yellow, and orange auras throughout the artwork.

Madonna with Baby, 1992
Acrylic Painting 100 x 130 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 130 cm

The 'Energy Structure' painting is awash with light, showcasing stars, clouds, and ascending energies in rhythmical patterns.

Energy Structure, 1978
Acrylic Painting 73 x 100 cm
Art Canvas Print 70 x 100 cm

This piece, 'Fuchsia Flowers,' displays three large fuchsia blooms with leaves, set against a sparkling background

Fuchsia Flowers, 1982
Acrylic Painting 134 x 134 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 130 cm; 90 x 90 cm

The 'Camellia Flower' is captured in a large, white-yellow bloom surrounded by green leaves and a glowing aura.

Camellia Flower, 1982
Acrylic Painting 134 x 134 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 130 cm; 90 x 90 cm

Featuring a huge multi-petalled flower in white and pink hues, 'Single Flower' showcases the elegance of nature.

Single Flower, 1982
Acrylic Painting 134 x 134 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 130 cm; 90 x 90 cm

The 'Rhododendron Flowers' painting presents a bunch of pink-white blooms set against a luminous yellow space.

Rhododendron Flowers, 1982
Acrylic Painting 134 x 134 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 130 cm; 90 x 90 cm

In 'Lightworld‘, landscapes layer above one another, with tiny stars illuminating the blue-pink streaks between them.

Lightworld, 1986
Acrylic Painting 130 x 160 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 160 cm; 110 x 135 cm

This painting, 'Waves from Afar,' depicts golden landscape waves beneath a sky filled with big stars.

Waves from Afar, 1985
Original Painting 90 x 120 cm
Art Canvas Print 90 x 120 cm

The 'Planet Dreams' artwork combines bird time, mountainous landscapes time, and stars time in glistening pearl-like colors.

Planet Dreams, 1986
Acrylic Painting 130 x 160 cm
Art Canvas Print 130 x 160 cm; 110 x 135 cm

Unveiling Timeless Beauty in "Planet Dreams"

In 'Planet Dreams', I present a canvas where temporal layers coexist: the swift flight of birds, the steady rise of golden mountains, and the endless stretch of stellar time. This painting transcends the usual constraints of time, inviting you to ponder our simultaneous existence within these varied realms. It's an homage to the power of living fully in the moment, where every element is interwoven in a dance of timeless beauty.



The 'Birthday Galaxy' painting is a mesmerizing portrayal of a spiral galaxy, with a dazzling array of white stars set against a deep blue cosmos.

Birthday Galaxy, 1979 -
Acrylic Painting 250 x 160 cm, Art Canvas Print 180 x 115 cm; 140 x 90 cm

I need 38 seconds to respond to question: What galaxy is dreaming about?

In 'Christmas Unfolding,' a fiery spiral in blue space turns into mountainous landscapes under the stars.

Christmas Unfolding, 1985
Original Oil Painting 250 x 190 cm
Art Canvas Print 125 x 95 cm

The 'Cosmic Eye' painting captures a mystical blue eye of the spirit, radiating with vibrant spiral arms, symbolizing a view into the universe.

Cosmic Eye, 1986
Original Oil Painting 250 x 190 cm
Art Canvas Print 125 x 95 cm



Reflections on the Cosmic Canvas

the blue hole is a spirit, emptiness,
light appears in the world in between

from the light space and fire are born
from space and fire our landscapes

that's how we are at home



The 'Lady of the Stars' artwork features a celestial woman's silhouette set against a star-filled deep blue sky, radiating elegance and mystery.

Lady of the Stars, 1979
Oil Painting 70 x 100 cm
Art Canvas Print 70 x 100 cm

This painting, ''My Transparent Shadow' depicts a human silhouette interwoven with a cosmic tapestry of green-blue landscapes, visualizing connection with the universe.

My Transparent Shadow, 1979
Acrylic Painting 75 x 100 cm

In 'Demon Blue,' a demon's face emerges from cosmic blues and blacks, with a star acting as the third eye, creating a mystical and powerful image.

Demon Blue, 1979
Oil Painting 100 x 120 cm
Art Canvas Print 100 x 120 cm

The paintings in the ‘Lightworlds‘ series are primarily created with acrylic colors, using many translucent layers of thin colors mixed with paint varnish. I deeply believed that the multilayered brushwork and clear transparent space could lead the mind and open the heart to the essence of existence.

Explore another dimension of my artistic expression in translucent colors with the ‘Labors of Light‘ series, where I sought the Third Eye through my paintings. Discover the interplay between intuition, creativity, and the beauty of the cosmos in my art.

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