Lightworlds, Landscapes of Enlightenment and Cosmic Vision in Paintings

Here paintings serve as windows into realms of enlightenment and cosmic vision.

Here the Light serves as the artist's humble muse. It sculpts galaxies and serene hills alike, imbuing each landscape with an ethereal glow. These paintings are my modest attempt to capture the transformative power of light, to show how it intertwines with nature and creates breathtaking scenes.

Here are voyages of discovery. They stand as vivid manifestations of creative imagination, inviting you to explore the enchanting landscapes of light and beauty.

The Universe holds its breath in the Face of Beauty



The 'Bethlehem Star' painting captures a magnificent star's aura, with glimpses of the Bethlehem landscape peeking through its radiant rays.

Star of Bethlehem, 1979, oil/canvas 75 x 55 cm

"Star of Bethlehem" radiates an ethereal glow, symbolic of hope and guidance. The central luminary, depicted with radiant beams of light, could be seen as an interpretation of the celestial phenomenon that led the wise men to the Nativity scene in biblical lore. Its vibrant yellows transition to soft pinks and serene blues, evoking the awe-inspiring presence of the divine.

The painting's light seems to dance and shimmer across the canvas, giving it a sense of movement and life. It's as if the artist captured a slice of the sky's wonder, bringing the majestic narrative to life. This work invites introspection on the transcendent moments that punctuate human history, inspiring a connection to the past that is both poignant and profound.

The 'Flower of May' painting depicts a celestial yellow flower in the sky, centered within a circular frame of sun and sky.

Flower of May, 1984, oil/canvas 90 x 65 cm

"Flower of May," an oil painting, exudes a tranquil and soft ambiance. Its gentle hues of yellow and green bloom around a central, cool blue that suggests a wellspring of freshness and renewal.

Like a flower opening its petals to the sky, the painting offers a feeling of rebirth and the flourishing of life that spring brings. The delicate blending of colors creates a dreamlike quality, as if the viewer is witnessing the first dew-kissed blooms of May in an enchanted garden.

This artwork captures the essence of spring's promise: the cyclical return of vitality and beauty to the world.


Abstract painting depicting a translucent figure meditating amidst vibrant yellow blossoms, symbolizing clarity and spiritual enlightenment.

All is Transparent, Mr. Buddha! 1982, oil/canvas 134 x 134 cm

A Vision of Clarity and Enlightenment

"All is Transparent, Mr. Buddha!" emerges as a serene expression of clarity and enlightenment. The central figure, reminiscent of the awakened Buddha, is rendered in a soft, almost ethereal manner, its edges dissolving into the surrounding canvas. This visual portrayal of transparency symbolizes the dissolution of the ego, a state where the individual self merges with the universe, reflecting the Buddhist concept of non-self.

Surrounding the central figure, the vibrant yellow of the blossoms speaks of joy and spiritual richness. In Buddhism, the color yellow often represents humility and separation from materialistic desires, resonating with the theme of transparency and purity.

The background is a tapestry of pastel hues, gentle and inviting, which gives the sensation of a peaceful otherworldly realm. It's as though we're glimpsing a moment of profound meditation, where the veil between the physical and spiritual thins to the point of transparency.

In this piece, the marriage of form and formlessness invites contemplation. It beckons the viewer to consider the layers of reality and to perceive the interconnectedness of all things. The artwork is a visual meditation, a reminder that beneath the surface of our perceived separateness lies a unified field of oneness.


The 'Sun of May' presents a small star above a mountainous landscape spiraling into the distance, rendered in bright, perspective streaks.

The Sun of May 1984, oil/canvas 70 x 50 cm

This self-portrait shows a golden visage gazing at a tiny sun beneath, set in a golden cosmic space.

Selfportrait with the Sun, 1978, oil/canvas 120 x 100 cm

The 'Embryo' painting portrays a blue hole radiating lighter hues, creating a swirling spiral of cosmic energy.

Embryo, 1985, oil/canvas 180 x 130 cm


My early Floral Paintings and their Fleeting Beauty

Art is the exploration and expression of the intangible aspects of existence. It taps into the emotional and spiritual realms, functioning as a conduit for feelings and thoughts that cannot be captured in words or actions. In these early floral paintings, the canvas celebrates the delicate dance of nature and its fleeting beauty. Each brushstroke conveys respect for nature, encompassing not only the visual splendor of the flora, but also its symbolism of growth, rebirth and the cycle of life.

