Exploring the Unseen: a Journey Through Handcrafted Art by Wiesław Sadurski

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A Timeless Love Affair: My Works and the Unknown Unveiled.
This page serves as your guide to a vast collection of handcrafted drawings, graphics, and paintings that span more than half a century. Each artwork is a window into unseen dimensions, revealing the vast expanse of inner space and the infinite nature of art.

The Monochromatic Elegance of PEN and INK

Embark on the initial chapter of my artistic voyage - a world where PEN & INK drawings blend lyrical beauty with metaphorical depth. Each stroke captures the essence of poetry, transforming it into visual adventures.

The Artistic Alchemy of PRINT-PAINTINGS

Fervent exploration of printing and painting, culminating in a distinct technique that captures the essence of both. Delve into a unique blend of printing and painting, where the spontaneity of monotypes meets the precision of paint, resulting in captivating visual narratives.

The Chromatic Symphony of SPECTRAL PRINT-PAINTINGS

In 1975, I reached the zenith of my graphic exploration with the Spectral Print-Paintings series. Here, abstraction and depth converge through the exclusive use of three primary colors, revealing a multi-layered universe where simplicity and complexity dance in unison.

The Vibrant World of OIL and ACRYLIC PAINTINGS

Painting Brush is soaring through colors
into the light of the beginning
to face an unknown, unpainted, nonexistent yet.


In the 'Paintings of Creation' series, I delve into the heart of self-expression. Each canvas is a celebration of creativity's diverse beauty, an embodiment of imagination's power and the sheer joy found in the act of creation itself.


Simultaneously conceived alongside the 'Paintings of Creation‘, the 'Landscapes of Creation' series reflects a parallel journey. Here, my brush glides effortlessly across colors and textures, birthing mesmerizing landscapes that emerge from darkness into the dawn of creation.


In the 'Labors of Light' collection, the intricate dance of thin, translucent brushstrokes weaves depth and luminosity into each piece. These works transcend the canvas, inviting viewers on a journey of discovery – a quest exploring the unknown realms of creation, light, consciousness, and the profound mysteries of existence.


Born from a blend of necessity and innovation, this series of watercolor paintings on paper embodies adaptability in art. Amid financial constraints and the scarcity of canvases, I embraced the simplicity of paper and watercolors. This medium allowed me to capture the ephemeral beauty and awe of inner states and moments, offering a glimpse into the emotions and transient experiences of life.

The Spontaneous Artistry of My PAINTING HAND

In the 'My Painting Hand' series, discover the spontaneous energy of my hand, a conduit of raw emotion and unfiltered expression. Dipped in paint, each stroke on the paper is instinctive, unburdened by the conscious mind, capturing a fleeting moment of pure feeling.

The Singular Beauty of ONE-TOUCH PAINTINGS

Explore the mesmerizing simplicity of the 'One-Touch Paintings,' where each piece is a snapshot of emotion, captured in a single motion. These paintings are a testament to the power of minimalism, conveying profound stories through the simplest of touches, resonating with a universal sense of being.

Blades of Glory: The World of KNIFE STORY Paintings

The 'Knife Story Paintings' reveal an intense, visceral exploration of emotion through the unique knife painting technique. Each stroke is a raw, honest expression of life's unpredictability and intensity. In this series, experience a vivid portrayal of light and dark, order and chaos, captured in the bold, unrestrained motions of the knife.

The Violent Elegance of NO-TOUCH PAINTINGS

The 'No-Touch Paintings' series is a celebration of uninhibited artistic freedom. In this unique process, I cast colors onto the canvas, allowing them to flow and mingle freely. This technique is epitomized in my 1986 work, 'Triumphal Hail for the Resurrected,' a monumental piece measuring 700 x 500 cm, created in Kreuzberg SO 36.

Exploring the Universe: The COSMIC VISION in Paintings

In my 'Cosmic Vision' series, each painting is an odyssey into the vast mysteries of the universe. Here, I fuse vibrant, dynamic compositions with deep cosmic inspiration, reflecting on humanity's place amidst the stars. These works are more than visual art; they are a meditation on the interconnectedness of existence and a celebration of the beauty that transcends our physical reality.


Light up your world with my 'Lightworlds' series, where each painting is a vibrant celebration of cosmic harmony. Here, I channel the ethereal melodies of the spheres into luminescent landscapes, creating magical realms. These works are portals to wondrous worlds, filled with light, love, and boundless imagination.

