Love blossoms in Flower and Garden Paintings

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This is a Navigation Page of my various computer flower artwork created between 1995 and the present. Images are available as Art Canvas Prints, bringing the beauty of digital art into your home or workspace.

My first paintings of flowers were created in the late 70s; large canvases painted with acrylics. The last quarter of a century of my work has mostly been digital flowers. Now, I confess that my first occupations in life were in the garden; it was a safe place for a toddler during the war and after. So I was a gardener in my childhood - and more; wherever I have lived in my life there have always been plants and flowers in abundance; they participated in my life.

Flower Paintings are gentle and delicate like blooming petals that capture the essence of life in all its glory.

The Flowers of the Four Seasons

Welcome to my collection of paintings inspired by the beauty of the four seasons. As an artist, I am constantly inspired by the natural world around me, and in particular, the changing seasons. Each season brings its own unique palette of colors, textures, and moods, and I have strived to capture these in my paintings.

Through this collection, I invite you to take a journey through the seasons, from the bursting blooms of spring to the icy beauty of winter. Each painting is a tribute to the natural world and the ever-changing beauty that surrounds us.

SPRING Flower Paintings of the Four Seasons

Through my digital artwork, I was able to create a beautiful, vivid representation of the blossoming flowers, adding my own creative flair to each piece. The interplay of light and shadow, the intricate patterns and textures, all come together to create a truly enchanting pieces of art.

Each painting is like a window into a world of wonder and beauty, inviting you to step inside and immerse yourself in the magic of spring. Spring Flower paintings are delicate and tender like flower petals! I painted them digital in a good company of rainbows and stars.

SUMMER Flower Paintings of the Four Seasons

Experience the ecstatic blossoming of summer as my brushes touch the canvas, bringing forth powerful colors in landscapes and outer spaces. Each painting in this collection captures the vibrant energy and warmth of the season, inviting you to bask in the beauty of nature's most lively and abundant time of year.

With the power of digital tools at my fingertips, I bring to life the ecstatic blossoming of summer in vibrant colors that stretch across landscapes and outer space. These digital paintings capture the essence of the season with a richness and depth that only digital technology can provide.

AUTUMN Flower Paintings of the Four Seasons

The vibrant colors of autumn come alive in my digital paintings. From the warm oranges and yellows of the changing leaves in daylight landscapes, to the deep blues and purples of the starry cosmic nights, my artwork captures the essence of the season. Each stroke of my digital brush brings to life the beauty and magic of autumn, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in its richness and wonder.

blossom in daylight landscapes or in starry cosmic nights.

WINTER Flower Paintings of the Four Seasons

The beauty of the four seasons is captured in my digital paintings, with Winter shining against a rainbow sky and opening up in starlight or northern lights. Explore the vibrant colors in daylight landscapes or in starry cosmic nights.


By painting the glory and beauty of flowers, I live in their vibrant world. As I reached the age of 60, and then 80, I found myself transitioning from adoring women to loving flowers. For me, flowers represent the most magnificent embodiment of sexual love among all living beings.

The Landscapes of the Four Seasons

When you look at my paintings of landscapes, you may wonder where all the blooming landscapes, vast horizons, and delicate details come from. The answer is simple: they are born out of love - just like these paintings - on four webpages. Love is the force that drives my paintbrush, and it is the energy that infuses every stroke of color with life and vibrancy. Love for the beauty of nature, for the changing seasons, for the majesty of mountains and the serenity of valleys.

Through my paintings, I want to share this love with the world, to offer a glimpse of the infinite possibilities that lie within the natural world. Every landscape is a meditation, a contemplation of the mysteries of creation and the wonders of existence.

So when you gaze upon my paintings, let yourself be carried away by the emotions they evoke, by the memories they awaken, by the dreams they inspire. For these landscapes are not just pictures on a canvas; they are portals to the infinite, to a world where love reigns supreme and beauty is everywhere.

SPRING Paintings in The Landscapes of the Four Seasons

The magic of spring is a time of rebirth and renewal, where the world comes alive with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances. It's a season that inspires the soul and fills the heart with joy.

My Spring Paintings capture the tranquil beauty of this season, from the delicate flowers that push through the snow to the mesmerizing rainbows that appear after a refreshing shower. The starry skies in spring are a sight to behold, and I bring them to life with my brushstrokes, capturing the magic and wonder of the season.

SUMMER Paintings in The Landscapes of the Four Seasons

Summer is a season of warmth and light, where the sun rules supreme, and the world comes alive with energy and vitality. My Summer Paintings reflect the fantastic and natural landscapes of this season, from rolling fields of golden wheat to sparkling oceans of blue.

I paint the vibrant colors of flowers, trees, and all the life that thrives under the sun's intense heat. My paintings capture the essence of summer, a time of joy and abundance, and the perfect time to lose oneself in the beauty of nature.

AUTUMN Paintings in The Landscapes of the Four Seasons

As the leaves change colors and fall from the trees, autumn casts its magical spell on the world. My Autumn Paintings capture the fantastic and natural landscapes of this season, from the colorful trees that line the roads to the still lifes that adorn our homes.

I paint the beauty of the harvest, the bounty of the land, and the wonder of the changing seasons. My paintings reflect the deep, rich hues of autumn and the quiet beauty that it brings to our lives.