The details of each petal and leaf contrast with the boundless imagination that fills the canvas, encouraging us to stop and reflect on the simple beauty that surrounds us, often unnoticed. The art, like the flowers depicted, offers a moment of connection with depth and sublimity, encouraging us to look within ourselves and the environment we share.

These works are a reminder of the transformative power of art. Just as the seasons change and flowers bloom and fade, art also evolves, shaping and being shaped by the hands of time. In its quiet eloquence, it speaks of universal truths and personal narratives of human experience. These early floral paintings are a celebration of the unfolding of life and the enduring spirit of beauty that persists through all the seasons of life.

This piece, 'Fuchsia Flowers,' displays three large fuchsia blooms with leaves, set against a sparkling background

Fuchsia Flowers, 1982, acrylic/canvas 134 x 134 cm

The 'Camellia Flower' is captured in a large, white-yellow bloom surrounded by green leaves and a glowing aura.

Camellia Flower, 1982, acrylic/canvas 134 x 134 cm

Featuring a huge multi-petalled flower in white and pink hues, 'Single Flower' showcases the elegance of nature.

Single Flower, 1982, acrylic/canvas 134 x 134 cm

The 'Rhododendron Flowers' painting presents a bunch of pink-white blooms set against a luminous yellow space.

Rhododendron Flowers, 1982, acrylic/canvas 134 x 134 cm

Visual narrative of the soul's ascent towards divine consciousness, illustrated with celestial orbs and undulating waves of light against a serene blue background.

Movement to God, 1984, oil/canvas 240 x 200 cm

The Soul’s Celestial Pilgrimage

In "Movement to God," I delve into the spiritual quest for the divine, a subject both intimately personal and universally resonant. This large-scale oil painting is my canvas cosmology, a visual testament to the soul's journey towards the celestial.

The tranquil blues and soft golds are not just colors but the essence of the heavenly path, the quiet, profound ascent of the spirit. Each circular motif and swirling pattern is symbolic of the cycles and seasons of life, the orbiting dance of planets, and the revolutions of galaxies - all echoing the soul's orbit around the divine presence.

As the eye travels across the canvas, it follows the energy guiding the spirit upwards, through the turbulence of existence and into the serene embrace of the cosmos. The luminous orbs serve as beacons or milestones, representing moments of enlightenment, instances of connection with the divine spark within us.

"Movement to God" invites the viewer to contemplate the vastness within, to recognize the divine that pervades the cosmos, and to find solace in the journey itself. It's a reminder that in the search for the Light, every heart is a pilgrim, and every soul is a star charted on its own celestial voyage.


This painting depicts a human silhouette interwoven with a cosmic tapestry of green-blue landscapes, visualizing connection with the universe.

My Transparent Shadow, 1979, acrylic/canvas 75 x 100 cm

In 'Madonna with Baby', a blue Madonna and child radiate green, yellow, and orange auras throughout the artwork.

Madonna with Baby, 1992, oil/canvas 100 x 130 cm

Artistic representation of the dynamic energy patterns forming the universe, conveyed through soft, intermingling colors and organic shapes.

Energy Structure, 1978, acrylic/canvas 73 x 100 cm

Weaving the Fabric of the Cosmos

"Energy Structure" is a canvas where the celestial dances with the cellular, a visual symphony of the energies that construct our reality. The soft interplay of pastel blues and pinks suggests a delicate yet profound force, akin to the gentle touch of creation that constructs the macrocosm and the microcosm alike.

The patterns emerging across the painting evoke a sense of organic growth, like petals blooming in spring or cells dividing under a microscope. This duality mirrors the interconnectedness of all things—the way the universe expands, the way life burgeons forth, and how each of us is a microcosm of the larger cosmos.

In this artwork, I sought to capture not just the appearance of energy but its essence. The ethereal quality of the colors and the subtle transitions between them reflect the invisible forces that shape our existence, the unseen bonds that maintain the order of the universe. This is the quiet music of the spheres rendered in pigment - the harmonious principles that govern the farthest stars and the smallest atoms.

