Visual Arts Studio, original artwork

Wiesław Sadurski WiS hand signature

Vision - tool of cognition; Light - source, means and purpose; Creation - natural state of being.

Five Departments of Art below - like the five fingers of my hand - open for a handshake.

Golden-yellow cloud contain sunrise hills on horizon, reflected in waters; immersed in stellar space; Oil Painting
Brahma Egg-shaped landscape immersed in violent red green aura colors; Oil Painting 1976 by Wiesław Sadurski
Light crystallizes landscapes and worlds, worlds go to Light; white-yellow-red outer space, by Wiesław Sadurski.
Berlin Wall Abstract Hommage, original mosaic by Wiesław Sadurski
Image of the innermost stellar bluish-violet space; star has two wings, pink lights; by Wiesław Sadurski
Triple painting-touch in one go; white-yellow-red colors on black, Painting 1985 by Wiesław Sadurski

Painting Artwork

handmade artwork 1970 - 2020; fifty years, five hundred artwork, 22 pages
where i lived in question - and my brushes worked on the answers.


Computer Artwork

digital Graphics & Paintings 1996 - 2020, 22 pages
like a log-book of creative experiments and visions to go


Cosmic painting, huge Vetch red flower opens in stellar Space; by Wiesław Sadurski
One white apple flower and five pink buds on deep green background; painting by Wiesław Sadurski
Kyoto Lady is blossoming between flowers, painting by Wiesław Sadurski
White and pink Cherry flowers against the sky, digital painting by Wiesław Sadurski
Galactic Sunflower - with spiral galaxy inside of flower, digital painting by Wiesław Sadurski
Large red Poppy Flower against red-blue cosmic Nebula, painting by Wiesław Sadurski

Flower Painting Artwork

Amongst all living beings, flowers discovered most superior forms of sexual union.
Old cultures regard the flowers as divine genitals, modern ones as a symbol of feminity.
I dwell in glory and beauty of their sex life by painting them.

My art is completely useless, but making it is passion, peace and joy,
nature in the very heart of being.

Nowhere is it so beautiful!


Two laughing faces ladies intercepted by translucent street view, street photo by Wiesław Sadurski
Full of golden light is Interior of Sagrada Familia; photo by Wiesław Sadurski
My daughter Veronique 05.10.1986 in second day of life, photo by Wiesław Sadurski
Bamboo Forest in Kyoto walking path between high trees; photo by Wiesław Sadurski
India street: holy cow lying on roadway and Swami riding on a bike; photo by Wiesław Sadurski
Three lines barbed wire, behind planet Earth seen from above in cosmic night; photo-montage Wiesław Sadurski

Photography Arts

I wander where my camera eye guides.
The camera sees that all beings, temples and landscapes are born out of love, exactly like these photos 1968-2020.


Book of poems ‘REPORTAGE from an Infinite Journey‘ by Wiesław Sadurski´
Nagrobek Człekokształtny, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
People in Strokes and Words, book of poems and drawings by Wiesław Sadurski
Wiersze PL Gedichte DE, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
Dowód na Braterstwo, tom wierszy by Wiesław Sadurski
Cover for ‘Końkut, który był Człowiekiem‘, poem by Wiesław Sadurski

Lyrics - Snare of the Finite on Trial


2019 German Business Awards!

WiS Arts of Vision, Light and Creation Artwork
has been awarded:

Best Visual Arts Studio - Berlin

Best regards,
Natalie Farrell | Awards Executive | EU Business News

And where did all this come from? This cosmos, life, my paintings? They come by themselves.

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