The Infinite Universe: COSMIC LANDSCAPES

Embark on an ethereal journey with the 'Cosmic Landscapes' series, where a painting unfolds as a gateway to fantastical realms beyond the mundane. Inspired by the awe-inspiring beauty of Mother Nature and the boundless mysteries of outer space, these works present a unique perspective from the depths of creative exploration.

Enigmatic Depths: MYSTIC BLUE Paintings

Immerse yourself in the ambiguous world of "Mystic Blue" paintings, where each canvas is an ode to infinity. This series is an account of pure existence, capturing moments of creative revelation and acceptance of universal truths. The mysteries of life and art are revealed to be the same, providing insight into the depths of the unknown and the beauty that lies within.


Delve into the 'Anatomical Atlas of Man', a comprehensive series of pen and ink drawings that meticulously depict the human body's complexity. This collection spans muscular, nervous, skeletal, and organ systems, offering an in-depth exploration of our anatomy's intricate details and marvels.

Artistic Revelation: Recycling LORD JESUS and CONSCIOUSNESS

Explore the 'Recycling Lord Jesus and Consciousness' series, where unique oil paintings come to life through an innovative technique of recycling dried oil residues. This decade-long process has given birth to artworks distinct from traditional oil paintings, showcasing a fresh, unconventional approach to capturing spiritual and consciousness themes.

Expressive Lines: FACES and PORTRAITS

Enter the realm of 'Faces and Portraits'. With just a few swift strokes, these artworks reveal the depths and nuances of individual characters. This series exemplifies the power of minimal lines to uncover the vibrant inner worlds of the subjects, offering a playful look into the human psyche.


Journey back to 1975 with me, to the final series of my Print-Paintings, where the vibrant trio of Red, Yellow, and Blue reign supreme. In 1983, I returned to these fundamental hues, creating a series that bursts with joy and vitality. These artwork are a vivid celebration of the visible spectrum, capturing the essence of color in its most primal form.

Dynamic Expressions: ENERGY FIELDS

Embark on an expressive journey with the 'Energy Fields' series, where my unique 'One Wave' brushstroke technique brings oil and acrylic to life. These paintings are a profound exploration of life's core themes — life, love, and mortality. Watch as each stroke weaves together landscapes of existence, light waves, and abstract forms, stirring a spectrum of deep emotions within the beholder.

The Colorful Essence of SPECTRALS

In the 'Spectrals' series, I delve into the conceptual realm using the fundamental trio of colors: Red, Yellow, and Blue. These hues resonate as a sort of 'Holy Trinity' in my artistic vision, symbolizing the creative forces that mold the visible. This series is a homage to the profound interplay of Light and Love, a painterly representation of the Absolute, the divine essence that permeates all existence.

Vibrant Visions: The SPECTRAL RAINBOW Series

The 'Spectral Rainbow' series invites you to experience the full spectrum of color and emotion through my original oil and acrylic works. Each painting is more than a visual treat; it's a metaphorical exploration of various states of consciousness. Here, the vividness of the color spectrum converges with the depth of the consciousness spectrum, weaving a tapestry of hues that narrate the diverse facets of human experience and perception.

Art as Therapy: Healing HEXAGONS and RAINBOW TOWER

The Healing Hexagons are collections of six monochrome paintings. Arranged in a floating hexagonal pattern, they invite contemplation and introspection through their one-wave brushwork.
The Rainbow Tower, a striking three-story hexagonal structure comprising 18 canvases, embodies the restorative essence of colors. Floating mid-air, its six monochrome sides offer a visual meditation, fostering healing, and reconnecting the viewer with the harmonious energy of each hue.

The Intersection of Time and Space: CROSS OF HERE AND NOW

The 'Cross of Here and Now' is an awe-inspiring painting object that merges four raw canvases into a powerful statement on time and existence. Spanning an impressive 500 x 500 cm, this art piece transcends traditional boundaries. The cross itself, a space of void between the canvases, symbolizes the confluence of time (horizontally from past to future) and the spectrum of human experience (vertically from the depths of struggle to the heights of enlightenment). It's an artistic exploration of the here and now, the intersection where our earthly experiences meet the vastness of time and spirit.

A Mosaic of Existence: LIFE, multi-painting

Step into the essence of existence with 'LIFE', my latest multi-painting installation. This project comprises 32 individual acrylic paintings, each 60 cm x 50 cm. Together, these pieces assemble to spell out 'LIFE', 800 x 300 cm, creating a compelling visual tapestry that delves into the nature of being.

Wiesław Sadurski during painting LIFE

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