"Energy Structure" stands as an invitation to ponder the unseen architecture of existence, the framework of energy that is as aesthetic as it is scientific. It's a painting that asks to be felt with the heart as much as it is to be seen with the eyes, a piece that resonates with the vibrancy of the life force itself.


In 'Lightworld‘, landscapes layer above one another, with tiny stars illuminating the blue-pink streaks between them.

Lightworld, 1986, acrylic/canvas 130 x 160 cm

"Lightworld," an acrylic painting on canvas from 1986, spans 130 x 160 cm and captivates with its serene pastel landscape. Horizontal strokes of tender pinks, blues, and greens stretch across the canvas like layers of dawn light spreading across the sky.

Glimmers of gold suggest the sun's first rays peeking over the horizon, bringing warmth to a new day. The soft gradients blend harmoniously, conveying a peaceful expanse that invites quiet contemplation and a sense of boundless hope. This piece is a gentle reminder of the quiet yet persistent advance of light, dispelling the shadows with the promise of a fresh start.

This painting, 'Waves from Afar,' depicts golden landscape waves beneath a sky filled with big stars.

Waves from Afar, 1985, oil/canvas 90 x 120 cm

The painting "Waves from Afar," created in 1985 using oil on a 90 x 120 cm canvas, is a vivid portrayal of celestial waves converging towards the earth. Swirls of vibrant blues and soft yellows create a sense of depth and movement, reminiscent of the sky reflecting the gentle dance of the ocean's surface.

The dappled patterns of light and color suggest a connection between the heavens and the terrestrial, an ethereal bridge of glowing energy. It captures the viewer's gaze and draws it inward, toward the luminous heart of the composition, encouraging a meditative state where one can ponder the cosmic dance of the universe.

The 'Planet Dreams' artwork combines bird time, mountainous landscapes time, and stars time in glistening pearl-like colors.

Planet Dreams, 1986, acrylic/canvas 130 x 160 cm

Here is a poetic visualization of time seen through the prism of the elements of nature. As it wanders, the eye encounters the time of birds, where delicate bird forms are etched in the dance of golden light cutting through the rising clouds.

Further down, the time of the mountains unfolds in gentle whispers, their pastel peaks rising like frozen dreams, witnesses of eons gone by. In between, the time of the stars begins to twinkle, emerging from the canvas as if the night was gently entering, carrying the promise of a universe holding its breath in the face of beauty.

Each element, from birds and clouds to mountains and stars, is a snapshot of time captured in harmonious coexistence, evoking a sense of peace and eternal dance with the cosmos.


‘Birthday Galaxy‘, a sprawling acrylic on canvas, bursts with circular swathes of rich blues, fiery oranges, and golden yellows swirling towards a luminous core, invoking the vibrant chaos and joy of a galaxy's creation.

Birthday Galaxy, 1979, acrylic/canvas 250 x 160 cm

"Birthday Galaxy" is a jubilant celebration of existence itself, a reflection on the cosmic dance of creation. Here, I captured the explosive joy and vibrant chaos that birth galaxies and stars. It's a visual symphony of life's perpetual motion, an infinite whirl of color and light, ever-expanding, echoing the boundless possibilities born from each moment.

I need 38 seconds to respond to question: What galaxy is dreaming about?

‘Unfolding‘, an oil on canvas, portrays a vibrant cosmic spiral with vivid reds and yellows swirling into a deep blue abyss, symbolizing the dynamic and ever-revealing nature of the universe.

Unfolding, 1985, oil/canvas 250 x 190 cm

"Unfolding" is a dynamic celebration of creation and cosmic evolution, depicted through the vibrant interplay of color and form. The canvas becomes a stage where the drama of the universe's genesis is performed, an eternal unfolding of matter and energy. Swirls of fiery red and vivid yellow mimic the tumultuous birth of stars, the swirling creation of galaxies, each stroke a testament to the unending cycle of stellar life.

