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by Wiesław Sadurski

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Vision - a tool of cognition; Light - source, means and purpose; Creation - the natural state of life.

in search for the meaning of life
art is in direct touch with everything else

grows in the dark, flies into the light,
loves an unknown, makes us free

Painting Arts, Oil and Acrylic Artwork

made by hand 1970 - 2020;
22 vision-filled web pages where my brushes worked on fundamental questions.

Light crystallizes landscapes and worlds, worlds go to Light; white-yellow-red outer space, by Wiesław Sadurski.
Brahma Egg-shaped landscape immersed in violent red green aura colors; Oil Painting 1976 by Wiesław Sadurski
Berlin Wall Abstract Hommage, original mosaic by Wiesław Sadurski
Golden-yellow cloud contain sunrise hills on horizon, reflected in waters; immersed in stellar space; Oil Painting
Image of the innermost stellar bluish-violet space; star has two wings, pink lights; by Wiesław Sadurski
Triple painting-touch in one go; white-yellow-red colors on black, Painting 1985 by Wiesław Sadurski

Art as my destiny. I didn't know that at the age of 10; the teacher told us to draw a school desk. Wooden desktop, a seat for two.

Colleague Czarek on the right drew a beautiful bench in a perspective projection, shadows and charms; great talent; he became a train driver; one day, drunk, he fell out of locomotive forever.

I drew a few rectangles one below the other: a desktop, a seat, etc., in right proportions - which looked nothing like a bench.
The teacher laughed at me, which was shocking for the best pupil.

In my youth and student years, I had friends among painters; they encouraged me, urged me to try something. I replied that it was the last thing I would do in my life ... although I had completely forgotten about drawing lessons. I only remembered this a quarter of a century later, after painting a hundred artwork.

So my art on these pages is accompanied by stories from life; because life and art became one.

There were many beginnings:
Drawings in pen and ink, Print-paintings in my own technique, Oil paintings with a rich texture that made the painting look different under different light conditions, Acrylics and a multi-layered school of transparency, Paintings painted with one touch, Spectral painting where I limited a palette to basic colors, the ascetic concept of the Wave as the only brush movement, Rainbow paintings in full intensity of colors, and finally great Painting Objects composed of many canvases.

And there were few downfalls.

Original computer Graphics

digital Graphics & Paintings 1996 - 2020, 22 pages like a log-book of creative experiments and visions to go.

Early childhood, first encounter with electronics;
my grandfather brought a crystal radio from the trip, a tiny glass sphere with a knob; strictly forbidden under the German occupation of Poland. For this there was a long spiral of copper wire; one end of it in the corner of the room, and the other, through the open window, hung my grandfather on the apple branch at night.

He put the headphones over my ears and said: - Look with the dial... There was a crystal in the glass sphere, the knob was touching it with a needle. I heard crackles, I touched the crystal with the needle - and at one point I heard a human voice, unfamiliar sounds! I handed the headphones to my grandfather, and after a while he said: - It's a BBC radio.

At the age of 12, my passion for radio engineering began; two years later I made a real radio with a flashing magic eye.

I finished primary school too early; in a socialist Poland, no high school wanted to admit me. My brother-in-law was the director of the Energy Technical School, I got in, and so at the age of 17 became an electrical technician; a year later I worked as a radio technician, massively repairing radios, etc.

So, when I bought my first computer in 1995, I had an idea of the item as such. I actually wanted to copy my prose from the manuscript, but i discovered a graphics program on board. Since that day, I have worked in many programs, experiencing an immeasurable wealth of creative possibilities. A quarter of a century of fun! I am presenting it all to you on the website which completes this creative job.

This creative passion continues today.
Graphics, Fractals, Mandalas, 3-D, Heart Art, Cosmic Events, Star People, Birds, Animals, Monkeys, Portraits - 22 pages full of graphics and pictures; experiments, insights, discoveries, delight...

It's all pixels, photons, images and longings - but as real to me as the slice of bread

and I'm sharing it with you right now.

The nature in the garden of my heart. Nowhere is so beautiful!

Flower Painting Artwork

Amongst all living beings, flowers discovered most superior forms of sexual union.
I dwell in glory and beauty of their life by painting them.