WINTER Paintings in The Landscapes of the Four Seasons

Winter is a season of sparkling beauty, where snow blankets the earth, and the world is transformed into a magical wonderland. My Winter Paintings show the beauty of this season, from the bare trees that stretch their frozen limbs to the sky to the stars that twinkle in the cold night air.

I paint the birds that gather on frozen fruits, the animals that hibernate beneath the snow, and the beauty that lies in the depths of the winter landscape. My paintings reflect the magic and mystery of winter, a season that offers a sense of stillness and peace amidst the cold and the snow.

Many of my paintings feature the delicate beauty of flowers juxtaposed with the vast expanse of the starry night sky. But did you know that flowers can actually perceive the light of stars during the daytime? It's true! And I know this from personal experience.

Flower Paintings: a Celebration of the Beauty of Nature

Welcome to my Flower Paintings pages dedicated to flowers, where I express the beauty and essence of these amazing gifts of nature. Let's celebrate the unique colors, textures and shapes that flowers bring to our world, from the delicate rose petals to the vibrant blooms of the sunflower to the lotus blooming at the center of the galaxy.

Through my art, I hope to convey the awe-inspiring connection between humans and nature, and the intricate relationship we share with the world around us. Painting flowers allows me to slow down and appreciate the little things in life, the moments of beauty and wonder that are often overlooked in our fast-paced world.

As I work on each painting, I am reminded of the incredible power of nature and its ability to bring us joy and serenity. I hope that my paintings can bring a little bit of that joy and serenity into your life as well, and that they inspire you to take a moment to stop and admire the flowers.


They blossom under my brush. With each stroke, I bring to life the delicate and enchanting beauty of apple trees in full bloom. Their white, pink, and red petals dance in the gentle breeze of spring, creating a breathtaking spectacle of color and scent. I paint them with love, capturing the essence of their fleeting beauty so that it can be admired and cherished forever.


Celebrations of beauty, transience, goodbye. Every spring, cherry blossoms bloom for a brief moment, marking the arrival of a new season and a new beginning. As I paint these fragile and exquisite flowers, I am reminded of the transience of life and the importance of appreciating every moment of it. In my paintings, cherry flowers become eternal; bloom briefly in days of spring, but stay forever in my paintings.


In bloom they rotate to face me, the creator. With their bright petals and their impressive size, sunflowers are already a sight to behold. But when I paint them, I take them to another dimension, a galactic one. My brushes capture the connection that sunflowers have with the cosmos, their ability to turn their faces to the sun and soak up its light, just as we seek to find our place in the universe. Through my paintings, galactic sunflowers become a symbol of our endless search for meaning and connection.


With my brushes, I bring forth the loving passion, purity, and innocence of lily flowers on art canvas prints. Their delicate petals and gentle curves make them a symbol of divinity, and I try to capture their essence in my strokes. When you gaze upon these paintings, you can feel the warmth of their embrace and the softness of their touch.


As I paint the graceful and elegant lotus flowers, I am reminded of the vastness of the universe they represent. Their beauty lies not only in their physical appearance but also in their symbolism of rebirth, enlightenment, and the victory of the spirit over adversity. My brushstrokes bring me closer to understanding their power and brings their essence to life on the canvas.


The orchid flowers are a marvel of nature, with their vibrant colors and exotic appearance. I find joy in bringing their beauty to life on the canvas, making them bloom even in outer space. With every brushstroke, I try to capture their elegance and charm, their resilience in the face of adversity, and the way they can bring beauty to even the darkest corners of the world.

the garden of my heart is a vibrant place,
where flowers of all shades bloom with grace,
from the tender bud to the full-grown flower,
they bloom in joy and in times of shower

their beauty fills my heart with delight,
in their presence, everything feels just right,
their fragrances weave a mesmerizing spell,
and I'm lost in their enchanting smell

for every joy and every pain,
a flower blooms and takes its reign,
to fulfill my fate, they're always there,
with their colors and fragrances rare

all the flowers that bloom in my heart,
are a reflection of life's vibrant art,
their beauty, their strength, and their grace,
Inspire me to keep going at my own pace


The beauty of Japan in the spring is truly breathtaking. I love to capture the hills and trees flowering above the river in my paintings, as it fills me with peace and harmony. The subtle pink and white hues of the cherry blossoms against the blue sky create a stunning views that I never tire of painting.


Tulips are aware of the cosmic environment they live in, and I love to capture this awareness in my paintings. The colors and shapes of these beautiful flowers are so unique and vibrant, and it is always a pleasure to watch them grow and blossom under my brush. Whether in a garden or a vase, tulips always bring a touch of joy to any space.

KYOTO LADIES Blossoming in Gardens

Japan is a country with a rich cultural heritage, and I am always fascinated by the beauty of its traditional clothing and gardens. Kyoto Ladies in their elegant kimonos, surrounded by beautiful flowers, make for a stunning portrait. I love to capture the delicacy and grace of these Ladies in my paintings, as well as the vibrant colors and intricate patterns of their clothing.


Poppy flowers are not only blooming in the fields, but also between the stars in the vastness of space. They are a sight to behold and a true inspiration for my paintings.


Blossoming gardens are like portals to magic spring masterpieces. The vibrant colors and fragrant scents of the flowers transport you to a world of beauty and wonder.


Rose flowers are not just a symbol of love, but also of overcoming misery. They are the remnants of dawn on earth and a constant reminder of hope and resilience. I love capturing their essence on canvas.

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