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Vision - a tool of cognition; Light - the source, means and purpose; Creation - the inborn state of life.


in a search for the meaning of life
art is in direct relation to everything

grows in darkness, flies to light,
loves the unknown, makes me free


Painting Arts, Visual Arts Department of Suchness

22 pages of drawings, graphics, and paintings, in chronological order, handcrafted 1970 - 2010.

A vibrant oil painting that captures the dynamic birth of the universe, with fiery colors swirling around a luminous center, symbolizing the explosive energy of existence.
Oil painting titled 'Brahma Egg' by Wiesław Sadurski, depicting an egg-shaped landscape in vibrant red and green auras.
Berlin Wall Tribute: Original Abstract and Figurative Mosaic Art by Wiesław Sadurski.
Golden-yellow clouds forming a horizon reflected in waters, set in a stellar space, oil painting by Wiesław Sadurski.
A captivating depiction of a wandering star adorned with pink lights, set against the backdrop of a deep bluish-violet stellar space.
Abstract artwork 'Three of One' with triple hand touch in white, yellow, and red on a black canvas, symbolizing body, mind, and spirit.


Vision, Light and Creation are both philosophical and fun to explore, as they are the keys to understanding the world

VISION in Art: Beyond Perception and Imagination

At wisarts, VISION transcends mere sight, offering profound insights into the essence of nature and reality. The paintings are not just dreams or fleeting thoughts; they are tangible manifestations of VISION, brought to life with every stroke of the brush on canvas. In this journey, discover how love intertwines with visual expression, creating art that speaks to the soul.

LIGHT: The Essence of Artistic Inspiration
In the world of wisarts, LIGHT transcends its physical properties, symbolizing a beacon of hope, wisdom, and spiritual awakening. It's not just a blend of waves and particles; LIGHT is the cornerstone of existence, the ethereal brushstroke that paints the universe. My art captures this quintessence, weaving LIGHT into every creation to illuminate the depths of the human spirit.

CREATION: The Heartbeat of Innovation and Art
At the core of wisarts lies CREATION – a celebration of the new, the unseen, and the transformative. An artwork is a chapter in humanity's grand narrative, a blend of tradition and innovation. Through CREATION, I delve into the realms of imagination and reality, intertwining light, matter, and color to craft visual stories. It's a journey that brings laughter, reflection, and an appreciation for the intricate dance of life.


Digital Fine Arts, Visual Arts Department of Electronics

Digital Art: A Fusion of Technology and Creativity:
Embark on a digital odyssey across 22 pages of groundbreaking graphics and paintings, crafted between 1996 and today. This collection is a vibrant arras of abstract, surreal, and realistic art. Beyond mere pixels and photons, these digital creations are a reflection of my inner world, resonating with the tangible textures of reality. Join me in this exhilarating exploration where art meets technology, and every pixel tells a story.


Flower Painting, Flourish Department of Visual Arts

In the Garden of My Heart: An Ode to Nature's Masterpieces.
Enter the Garden of My Heart, a haven where nature's finest spectacles unfold across 20 pages of lush, vivid floral art. Here, every canvas is a celebration of life's marvels, from the glorious hues of dawn and dusk to the intricate ballet of pollination. Witness the evolution of flowers, nature's own artistic masterpieces, through my paintings.


Vetch Flower in Space: Cosmic Red Bloom Amid Stars by Wiesław Sadurski.
Apple Blossoms: White Flower and Pink Buds on Green by Wiesław Sadurski.
Kyoto Lady Among Flowers: A Blossoming Portrait by Wiesław Sadurski.
Cherry Blossoms Skyward: White and Pink Flowers Digital Art by Wiesław Sadurski.
Galactic Sunflower: Spiral Galaxy Core, Digital Art by Wiesław Sadurski.
Poppy Against Nebula: Red Bloom with Cosmic Backdrop by Wiesław Sadurski.


Fine Art Photography, Visual Arts Department of the Witness

Capturing Moments: A Photographic Odyssey in Fine Art.
Welcome to the Visual Arts Department of the Witness, where my camera lens becomes the eye through which stories unfold. This section offers a journey across 19 pages of exquisite fine art photography. Be enthralled by the spellbinding landscapes of Georgia and India, and the architectural marvels of Barcelona and Kyoto, as my photographs unveil the tapestry of love woven into the fabric of our world.


Street Photography: Joyful Interaction of Two Ladies, Captured by Wiesław Sadurski.
Sagrada Familia Interior: Bathed in Golden Light, Photographed by Wiesław Sadurski.
Newborn Veronique: Second Day of Life Captured in 1986 by Wiesław Sadurski.
Kyoto's Bamboo Forest: Serene Pathway Between Tall Trees, Photographed by Wiesław Sadurski.
Street Scene in India: Holy Cow and Biking Swami, Candid Shot by Wiesław Sadurski.
Cosmic Perspective: Earth Behind Barbed Wire, Photo-Montage by Wiesław Sadurski.


Poetry: Transcending Boundaries, Embracing Eternity
Delve into the depths of poetic expression! My collection unfolds in Polish, English, and German, embracing the nuances of language and the richness of cultural expression. This trilingual poetic odyssey invites you to traverse through emotions and thoughts, offering a unique window into the soul's eternal quest.

Poezje - Rozprawa z Pułapką Skończoności

Zanurz się w głębię poetyckiego wyrazu z 'Poezje - Rozprawa z Pułapką Skończoności'. Ta kolekcja ujmuje subtelności języka i bogactwo wyrazu kulturowego. Odkryj skomplikowany taniec słów i emocji, podróż przez osiem tomów przejmującej poezji.

Poetry - Snare of the Finite on Trial

In 'Poetry - Snare of the Finite on Trial', immerse yourself in three books where English verses weave stories that transcend time and space. Each poem is a gateway to understanding the infinite within the finite, a celebration of the human spirit's boundless nature.

Poesie - Falle der Endlichkeit vor Gericht

Entdecken Sie den Rhythmus und die Melodie in 'Poesie - Falle der Endlichkeit vor Gericht', präsentiert in drei deutschen Bänden. Erleben Sie die Kraft der Poesie, die Sprachen überbrückt und Herzen sowie Geister über vielfältige Landschaften hinweg verbindet.


Book of poems ‘REPORTAGE Infinite Journey‘ by Wiesław Sadurski´
Nagrobek Człekokształtny, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
People in Strokes and Words, book of poems and drawings by Wiesław Sadurski
Dowód na Braterstwo, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
Cover for ‘Końkut, który był Człowiekiem‘, book by Wiesław Sadurski


In the world of wisarts, each creation is a dialogue between vision, light, and expression.

If these stories resonate with you, join me in this ongoing artistic journey.
Together, let's celebrate the shared beauty and depth of art.

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