Cosmic painting, huge Vetch red flower opens in stellar Space; by Wiesław Sadurski
One white apple flower and five pink buds on deep green background; painting by Wiesław Sadurski
Kyoto Lady is blossoming between flowers, painting by Wiesław Sadurski
White and pink Cherry flowers against the sky, digital painting by Wiesław Sadurski
Galactic Sunflower - with spiral galaxy inside of flower, digital painting by Wiesław Sadurski
Large red Poppy Flower against red-blue cosmic Nebula, painting by Wiesław Sadurski

As a child, I started to walk and I was already figuring out.
Early spring, marigold flower in the snow; but around the flower the snow had melted, and the black earth was visible.
I figured the flower is a tiny sun that melts the snow.

The flowers in my paintings often have little suns inside, or the stars shine in them.
I am lightsensitive, I can feel the glow of stars also in the daylight. And I know flowers are starsensitive.

You can see it: 20 pages bloom for the glory of mornings and dusks, nights and days, filled with the pollination of love.

Flowers of the Four Seasons on four pages, blooming Landscapes of the Four Seasons, Apple Blossoms, Cherry Blossoms, Lilies, Lotuses, Orchids, blooming Ladies in Kyoto Gardens, Poppies, Roses, Tulips and Spring Japan Landscapes.

My art is completely useless; because how will you use passion, peace and joy, and for what?

Fine Art photography and photo reportages

I wander where my camera leads.
It's a strange camera because it sees that all creatures, temples and landscapes are born out of love, just like these photos from 1968-2020.

Photos from places of a breath taking beauty.

Two laughing faces ladies intercepted by translucent street view, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski
Full of golden light is Interior of Sagrada Familia; photo by Wiesław Sadurski
My daughter Veronique 05.10.1986 in second day of life, photo by Wiesław Sadurski
Bamboo Forest in Kyoto walking path between high trees; photo by Wiesław Sadurski
India street: holy cow lying on roadway and Swami riding on a bike; photo by Wiesław Sadurski
Three lines barbed wire, behind planet Earth seen from above in cosmic night; photo-montage Wiesław Sadurski

There are 19 pages of photos here; photo-reportages from my travels; Georgia, India, Barcelona, Kyoto;
some stories and informations about what is visible.

Time Graffiti pages, Portraits of people met on the way, reports from Kreuzberg where I live, from the atelier where I work, mosaics from the stones of the Berlin Wall; much fun.


Poezje - Rozprawa z Pułapką Skończoności

Poetry - Snare of the Finite on Trial

Poesie - Falle der Endlichkeit vor Gericht

Book of poems ‘REPORTAGE from an Infinite Journey‘ by Wiesław Sadurski´
Nagrobek Człekokształtny, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
People in Strokes and Words, book of poems and drawings by Wiesław Sadurski
Wiersze PL Gedichte DE, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
Dowód na Braterstwo, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
Cover for ‘Końkut, który był Człowiekiem‘, poem by Wiesław Sadurski

Late evening, empty streets, snow is falling in great flakes in peace and quiet; I am walking along Krakowskie Przedmieście in Lublin and I am composing the first poem.

Homeless but not hungry; my friend's mother offered dinner. In the pocket 2.50 for night in a tourist hostel. And then, on the top of the bunk bed, with the sounds of twenty guys snoring, coughing, and groaning, I felt warm; the snowflakes from the white poem were still melting on my lips.

I was 17; passed my school diploma in the summer and - as was the case under socialism - I was assigned to work in a power plant. I got up at four in the morning, ate noodles cooked by my mother, walked 2 kilometers to the train station; three quarters of an hour to Lublin on a train, in the stench of cigarettes and rudeness. Eight hours of poorly paid work, nice colleagues, a real working class; return by train.

One day I didn't go to work, I was sick of it; I had a fight with my parents; and here I was homeless. In my later adventures, poetry guided me by the arm. In the spring got a job as a radio technician; I was earning more per day than my previous monthly salary.

At 20, the prospect of military service was chilling; you had to protect yourself, that is, study. It was writing poetry that made me start studying philosophy at the University of Warsaw.

The twenties of my life are poetry writing; I have published in many magazines, received honorary awards at poetry competitions, and published three books of poems. They are here in Polish. There is also one volume in German and two in English.

If you're into Visual Arts or Light of Understanding, this website can be your friend.