Like the kindred spirit of its predecessor, "Cosmic Eye", this piece is a meditation on the nature of existence. Yet, where the "Cosmic Eye" contemplates the tranquil potential of the void, "Unfolding" represents the subsequent rush of existence that fills the emptiness with life. It captures the moment when light first carves out space and time from the nothingness, creating a stage for the grand spectacle of existence.

The intense colors seem to leap from the canvas, symbolizing the raw, boundless energy that is inherent in the act of creation. They spread outwards, reaching into the expanse, much like the expanding universe that stretches into infinity. It suggests a motion, an eternal becoming, as if the universe itself is alive, breathing, and evolving.

"Unfolding" thus becomes an artistic echo to the sentiments expressed in the poem, where the 'light appears in the world in between' and gives rise to 'space and fire our landscapes'. It's a visual exploration of the very act of creation, where the physical landscapes of our universe are born from the confluence of space and light, culminating in the familiar beauty of the world we inhabit. This painting, alongside "Cosmic Eye," forms a visual diptych of contemplation - where emptiness begets light, and light begets life.

The 'Cosmic Eye' painting captures a mystical blue eye of the spirit, radiating with vibrant spiral arms, symbolizing a view into the universe.

Cosmic Eye, 1986, oil/canvas 250 x 190 cm

The "Cosmic Eye" stands as a profound visual metaphor, an embodiment of the spirit and the quintessence of emptiness. It conjures the image of a cosmic phenomenon, a gateway to the immeasurable depths of the universe, where the absence of materiality is a canvas for the play of light and shadow, birthing worlds unseen.

The circular void at its center is more than an absence; it is a fulcrum of potential, the tranquil nothingness from which all creation spirals. It is in this emptiness that light first makes its presence known, an iridescent emergence that dances between the realms of the known and the unknown.

This play of light is the dawn of existence, a silent explosion from which the cosmos draws its breath. Around this central void swirl vibrant ribbons of color, reminiscent of the fiery birth of stars and the celestial dances of galaxies. They symbolize the dynamic and ever-evolving landscapes of our universe, the very fabric of space and time being woven before our eyes.

These patterns of energy and matter are echoed in the landscapes we call home, a reminder of our origin in the heart of stars. This artwork is a poetic interplay of absence and presence, an invitation to consider our place within the cosmic tapestry.

It suggests that at the core of our being, there is a space akin to the "Cosmic Eye" - a spirit, a primordial home, where we find the roots of our existence in the vast, unfolding universe. The "Cosmic Eye" thus becomes a visual echo of the poem, a contemplation of the ethereal connections between the void, the light, and the birth of all that is.



Reflections on the Cosmic Canvas

the blue hole is a spirit, emptiness,
light appears in the world in between

from the light space and fire are born
from space and fire our landscapes

that's how we are at home



The 'Lady of the Stars' artwork features a celestial woman's silhouette set against a star-filled deep blue sky, radiating elegance and mystery.

Lady of the Stars, 1979, oil/canvas 70 x 100 cm

A demon's face emerges from cosmic blues and blacks, with a star acting as the third eye, creating a mystical and powerful image.

Demon Blue, acrylic/canvas 100 x 120 cm

Depicting half of a blue circle with arrow-shaped hills, 'First Half of the Nirvana' intertwines cosmic and terrestrial elements.

First Half of the Nirvana, 1986, oil/canvas 160 x 140 cm

“The First Half of Nirvana” appears as a visual symphony, a landscape of contemplation painted with the gentlest caress of the brush. The canvas, awash in pastel shades that whisper peace and transcendence, invites you to journey to a land of meditative peace. As if reflecting the essence of a gentle dawn, the painting is the embodiment of silence, where each brushstroke harmonizes with the next, creating a symphony of soundless music.

The work is a manifestation of the search for nirvana - a state of spiritual joy and liberation from the endless cycles of existence. It is an invitation as well as an introspection, a semi-complete narrative in which the viewer's thoughts and emotions become an integral part of the experience.

This piece can not only be seen, but felt, just like you can feel the warmth of the morning sun or the silence of a calm sea. The soft gradation of colors and rhythmic patterning of forms hides a subtle but deep dialogue between what is physical and metaphysical. This image is the gateway to the ephemeral and eternal. It is my silent call to look beyond the tangible and hear the intangible melodies that resonate within us and around us.


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